music extraordinary still embarrassing

December 31 [Mon], 2012, 14:40
Extraordinary music of the inflection point of the 66th chapter of life in the ward full live for three days, until the third day when the body's tingling before easing slightly, two days before the time he did not even dare to do some mild action , as long as the body is slightly activities, the kind of pain throughout the body seemed to be a little bit cut off from the general. Two days, all he's eating well excretion by Liu Xuejiao himself to serve in the next ... original according to Liu Siye idea is to find a specialized nurses do, after all, they do not know exactly how the music an extraordinary body from various kinds of instrument detection results, his body is normal, but some weakness,Canada Goose Expedition Parka. But Liu Xuejiao insisted person to take care of the music no choice but to accept the mundane can only strongly opposed to invalid ... and two days later pain and happiness the day ... not every man urinate when can enjoy the beauty use the service the fun, eat when Liu Xuejiao mouthful feed him, the most critical of Liu Xuejiao's rather cool to wear in this villa, each feeding him dinner always inadvertently emptied ... extraordinary music in the two days can not remember the number of times due to various accidents and react how much ... happens every time from the kind of pain after the reaction is even more alarming, these words, he is unable of Liu Xuejiao said that the for Liu Xuejiao, emptied He is also the fame or fortune, even if the body is tingling often unbearably also do not want to lose the opportunity to eat tofu ... it can only endure in silence in my heart with tears ... mobility man you Sang can not afford ah ... until the third day, when he body finally eased, despite still pain, but does not affect the normal action, but no matter what music ordinary are always painful grimace in pain, this feeling really uncomfortable ... in order to take care of music extraordinary, Liu Xuejiao these days can be considered and refused to leave, the two schools opt for leave of absence, which makes some of the good of the people of the class to speculate endless, during the segment Mengqi to music ordinary played a phone,Timberland Mens 2012. No ordinary music to hide facts themselves in Liu Xuejiao here, but would not say what music anything extraordinary, but said his body out these problems, you need a little time to adjust. Chatted for a while after paragraph Mengqi music extraordinary requirements handed the phone Liuxue Jiao, this music extraordinary hesitate eventually did so after a few seconds, followed by Liu Xuejiao holding Lok trivial phone went outside the ward and paragraph Mengqi secretive said a full half an hour's time, and afterwards when the Lok extraordinary asked Liu Xuejiao two said what, when Liu Xuejiao just gave him a grimace, and said two words: secret. Between the two women is absolutely ... and this contact is unlikely to see on the surface is so simple, just exactly what Contact Music extraordinary moment really could not guess. "Well, the body should be restored almost the same these days really thank you care, I must find time to invite you to dinner." Lok extraordinary effort to smile, body restored, but the kind of intolerable pain or make him very uncomfortable. "Say this is my first time doing this kind of thing, but your body let me see the light, I should account for you cheaper. Invited me to dinner would not have had my birthday, but the day after tomorrow must remember forward to ah if I forget to put your nude photos made public! "Liu Xuejiao smiled and raised his own phone. Nude? Rely on? You photographed nude photos? When? I do not know how to ... "Le ordinary look of surprise asked. "Ha ha, of course, according to the time you do not know to take care of you for two days and I can not just do not work to reap profits ah your figure, but said it is really good to see me blush, I definitely want to treasures, a good mood on printing photos out of a large, and then framed hanging in the bedroom, someone asked me to say that they are works of art, to ensure that no one would suspect. "Liu Xuejiao seems like dazed look see Le ordinary kind , continue quipped. "Works of art ... loss, you want to come out, I have to go, Weikang that kid top will not last long, and I have to advance with his string for" extraordinary music feel their bodies recovered almost ready wanted to come home first move freely say, the school does not matter, but three days do not go home even if it has been Weikang braved parents also worry about, but the music parent joyful mother it would be very good, it own son never rest assured, basically not to call his son asked where, what. Unlike some parents see children like monitoring in general, a school time to a few minutes reminder once, for fear that their children will suddenly anything happened things ...... Liu Siye and old Bi are not present, seems to deal with anything went to Liu Xuejiao originally wanted to send music ordinary home, but it was music to ordinary refuse, it is if you accidentally let parents see the words hard to explain ...... just not long left Liu Xuejiao home phone again rang up and take together a look paragraph Mengqi, extraordinary music could not help but somewhat surprised. Called yesterday how the fight over? Character unlike paragraph Mengqi how the segment great beauty? This is to me? "Le extraordinary switched molested a smile. "A little." Mobile phone Tingtongli came segment Mengqi that sound like the sounds of nature, just the content made music trivial to some in a daze, originally just to make fun of paragraph Mengqi discourse who think that there has been recognition of the segment Mengqi ... Are you kidding this is ...... ah, ah ... find me something? "despite knowing paragraph Mengqi not see, but music extraordinary still embarrassing touched the head, change the subject and asked. "Nothing, just tell you cry, Tedy has left Qingjiang City, some things, not influenced by him." "What,Timberland Classic?" Music extraordinary paragraph Mengqi give him a call to say this thing never imagined ... Tedy ? The killer? Paragraph Mengqi Why would know him? "Do you know him? There, how do you know that he left?" "Yesterday he came to my father under, although not complete the task, but since he has been out of passed out, then the other side of the affection he also Later the Qingjiang things he will not intervene to reassure my father and he is very highly of you, you do the dishes left him extremely impressed I first heard Tedy evaluation of the people so well, the level of human desires he had almost cut off your craft can be seduced praise, to be honest I'm curious, my father, you are also very curious. time you do it to I eat, my father wants to see you. "Tedy? went to see your father?" extraordinary music stunned asked back, this thing really is too contrary to people's surprise, party secretary and a vice-ministerial level related how a killer? "Wait a minute!" Le extraordinary mind a flash, as if a moment to catch the focus of the matter: "Could it be that ... your father!" Some things, even guessed not to speak out, and quickly go home, and some The opportunity to take this, it may become the inflection point of your life. "
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