and then with a dialect in a direction

November 22 [Thu], 2012, 10:37
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult Two predecessors ,just your words I heard ,you are to take the oath of a middle man ,I is the .
Two predecessors ,to let me come . The nine phantom reality began, the dialect itself from the black demon rescued ,nine phantom reality always grateful ,want to repay ,dialect and nothing, now how can watch dialect in danger .
The nine phantom reality began UGG Cayha,how can a silence : master, I go . Next to the old man and the star or even to speak ,but was broken sword ,warehouse and interrupted: OK ,you don ,would like to ,I do not dare to use it ,no reason ,then the elixir .
But ,boy ,you are a sentimental seed ,since you are willing to ,can also be ,come out . Dialect ,I go . Yao light pull dialect ,want to go out . Yao Guang ,rest assured ,my escape experienced very .
Dialect comfort rocking light sentences and towards the outside of the two higher order monk said : two predecessors ,can let my companion to leave here ? We didn love you ,where to go, and not between life and death ,not so gay .
Cang road and has some impatience, waved his hand and said .This dialect ,towards a few brother divine consciousness Communications : several of my brother, the other two high order monk ,even if we are not rivals ,and so I go with them that what place ,you first take Yao light leave here, I will act according to circumstances .
Few people know dialect say yes, previously the warehouse and then hit but a sword, powder four Yuan Ying protection ,will not feel the breath in Lunan ,second sword is not so easy to deal with ,I do not know what is the status of two previously ,but is now teamed up with no doubt ,at least in foreign will be together, if you really want to get myself a few people ,not an enemy ,but the real practice of Lunan son distracted .
But again let dialect for several adventures ,a few hearts are not the taste ,but this is not their own and others can be determined ,not a dialect ,is Ji Yao Guang ,let a woman to adventure ,even for the .
Well ,dialect ,we wait for you outside . Not much time ,not the past ,really want that two people angered ,for all star inadvertently made the decision ,it will swing, and unable to part from Ji Yaoguang intake magic ,towards the distant escape to .
Remind you ,there is nothing good stuff can be found ,in some places can not you can touch ,the baby should be able to feel . Few people outside see star has faded ,warehouse and sound to remind .
He did not care for few people respond ,mouth ,spit out a dark light, at the same time a drop of blood from his finger tip injection into this regiment brilliance ,then turned her head toward the opposite Lu Nanzi also said: I have been efforts of Lunan ,drop into one ,this to lock the soul temple, such as fruit renege ,will be devil heart died .
Runand had no immediate action UGG Women's Tall Dylyn,but first carefully explored ,and found no problems ,finger extension, a drop of blood shot out ,just as in the Guanghua ,mouth to say the same thing .
With two pieces of black runes appear and then into the regiment Guanghua ,two demons oath form ,warehouse and slightly moves ,he heard the sound of Lunan son yelled at : Cang road and ,what do you want ? Lunan ,you still so stingy Oh ,boy ,you go to the regiment Guanghua charge ,and charge the weapon ,then followed us to the spirit house .
Hum . Runand did not speak ,but grunted coldly ,just watch collection demons Guanghua dialect words .Dialect a point not to the effect ,come to the mission Guanghua before, made a Shoujue offering training ,the regiment was in the body of Guanghua dialect ,and his original body all the magic heart promise ,oath of fire are different, but the dialect can still feel and see two people with some connection ,is not he and Huang people that link ,and certainly not and Ya To the Lord that contact ,just by this group demons oath Guanghua faint feel two people some things .
See the devil in Guanghua dialect vows income ,warehouse and said: Okay ,kid ,you do it, we will be the entry forbidden open to . Warehouse and readily throw a prohibition the dialect in bondage ,and then with a dialect in a direction towards a dun ,Ruminami Ko no lag much behind .
After originally stands the statue of great square ,soon Bin Road and Lunan two people stopped, dialect see a simple palace ,which has a plaque ,but the words on the board ,the dialect is not only a feeling ,winding ,containing a special charm ,broken phantom head slightly move, see the surrounding layers of the prohibition ,the entire palace surrounded by .
Warehouse and Lunan sub stops, respectively, took half a piece of yellow jade character ,two half blocks of geese Huang Yufu in the sky are attracted to each other, mutually rotate around ,more and more close ,a few information fusion together ,an unknown beast suddenly flashed over the jade amulet ,clarion call immediately ringing, then retracted the jade amulet ,is one into which the operators are spirit for goods order ?Dialect in some country, what time, Ling device becomes so worthless .
As a light to the front of the injection ,according to ancient palace ,a passage appears in the palace before . ,come on . Cang road with the right move ,dialect can would follow him into the channel ,what differ too much ,this dialect if not imprisoned ,could move nothing ,simply no longer resist ,leaving him with her walking towards the palace ,Lunan the son to go in the back .
Dialect only feel through a barrier, then look around ,have changed . ,just stay here . Leave a word, warehouse and Lunan two people do not know the whereabouts of .Imprisoned dialect does not want to stay with no knowledge of God ,from looking around to explore ,this is a place where ah ,the hall has numerous jade ,look at the material like Yao Guang refining absorption piece of goose Topaz stone ,but here every piece of above have many designs ,all kinds of evil, it is and the outside those disappeared statue is very similar to .
Dialect instantly thought just Bin Road and mouth of the palace ,the temple outside the lock soul ,who is living the imprisonment ,in lock monster tower lock are those into the statue ,the soul Temple lock lock and what is the soul ,is the pattern and the statue, is not the true pattern ,is actually the soul ?To deal with the dialect is not rivals, but if only the spirit ,but is not a bit afraid of dialect ,even if they are six order even high order ,previously in the tower when dialect ,charge a transfer level spirit body ,but in God and printed Taoist fight already half destroyed at that time ,although have ,but afterwards, or let the dialect is very distressed .
If the surrounding these jade seal this really is the soul ,not much, just one or two, his spirit will be on one floor ,or even repair can therefore increase the number ,but the barn road and is worthy of what reason later ,to ban UGG Bailey Bomber, dialect to do tricks also cannot break ,can only look around countless suspected spirit body covet .
Do not work ,warehouse and back : haha ,finally back ,you crazy old man ,I am sleepy for thousands of years ,finally being looking back i . Dialect didn what he said, just to see him happy ,holding a palm-size yellow jade ,though small ,color is than the surrounding these are deep .
Soon Lu Nanzi was back, hands is also a goose Topaz stone ,the same excitement .No kind of dialect UGG Tassel,warehouse and throw dialect prohibition to unravel ,saying : well, son, this thing ,you go .
,wait . Lunan son suddenly said ,out of an array disk will export blocked ,seems to warehouse and every decision he is sceptical . Lunan UGG Boots For Men,do you ?Bale ,kid ,you walk in there ,but don touch those Yun Lingshi ,spirit will bite .
Cang road and did not return Lunan ,but agree with his words ,but also no longer confine dialect ,but also to remind the dialect words .( the first more ,there are dozens of essence
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