hello, helloooo, hellooo. 

August 27 [Sun], 2006, 18:48
hello blog.

I miss tokyo so much.
I miss being in Shibuya.
I miss my agi buddy.
I miss us three together.

Shibuya-ax wait for me.
I'm comming back.

Nuet hat so den arsch offen.
Junnosuke du fehlst mir! ;_;

ich will seven stars light rauchen.
und sudland stinkt.

aber die luft ist sehr toll hier.

hello blog I missed you so much! TT-TT 

July 15 [Sat], 2006, 23:15
lets not talk about boys -ken- or anything >_<
Lets talk about the last remaining 8 days...wohow, 8 days!
Im so happy, and full of energy -its quite impossible to sleep lately ^3^
but thats okay, I'm げんき, げんき!!! ≧0≦

but there's something really disturbing out in the widths
of the internet... T3T

ladies an gentlemen, boys and girls:
SHOWTIME: http://yaplog.jp/rabusong/

-mueff's got a yaplog T___T


wieso stoert mich das so sehr? naja...erstens: keine ahnung
und zweites: verdammte scheisse, das ist unser verdammtes
yaplog, koennen die sich denn alle nicht was anders suchen?
oder das selbe wie marlene-ちゃん benutzen? argh?!

gosh, 8 days, 8 days schub-schubidu-lalalalalaa...
japp, no brain left sorry!!! ≧^≦
-thank you Mr.Kaka-man!! ;^;

...argh help me again パンダ-ちゃん!!!

next year I'll get (hopefully) a working computer and therefore
the great opportunity of wishing JinJin the best for his birthday!

so for this year:
alles Gute nachtraeglich Hips-JinJin!!! O^ワ^o

genug des irrsinns.

disgusting me 

June 29 [Thu], 2006, 2:24
NO seriously, if we don't make it
I'll have a nervous breakdown!!!

I'm crying like shit lately and I DON'T
feel good these days.

I'd like to laugh and make fun of all
this stupidness (I'm talking about HER)
but I can't, because I have nothing to
be proud of, nothing's finished yet and
nothing here to move.

So...if we don't make it, I'll go and drown
myself in the main or something.
(and NO I'm NOT talking about this summer
or concerts, NO!!!)

yeah, I know we ALWAYS say things like:
we can make it happen -we can make it
all right -blahblah
-but are we? can we?
maybe I'm just stressing myself...
yeah, maybe...but if we even can't manage
something as easy as now (and yeah NOW
I'm talking about summer an concerts and stuff)
how will we be able to plan our further life?
how will we manage to fulfill our dreams????

I'm seriously worried, and of course you are NOT
the reason jessy and agi.
It's me. Why do YOU have to do everything?
I feel so useless and still I'm thinking terrible
things like: If I'm the one who has to get the tickets
we would have them by now TT-TT

-I'm DISGUSTING I know, I know, I know.

btw, all for now.

be げんき - げんき!!! ≧3≦ 

June 25 [Sun], 2006, 4:05
I feel sick
-waaah, I really do!!! ≧-≦

It's because I feel so strange these days...

This feeling...it really makes me feel insecure TT_TT
I want an interesting and refreshing life!!!

...and I want a heartbreaking love-life...wohar! TAT

I feel straaaaaange!!!!

...help me パンダ-ちゃん TT3TT

I should keep on telling myself that I don't care...I don't care!!! nuhu!!!

Now what's it with this entry?
-I totally screwed it up...that's why I really want to write only
if something interesting happens in my life

...help me パンダ-ちゃん TTATT

-dont ask me why I keep on writing everything
in english...might be out of habit or something... TT3TT

This entry was absolutely not supposed to be a
depressed one!!! TAT

げんき - げんき!!! ≧ワ≦

hello, hello, hello ≧ワ≦ 

June 22 [Thu], 2006, 20:32
こんちかぶむ !!! ≧ワ≦

hello, hello, hello to the very
first entry ♪~

lets start with someone really important:

山下知久 :

らぶ - らぶ - らぶ... ≧^≦ <3
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