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December 31 [Mon], 2012, 11:37
See luxuriously large bed lounge, plum good Qiao blushed, quickly back out, her bed we can not discuss with a man, even the layout of bedding. So, pushed open the door of another room, into the room of a change in top plum good glanced at, there was not much, but the furnishings are just some ordinary clothes, without involving what people blush. Behind closed doors, a plum good Yingying, ceremony, Lin Yang whispered: Lingong Zi, first of all I want to say the sound sorry, I deliberately Xifeng ideas, your sisters help to get you here about, which I I believe that the virtue of the Lin Gongzi ingenuity, it should already be seen, in fact, is something I would like to invite Lin Gongzi help. "Lin Yang did not answer, just a hint of looked good plum, jade skin, fresh smell children weak faces burst absences, and perhaps is usually broken of Fenger and Ni Qiang their thunder too quickly suppressed plum good beautiful moment and looked, plum no better than off the the Fenger difference on how much people! Plum good notes Lin Yang strange eyes, looked down, and did not find anything wrong, frowned: "how? Is not, there is nothing wrong with me?" "No, no." Lin Yang quickly said , "just to feel that you are very beautiful." noticed plum the good mesh Lu shy, he added: "Really, sky city three witch, that is Weiminghehe just that I feel are broken of Fenger and Ni Qiang rebellion Mei sister gave me the impression that has been very gentle, very easygoing, approachable, usually less of the contact has not been carefully looked at my sister, a look at today, I was surprised to find, have never seen such a good-looking woman like you. "plum good with a shy expression, body stiffness is more straight, beautiful curve foes outline, three the witch of bread plump charming, natural Ni Qiang beautiful smile On the face, is naturally off the phoenix children, but to be on the whole curve of exquisite plum good seems superior. However, plum has always notices over ceremony, at the moment not heard a familiar, even strange man's praise hearts are both shy, and some Xiunao, honest just said Lin Yang, her bad attack, but this time in under the eyes of the forest of red fruit, that really stand nor sit nor. Lin Yang found her embarrassment, while the hearts of Relax in Ni Qiang and off Fenger so many years under the influence, but also keep some daughter home reserved and shy, then it is not easy at all, but he is not good too too thin, as too left a bad impression on her mind, they face a positive, whispered: "Mei sister is my brother's sister, that is my sister, what need help, I the obligatory, but a few days, I really physical events, it is tied up. "Although he believes the plum good is gentle, kind and gentle, but he knew all the things that are associated with certainly dangerous, and this, he naturally reluctant, although this is a beautiful dangerous. Notified, Lin Yang intend to tomorrow's full moon in the General Assembly, he pits sum,Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Sale, it is necessary to Yuandun, is not prepared to stay, in this sky city, at the moment if the promised plum good things, that the estimated travel again delayed, this the things he did not want to see! Plum good seems to think of what Puchi smile, light indoor suddenly, her elegant, usually do not like made laugh, the smile suddenly two points more naughty, naughty with elegant, kind of unspeakable seductive charm people See the itching. Lin Yang mesh scared look dumbfounded, tut, as long as you go to explore, where there are beautiful ah. Lingong Zi since Frankly, that plum good also frankly some. "She said here, and smile, and then said:" Lin Gongzi this out, may not bring enough coins, although we simply eat point, but not a small number, less consumption have three thousand gold coins Moreover the jade Linger sister who is also not so much money, Lin Gongzi Do not thought about after dinner how to do? Do let us help these woman Do you pay for the meal? "Lin Yang felt a threat in her tone, is Yung said:" The original is a deal, if everything went well, I do not like to do things no good. You say you want me to do to help? "of Mui good victory smiled, and said:" Just a little busy, just let you go to a blind date in the afternoon. "" blind date? sister Mei, you look at me like idle, no girlfriend, but also the afternoon, this time not in a hurry,Women's Hybridge Lite, but why let me go? others can not? "Lin Yang feeling that things are not so simple. The Mui good chuckle: "Nature know you and the Erh sister love each other, but this is to ask for her consent, do not worry, I trust your ability to respond as to why and you, in fact, I did not want to find you, but Xifeng strongly recommend you, I thought, and only you, to go along with my request because you behave like you so elegant manners, etiquette and thoughtful, I sighed Eph such shallow dudes who participate in a blind date must be met Health shame I want you to help me a lesson some shallow, said lessons, in fact, just want you behave so that they recognize their own shallowness, so do not question me any illusions, it is that simple. "that is your father forced you to go blind?" Lin Yang smile: "Which Botchan?", but not which of the son of a brother, but a group of Botchan, this time my father went out I marry but painstakingly under the notice board in the sky city, you can participate in this blind date as long as the family background more than the Marquis, age full of people between the age of sixteen to thirty, of course, as you know, I was very reluctant to freedom how good comfortable a life! "Mei indifferent:" too many princely descendants, difficult to use violence to resolve, and Xifeng and, Ni Qiang came forward, just scare the small number of people, my brother Mei Ni, a the name Yinhen, if it is patience there is so little conscience, I'm afraid we must par with Sun Jian and his ilk, but he did not so that those Sun Zaidi unafraid of death, my brother always can not they all kill the As for the family the other children, I'm afraid already looking forward Huong eldest married, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, I do not know how happy! "Gradually, Lin Yang seems to see the plum good face flash chill the hearts of a This plum scared, definitely not gentle on the surface can be arbitrary! "Well, you family conflicts, listening is not so simple, dear Well, I can be considered to have a return of children experience, but I want to participate in this is a lot, a little trouble ah!" That , what is your request? "plum good hesitated a moment and said. "Today, this dinner is off Fenger under my sleeve, too naive, I actually meeting this when, first, this meal you pay, exceptions give me a thousand gold coins as spiritual compensation!" Lin Yang leisurely said, did not a little embarrassed! "Well, I can promise you that these requirements!" Good refreshing plum, brow sandwiched excited. "Do not get too excited, this is the deposit, whether things are or are not returned to you, or look at your brother's feelings surface, if Ni Qiang girl, at least ten thousand gold coins out of discussion There are things, you need to pay my next pay! "Lin Yang one you took out a big love the look! Mei Lin Yang's ability good to know you can see from the Sima Fei Sun Jian's body, then two Niubi was playing in the applause of the From then on, I am afraid that is very difficult to raise their heads, so the moment nonchalantly said: "With you in charge, I am assured, the rest of the reward is, my disposable pay you all, do not and other things!" the amount of the reward, I do not ask for money! "Lin Yang smiled. ! "That's what you want, as long as I have is, now you can give you!" Plum good still one did not care! "Really?" And Lin Yang face some do not believe. Plum good suddenly a bread, almost hit Lin Yang, manly said: "I plum good talk has always been Shuiyibuer!" Well, "but said Lin Yang Shortly thereafter, he took a step forward, turned out to lend a big hand directly embrace live a good plum waist, under the gaze of the other surprise and dismay, the head down. "Well," plum good Jiaoqu burst stiff, the entire people reminding us of scenes set in place, suddenly shocked, just mouth sobbing sound. Taste some tongue, big hands finally covering the top plum good bread, plum good like an electric shock, suddenly awake the whole body while shoved back, but followed Lin Yang, big hands clutch her fine waist, they suddenly hit the corner, both sides the breathing are promoting anxious and. "Are you going to do?" Plum completely like a frightened rabbit, looking flushed face looking angry staring at Lin Yang said: "Let me go!" Sister is so beautiful, I just want to kiss my sister! " Lin Yang sincere eyes and said: "This is what I want to reward, my sister just not keen on the idea of" Mui good hearts surprised, finally be completely Ming Bailin Yang Why than would never Shame also shameless, angry low voice : "Your courage is too big, and I dare thin here, you are not afraid to cry, people outside will rush in, jade Linger even henceforth ignore you!" This year, Chengsi bold timid to starve to death! "Lin Yang chuckle licked his lips and said:" Moreover, my sister will not tell, otherwise it will not be such a performance! "... Well ..." Mei is very Xiunu want to say anything, but her lips have been blocked on. A long time, Lin Yang is just loosen plum! "Whirring" plum buns burst of ups and downs, gulps of breath, the hand pointing Lin Yang, speechless. Lin Yang face fascinated aftertaste child a long time, if not scruple There are four tigress have to cheap not accounted foot! Shortly after, Lin Yang awake, watching Xiunao has a little shame good plum, the reigning release arm around her shoulders and took a step back, indifferent smile, totally not a cent of the riffraff of phase, said: "rewards I've received a plum sister, talk about a specific time and place. "PS: originally wanted before dawn on October 2 results today know that marriage too light to catch the ceremony went two are the countryside, I dad a good face, have pulled me to go drink a day, come back drunken sleep, wake up every ten p.m. the more than thousand words big more, count today, just before dawn Oct. 3 it I wrote it before dawn should be able to write a three-shift, during the day,Men's Canada Goose Mountaineer, to write two more will be just before dawn the greatly believe I ask you readers!
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