Ready ?!

October 07 [Mon], 2013, 1:54
Time went fast~
Is it need to change my mind, open my mind to accept new things and new people~
start to discover my world is too small!
wanna leave Hong Kong to another country to broden my horizon,
Want to meet new friend , do some job that i never do it before~
try it seems that i cant hold my stance!
I give myself one more year! This year is the last year of my job and my happy life!
I need to reborn!

Fighting with Wentz EIJI

Happy Birthday To Wentz Eiji

October 08 [Mon], 2012, 1:01
Happy Happy Birthday to Wentz Eiji
it is his 27th birthday`\
I really hope u can have the following wishes i want u have:
1. good Luck to your work,
2.Happy and smile everyday
3.Take care to your plant well :D
3.WaT can publish more new song and new album (waiting for 2 year)
4.Good Health and Good Luck
5.can try everything u want to try
6.Gain more money
7.Have more CM publish ~haha
8. write more blog ,let all of us can know your status :)

By the way, Wish u all the best
still support u Wentz love u :D

After my trip-- Korea

June 01 [Fri], 2012, 1:22
Just after my trip that go to Korea
It is good to have a good weather, sunshine and dry weather:) so lovely
but alot of things to Hong Kong & we go to many place such as N Tower in seoul, many place that i dont know what is their eng name !haha!
Although we are tired , it is a funny trip
later i will upload the photo to this blog!
miss Wentz Eiji very much! How a him ? it seems to disappear their news!
Wentz Wentz , write more books and compose more song!
I still waiting the new CD that release from WaT or yourself!
Expecting and love u Wentz Eiji

Fewer and fewer time ..

March 27 [Tue], 2012, 20:13
Time went fast!
It near the time i graduate :-(
miss all my friend , teacher, school environment already!
I will try my best for the last few week!

After the examination, maybe i will go to Korea for my hoilday!
Will Wentz will go to korea ?? haha!
I hope so, really want to meet Wentz Eiji once :-)
after the school period, i must have more time to pay more attention on Wentz !
Wait me, wentz haha:-)

hope Wentz work hard and sucess! Enjoy your job as well !
By the way, i still support you whether where u are and how busy i am!
u still in my heart as rank no.1
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