There is no doubt that the processor

June 14 [Tue], 2011, 18:26
There is no doubt that the processor is the largest source of heat. With the escalation of the processor, the laptop that is running faster and faster, increasing the heat. Since the notebook performance is increasing, more and more high-profile graphics card registry clean up. Laptop graphics card heat has become another major source of heat. Other conventional hardware such as memory, disk, battery, etc., are also a number of portable heat.

I know that the main source of heat, we will focus on cooling laptop as tokeep.

1. Add cooled base

Laptop Cooling basic principle is basic to the computer in the bottom of the fans at high speed peed up my pc, and the material is usually a good thermal conductivity of metal, large metal through the air circulation and cooling the refrigerator to cool for laptops. Now the market has a wide range of needs for the basics, you can choose according to your situation. I bought one for my HP Pavilion, but my card is still suffering the same problems.

2. To create the best environment for cooling

Laptop cooling depends mainly on the internal heat sink and cooling fan. usually at the bottom of the laptop left in the socket, leaving a place to install the fan outlet, so that patterns of air circulation to keep notebook cool. so when you use a laptop clean registry, do not let other things hidden block in the air and can put more basis under the laptop. This can help to dissipate heat. Do not place the notebook on a soft bed or mattress, which block the exit, the temperature will shoot up! after a long period of time, will certainly be a lot of dust and hair sheep in the same laptop, which also have detrimental consequences for the air circulation inside the notebook. so when is the cooling fan is too noisy, laptops need to immediately clean the dust inside, and so the fan.

3. Use of software for the cooling

The software is used RMClock is the principle of reducing pressure, but maintain the frequency. As the heat and the CPU voltage is positive. This means that the processor itself, if the higher voltages, the heat increases. Thus, the work of a CPU voltage can reduce the artificial heat of the processor. And the lower voltage and maintaining the original frequency is to ensure that processor performance will be reduced. It 's the role of RMClock. But I would not recommend this approach if you are a professional.
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