only two-thirds point

December 04 [Tue], 2012, 18:10

Several the overweening players in the side of the match, staggering watching momentary totally dumbfounded, suddenly in the petrochemical. An archer players blurted: , mad people, you do not know when I can become a master of it? hey, to see who dislike Shashui the city go sideways, Dora wind. come easy! several overweening players a livid face curse: hate channel: that I asked you first Hunbuxiaqu too lazy to Dali this guy a mouth odor, hands sword Zhanla, white flash, extreme Bokor again seconds back to the city resurrected gone, the only pity is still not able to burst out of his ax. Shook his head, my cocoa They said: I looked at this stop my path is actually the day standings call that Yimiyangguang the archers, although a bit surprised this man turned into a conceit, but still coldly: This time, that is called extreme Bokor soldiers ran back renowned archers immediately and loudly: Silver armor Yimiyangguang brow wrinkled, nodded and said: That depends on what kind of person you ask your brother,North Face Panther Print Ski Jackets Sale, why kill him? say if I am weaker than he, would not be homicide me? want arrogant arrogant ability. turned and looked at the see some blush extreme the Bokor and several bow overweening players. Then looked behind me and a few of the girl angrily. broke equipment. Its tangled, not as good as a war resolution. Blue Keiji looked Yimiyangguang one, whispered to me: believe me? I somehow saw blue Keiji a heart and said: Ni soft, moon and snow trio is still on my confidence in the way. Yimiyangguang went to the crowd, calmly looked at me, are not a little look of contempt. See I put the flame sword went over sidewalk: the fat somewhat favorable impression, they returned to: at me, immediately agreed. Extreme Bokor a HUO Di stood out, said: Extreme Bokor resentment looked at me and believe that this guy does not know to attack me several times if the vision can kill. conducted slaughtered. The swordsman occupation melee attack, in order to attack the archers such a long-professional players must be near to attack. In Yimiyangguang Nock bow that moment I fast a walk, gorgeous Z word pace fully unfolded Yixinghuanwei the to his right side, he survived the Ice Arrow,Kids North Face 3in1 Clearance, then quickly resorted to savage Charge ability. I underground passage: Ice Arrow Yimiyangguang see dashed slightly surprised a moment, stepped back quickly to distance, while quickly again Nock zhanggong. I did not expect this guy almost simultaneously shot two arrows, escape the ice arrows, but can not escape the vertigo Arrow. Suddenly halo live. Followed by - figures emerge from the top of my head, but fortunately, the damage is not high, but also knocked out my 3000 point blood within five seconds, only two-thirds point, can knock me so much blood, No wonder there are proud of the capital. Silently counting vertigo time,North Face Hoodie Solid Thicken Sale, in the instant vertigo end, I once again launched a savage assault, a big step cross to Yimiyangguang front, then a supremely chopped piercing hit. ......

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