and others to kill his the Nether

December 27 [Thu], 2012, 18:27
See the crowd askew face distress and regret the color, the punishment decision is smiled, then Xiupao to again waved Bao Dan fill five chest will that lingering Danxiang. And looking at the criminal decision of the move, Li Xiaohan et al puzzled face. "I sentence must not unrighteous, the so-called see a portion, since everyone can work together to reach this star Huang Dong Fu, I will naturally not let everyone go home empty handed," "five cartons Bao Dan, each of you a box "After five boxes Po Dan filled, the punishment decision would be eyeing Chuxiu Yan et al, with a smile. Hear the words of the sentence must all are surprised a moment, a moment later Tibetan Villa disciples react immediately one are cheeky excitement of color. "Criminal decision Young really refreshing, in that case then I'll wait for my pleasure seeing this, that Chu Xiuyan face with gratitude on criminal decision said, one chest of treasure Dan income immediately rushed to the storage bracelet in. After him, the other two Tibetan Villa disciples also a chest of treasure Dan took away. "The punishment must Young just I'm misunderstanding you, you lose a not here." Then that Los Kazuhiko actually again leapt high, smiling said the punishment decision. However, that for the pace of change that Luo Yan face criminal decision touches very impressed, but for his kind words, the punishment decision is no answer, but waved and motioned for him to take away his a Bao Dan. For such a person, the punishment decision is able to cope with short soft I soft you steel than you steel, the punishment decision is soft do not eat hard, hard and soft are not to eat the crucial moment. The see and criminal decision détente that Luo Yan and disciple of that name, surnamed Liu is also blunt their remaining two boxes of treasure Dan revenue. Enough to have hundreds of high station on top of the chest, just have to come up with sixty-five chest, the punishment decision, leaving only the thousands of pieces of treasure Dan, but the punishment decision left Bao Dan are all top grade Bao Dan lowest order is the ground the order beneath contempt. And compared with these the punishment decision treasures Fragmented, and that strange ring, this is the biggest harvest of this Heritage Tours. Everyone for punishment decisions are assigned, but also extremely satisfied and look from the surface, criminal decision good suffer the most, after all, had been previously all treasure Dan into quarters, then punishment decision and from their own treasure Dan in the separation of the five tanks. After that, everyone is carefully collecting this hall, but they are helpless hardly any treasures found in addition to the top of this high-profile chest. Received the punishment decision sucked two armor own storage bracelet the two armor person anomaly tough, from the punishment must Eater cone failed to kill them on the look out. And criminal decision at the moment is you can control them, which undoubtedly can be a big boost after the punishment decision, the two high-end Fukatsu doom thugs, this can indeed, some may not. After everyone is along the road to walk towards the entrance to the ruins of fact, punishment depends In addition to the control of those Warcraft at the moment, even these relics authorities can control, so everyone in the exodus of the road, can be described as smooth all the way, without any fault with. "It's strange, the ancient ruins enchantment authorities pressure smaller, seems to be completely shut down" moment in ancient as well as outside, the four forces of several elders through tactical deployment of forces to suppress the ancient ruins of Enchantment space forces But suddenly really feeling the pressure to do without, so one by one are surprised. Could ruins what? "Looking at the entrance to the ancient ruins, the elders of the four forces are cheeky sorrow of color, this time into the ancient ruins all the forces most top disciples disciples, let them enter want to test and hone them here, but also do not want them any danger. After all, but they are the hope of the four forces, forces prosperity in the future or not, but also expect this they. The anxious wait for a full few hours later, in the dark ruins channel suddenly thrown a little light, and that light is getting brighter. Coming out, coming out, "looking at the light ever approached the four forces of elders considered Panasonic breath, because they know that light is optical character lights up, indicating that the disciples have been out of the four forces friends. Sure enough, a moment later, nine figure is emerging out of a pedestrian is the punishment decision, see them, the elders of the forces are walked forward, and could not help but ask about things about ancient ruins . "Only Po Dan? Martial art, power law, and jewels of the class what?" Moment the Yufeng Court a pedestrian is also together that the Fenglei elders hear the punishment decision, and others, then, a bit puzzled, reasonably speaking this ancient remains such a powerful force. This relic, at least the war built strong imperial, or impossible to have a limit to their ability, but if there is only Bao Dan, then, can really some people puzzled. "Well, in addition to Bao Dan only the older generation who skeletons that skeleton offers something special, but I'll wait for it touches not offend the older generation who" see the appearance of the Fenglei Presbyterian askew puzzled punishment decision is somewhat helpless said. Thing of treasure map and rings, the punishment decision also do not want to talk about them at this time, do not know that that ring in the end is what baby what role, if other forces know, envious, is likely to will cause unnecessary trouble. "Haha, it does not matter, for such a number of treasure Dan, can be considered a worthwhile trip!" See the punishment decision askew, such as wind and old people but rather comfort from the criminal decision and others to. Because out of that ancient relics, not to be tortured decision to speak, Li Xiaohan would be a thing through again, this time to find that star Huang Dong Fu, almost criminal decision, so the punishment decision Exhibition exposed strength, and undoubtedly it again so his admiration. Today, the presence of several elders wind always punishment decision of the Master, Raleigh elders and the elders of the lonely water are very optimistic about the punishment decision, and now know afterwards, naturally quite pleased at the same time is also the ability of the criminal decision increasingly feel optimistic, or even feel that the punishment decision is likely to become a leading figure in the rise of the Yufeng Court. "Who can tell me why my nether temple disciple has never come out?" In that nether the elders of the house, could not the hearts of anxiety, facing the crowd shouted. The three forces of the disciples at the moment are safe and sound out of the ancient ruins, but the house of his nether disciples has never showed up, which allows him anxiously up. "Oh? The Nether Hall of brothers who had not been out of it?" After entering the channel is broken up, the thought that they have come out down the channel. "See that nether temple elders asked about the punishment decision is pretending misgivings said. "Broken up?" That elders could not help but hear the words of the sentence must suspect the sights punishment decision. He do not think things are as punishment decision said is so simple. "The elders, nether temple disciples ..." At this point, that palace family of Lin Yi suddenly opening. See Lin Yi opening, Li Xiaohan and Lee Chan month two are face tension of color, afraid Yi Lin will sentence summary thing to kill Nether Hall of disciples say. Even nether temple had attacked their culprit, even if the the Nether Hall of disciples on their first shot, but they all did not leave evidence, the contrary is a criminal decision to kill them, and that Lin Yi saw. If this thing came out to go, not to mention the nether temple to Norikaze Court to discuss the Court saying, even if the palace family also to the guise of the Union to put pressure on Norikaze Court, that time is undoubtedly the most unfortunate is the punishment decision. "Yi Lin, said" At this point, it stood aside Yi Lin,timberland boots outlet, the elders of the palace family is slightly amused as he asked Road. "Indeed, as punishment decisions Young said, since entering the channel, we dispersed and punishment decisions Young people are into the same channel." "Later reach the magma deep valley, only with senior Tibetan Hills Luo Yan to join them, but so far not seen again nether house of older students. "Li Xiaohan et al and most unexpected is that Yi Lin actually no truth to say, but helped to bring this criminal decision things hiding passed. Looking at the face is not red, not white-Li Lin, the mouth of the punishment decision could not help but set off a touch of radians, he absolutely can not think of this seemingly indifferent Yi Lin actually speak for themselves. "Yeah, we in the magma deep valley when no longer seen your nether temple older students." At this point, the Tibetan Villa disciples is also have promise. The most frustrating is that this of Nether Hall of unparalleled hatred of them, at the moment actually affectionately call the Nether Hall of the disciples as brothers, this can really gloat taste. To hear the words of all disciples, nether temple elders seem worried frown, and that he also thought it was a punishment decision, and others to kill his the Nether Hall of disciples, the whole family palace's disciples are so, he also had to believe. And Nangong family elders is also somewhat disappointed up Yufeng Court of attacks before things they have heard about, and the same, they are also guessed might nether temple. But for such a thing, they kept keen on pleasing attitude, in particular, have been told that the ancient ruins, Yufeng Court after the biggest winners,Timberland Winter Snow Boots, they have some unhappy at the moment, so they'd very much hope that the the Yufeng Court and nether temple occurred some unpleasant. In fact, the Yufeng Court in recent years development momentum is very rapid, the number of war king has almost equal to his palace family, and among the outstanding disciple of the Li Xiaohan, Lee Chan months, criminal decision three Wizards. Particular punishment decision, the last hunting a test, had let him Nangong family ate a big turtle, the ancient ruins he could hear,Men's Tremblant Full Zip Hoody, if not criminal decision, even they the Dongfu are looking for Sing Wong less than. The moment the palace family for Yufeng Court has produced a hostile After all, they do not want to take away the title of their East mainland forces by Norikaze Court. "Now this ancient sites have been detected, and no more than four major forces threat, I wait on the first say good-bye." On the self-love then the old wind is slowly going out, directed at the elders of the three forces The arch of the hand, then it is ready to take the punishment decision, and others leave. "" May at this time, the family of the disciples of that palace, Luo Yan was suddenly open blocked Road. Rather hear his words, not just the wind old, even the crowd is puzzled eyes toward Luo Yan. "The elders, the disciples have a question to ask you." See wind old stop that Luo Yan directed wind old respectful arch of the hand, with a smile. But he is so happy smiles are filled with endless sinister meaning. This moment, the punishment decision is frowning, because he felt a burst of bad things, which Luo Yan might want to say something to them adverse.
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