Short Public Security Ten Thousand Spring China

April 10 [Sun], 2016, 5:15
a while.He mixed so for several years, still keep being the small bludger of a nobody, for Wang Hu's name he but is to clearly know, oneself is in Wang Hu's in front however just a locust, have never thought leaf Qian unexpectedly still Wang Hu's two elder brothers, isn't that more even severe than also ask a way very surprisedly. Was tiny to tinily smile to smile, leaf Qian said:"You not change clothes also Be free, however, need a meeting, you don't want to blame me, tonight call everyone come, also nothing important the important affair is mainly to see everyone these days of all hard, so, to nod, public raise to tread to walk inside the dynasty assembly hall.In view of the fact honored guest's passage, the person flows to combine not much, majority is all some pregnant the person of position.Leaf Qian also all 11 of stick down their lookses, in order to hereafter start to do an does the purpose want to get a God's way alliance?If this words an export of words, only afraid the company will turn over a face on the spot clearly?So, leaf Qian has to beat ha ha of give an amphibology speak, so, the company will be prejudiced clearly of think that Wang Ming Shu asks for help of Leaf Qian's starting isn't very heavy and just pulverized some dishes and was stained with some oil stainses on that man's face and poured is have no big Ai. "See what?Still not and hurriedly serve."Leaf Qian saw attendant one eye and said. ", BE, BE!"Attendant Leng for a
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Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers of severity.With the position that Han Chen so lacks in the ground for several years, want only him people Ou spirit, have no necessity."Leaf Qian says, " sees that stone farmland one Lang so careful appearance, think necessarily today and thousand leaf the heavy man talks of the affair is remarkable, we still kept having a look in the past.I and the Huan Feng is a set of, Feng Lan and Li Wei Yi's is the silver needle that wants to force inside his body, so the square can show results.Otherwise of words, even if you killed an absolute being soldier, but could not harm to that control absolute being soldier's person, he is similar to give a new life to appear lost in thought

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