ThinkiN about Japan.. 

August 31 [Wed], 2005, 15:59
I was just thinking about japan that when I go back to home
First Im going for a meet my boyfriend
That is the best that Im really looking for!!!!
And going to shopping to buy clothes**

I imargine every night!!
but I like living newzealand too..
so im gona miss here and my hostfamily..

My NeW New Zealand life haha!! 

August 30 [Tue], 2005, 14:25
I had a great day todaY!!
These days Ive been nt with my japanese friends because of my English skill
Ive been here for 7 months.
However my English was not really improved
So I decided to that Im not gona speak Japanese!!
I dont really know I can do..
but ill try it

Please support meeeee!!

Next saturday I had a ball!!yeah!
Oh it is nt a ball that we use playing.
It is a Dance Party!!
so im gona wear a dress and dancing
Im real lookin forward to do it!!

but bottom of September Ive got maths test...
AhOh- Im gona fail that assesment!haha
Never minD!!
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» My NeW New Zealand life haha!! (2005年08月30日)
» My NeW New Zealand life haha!! (2005年08月30日)
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