Abaco face became pale

October 23 [Tue], 2012, 10:20

> Long has a very powerful defense force Face anger scales on the City Lumian shield strength swordsman with weapons are not broken defense. wWW! Quanben! root of the hands of the CoM witch lance the quality is not very good, and the longer the weapons texture more soft, the result of this attack is to lance to pierce the Lie Nuofei of a flake, thorn go half a meter deep, but the lance shares Juli been twisted into cannabis, complete waste. Roar! It really hurt, although the root riding gun's size relative to the Lie Nafei,UGG I Do Wedding Boots, like a needle-like fine made not a big injury. Anyone acupuncture, I am afraid that will pain the jump up, Lie Nafei directly jumped up. Lie Nafei this body with, jumped up and is a very terrible thing, a huge body blotting out the sun, like a mountain-like pressure down. Body fall, Lie Nafei also endured the pain, Bigfoot step toward that person a horse go. Do not have a witch command, flames the horse already raised hooves breezed out of the the Lie Nuofei Bigfoot best step range. Witch lance throw away twisted into a braided, his hands grip the brush is heard, the arm will pop-up a sharp spurs of two up to half a meter, is almost exactly the same on this bone spurs and Gris magic level. Then, riding on a horse witch with flame horse slowly turned around, already covered in Magic Armor the eyes Shuoshuo looking at the desperate the Lie Nuofei tossed feet wound, a very dull tone said: date, the witch has at least stay in the world of the dead for almost a year, this year, she is how to solve the food problem? The space ring capacity can not be unlimited, and support was a whole year consumption of food impossible, perhaps long ago, the witch is necessary to rely on magic lotus a living. This food is nutritious, taste good, but when you eat for several months continuously, you will on any other food with a strong desire. Witch's mood now is another taste of food, she is willing to pay a certain price, for example, by the point slightly injured. The bland tone Let Lie Nuofei heart called Jiling, then realized that, like I stepped on a block of iron. Horseback too inflexible, the Witch jump dismounted Abashiri first two steps, the flame the horse suddenly snapped nose, mouth Speaking seem to think: not fought for a long time, and all my bones are loose. Lie Nafei sprang. Red dragon? Hear the dialogue between a man and a horse, Lie Nuofei anger brush look straight forehead. These humble creatures, even referred to himself as the red dragon? ! Indeed, according to age in terms of less than a thousand years old Lie Nafei dragon clan not really adult, belonging to the lowest order of the dragon, but also does not allow a human and a nose smoke Ma said the little red dragon right? Roar! Lie Nafei roar, mouth spray a fire dragon rushed straight threw himself to the witch. Red Dragon fire dragon, even in the rarefied world of this element of fire in the world of death, attacks has not diminished much. Themselves huge magic reserves, enough to hold it to a high-intensity combat. Yimei Na's degree soon, lightweight flash fire dragon, the original style unchanged continue to flutter before. Lie Nafei claws fast claw to Yimei Na Red Dragon is not good at the kind of hand-to-hand, but any dragon, even with body shape and canine claws has few biological their opponents. The Yimei Na also do not want to Yingkang the Lie Nafei claws, very lightweight sideways jumped, homeopathic flashed claws with a cross hacking at the a Lie Nuofei claws on. The Demon Armor spurs than Flanagan did not know where Amoy lance hard, with the Ai Meinuo vindictive, and suddenly break open Lie Nuofei scales, to hew to a depth of three inches in her arm wound. The pain let Lie Nuofei howling, subconsciously play under the other paw. Such a large body, relatively speaking, action is clumsy, Yimei Na shenfa more light, dancing like a wizard, easy and flashed the Lie Nuofei claws, homeopathic turn spurs pierce her claws, watching her movements simply as in teasing in front of this monster. At this time, only a few gray bone arm punctured surface, accurate seize the Ai Meinuo ankle, her smart figure whom meal, and then the rest of the bone arm cling while on firmly Yimei Na tied in place. Lie Nafei eyes lit up, catch this opportunity, photographed fiercely claw. Hurriedly. Yimei Na only arms interlaced frame to the top of the head, Yingkang this claw. Bang, Lie Nafei claws ado, photographed on the ground, like shoot nails, Yimei Na whole person was shot into the ground to go. However, before she was pleased about an angry roar rang out: The dragon was good at melee, Black Dragon Body Type huge dragon the the dragon general adult body length on the meters, five-meter tall, with a wingspan of hundreds of meters, there is a hill, this huge body, gestures have devastating destructive power. Rare giant Black Dragon, but he is not clumsy action. But the Lie Nafei not Black Dragon, she is only a first-order fire Red Dragon, the best at the Fire Magic, the the fighting routine should distance magic to wipe out the enemy in a remote distance fishes. Abaco fast mad, he really did not expect this red dragon would be so stupid, is it so big no one taught her a little fighting skills? Or is it because she was too lazy and did not learn, or the peace of the days were too long, and forgot all about it? The people of the dragon with talk of a fire department melee Why? Eat bad brain. Admittedly, even with a huge body, enough to solve a lot of enemies, but not just this, but a higher Mozu,UGG Women's Lo Pro Denim Jacquard. And own magic A higher Mozu her rely on brute force melee people opponent! ? Not afraid of wolves, like the enemy, afraid of pigs as teammates from the golden skull in the inferno, three no shows Lie Nafei low-level fighting skills and shallow combat awareness, go on like this, Abaco really afraid of their own will one day be this stupid dragon to kill. Can not go on like this, or else children a right to guide the string between two points, and let all the stupid dragon leaves cool Ben Long listen to his instructions Ding sails heart, they want to go back to the human world. The first is obviously impossible, dragon of Xingaoqiao can not listen to his command, or the second method the actual point. Hear the curse of Abaco. Lie Nafei first time snappily shouted back: The mood is not good. This slender human is a claw patting, will never spared possible, now that claws can solve the problem, why do you want to waste magic ah? Pumping open the claws, Lie Nuofei final confirmation that the human condition, estimated not to be shot flat, at least have the body fracture not a * humanoid it. Who knows just pumping open claws, she saw a pothole, a body is vindictive and indeed wrapped silhouette standing in the potholes. Wrapped in the body of vindictiveness if the real bully with silver-white sheen that is vindictive achieve very high stage, putting the effect will be generated. Allah Kong is a great swordsman, his grudge extroverted when, will produce this silver-white luster Obviously, the this Mozu woman at least to Guests level strength. And beyond Lie Nuofei expected, Yi Meina not only has not been made into patties, and not even injured. This result Lie Nafei to spot glare husband's eyes, incredible, Is this human is Gold and Iron do? Abaco want to vomit blood, this time, this stupid dragon, but there are still a mind to so many pieces of unnecessary things, and now the other fine her first time should distance themselves from the, when he was willing to accompany Liena Fei to death the world is I hope to have a strong bodyguard, but this stupid dragon from qualified bodyguards still have a long way to go. Side of indignation, Abaco side singing from the spell, and if you can not obsess that Mozu Lie Nafei to distance, estimated this stupid dragon can only be trampled upon. But before Abaco finished the spell, his eyes we can see the shadow flash. The Abaco's combat experience Bilienafei the rich too much, the first time removed the spell, the the accumulated magic all input protective shield. Master in any dangerous situation, must maintain the integrity of the shield, fighting Master the basic literacy Therefore, before Abaco shot, give yourself the blessing of the shield. A tall shadow lightning hit the shield on Abaco, impeccable Imperial Juli coming, and all of a sudden the translucent shield knocked the pink color, almost to the edge of fragmentation. A closer look, hit the shield turned Aimei Na horse hell flame horse,UGG I Do Collection Boots, scissors, majestic chest tightly on the pressure in the shield, braving the flames eyes staring at the body under Abaco mouth slightly bent to both sides, it seems to be smiling. Hell flame horse! The Abaco hearts of a tight, just now he would have noticed the presence of this horse hell flame horse legend, hell flame horse, but the higher the Monster, the strength is very terrible, but he never touched a real flame horse, so the heart its strength is not intuitive impression, so did my heart. But the Thundering feel the flame horse a hit, and almost Suidiao protective shield, let him have a visual impression of the strength of the flame horse, but a need to make every effort to deal with powerful enemies. This care not Lie Nafei. To come forward to backward hop, Abaco legal rights force toward the flame horse one finger blown open to a force between him and flame horse. This is a very simple style of Diablo burst surgery, not lethal, but it can have a very powerful impact, for hysteresis enemy attack is very applicable. Flame horse completely disregard this type of burst surgery, it hooves firmly nailed to the ground, any change of position burst generated the shock wave Bengqi the mane, while the figure is not even a trace of shaking not even also wore shockwave lifted a Qianti. Hoof suddenly riding under the ground whom Yi Chan, Abaco jump landing set brush wear clothing with a waist thick to stab. Ground severely stabbed in Abaco on the shield, long flame horse knocked overwhelmed shield suddenly cracked. Abaco left hand hard pinch the hands of a ring spot cracked, the strong magic fluctuations from him burst open. I saw his right hand waving Staff a beat, his left hand to his chest. A new shield instantly forming his body Xun liters go into the air. Storage ring in the floating technique, this four Air Magic almost all Master must singled magic, only in the air to pull fastest degrees distance of each other, so that Master With use of force ground. Into the air, and that do not have the ability to fly the enemy can only be at their mercy, and sit back in the air to cast spells, H undead mages you have to kill you. Flame horse of course, will not easily let Abaco distance, opened his mouth, I heard Changsi then suddenly Menheng. A the invisible Qijin slammed H Abaco body. Nowhere by floating in the air force, Abaco H tasikmalaya drifted away, at this time, the flame horse hooves Yi Deng, suddenly with a blur occur again, it has volley jump to Abaco top. Abaco face became pale, and could only watch as the flame bar the forepaw volley riding under. Shield stirred up by fierce ferocious pedaling energy cross-strike sparks then Decrepitation, the huge impact Abaco direct shot back to the ground. Fall to the ground, Abaco direct a tumbling, while pinching a ring burst. After the violent fluctuations, the the Abaco body burst was pitch dark and smoke, suddenly enveloped him a few meters radius of fast expanding range. Flame horse and not the ability to fly, it depresses Abaco, the body also will fall down, is just fell smoke, with the erosion of smoke suddenly burning it body. Sneeze,! Flame horse spray a smoke, disdain shook his head, and a spark from its eyes darting off along its body has been extended to four feet, and finally poured into the ground, some scraps of debris in the ground suddenly and turned it into sparks, ashes,UGG Jimmy Choo Starlit. Then flame horse forepaw lift the heels lift, depress depressing. Entirely and then suddenly startled, to its hooves placement center, burst open fine cobweb pattern, crack, hot red shine. Today more a million words seeking monthly <

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