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"That's right, the door is good at planting is the work of the christian louboutin church elders ROM and three senior, but ROM elders and the cool breeze and bright moon two brother younger brother are not familiar with, rushed up for this kind of matter, really too faux pas, fortunately and brother Yin in." Pan roar scratching his head say with smile: "Yin brother once had a variet fruit, this level nature is self-evident, this shura fruit though planting is limit a lot, but I believe with senior level to do, must be able to success." "This, it should be no problem, you will not afraid I give you kind of bad, then I try it?" The somebody else pan roar the words to this top, YanFei also FanBuShang to false polite, nodding and should be the matter. "So thanks brother!" Pan roar buoyant made yi, exciting way: "the younger brother here is not many, brother kind of out later, as long as enough with my side of the line, redundant how to distribute, all by brother arrangement, the younger brother no objection!" Or with really good people!!!!! Face this kind of honest child, YanFei heart filled with regrets, immediately feel oneself heart that everyone how to into routines some fall the hinayana, but this is just think, he was a poor spoil the guy, don't like pan roar, the door to mix of days longer, not money when she happened. Things had been finalized, YanFei also then Ann down the heart, and pan roar exchanged a few words homely, leaves gifts to leave. Just out of the door a few steps, pan roar from behind suddenly caught up, YanFei thought the boy suddenly feel at a loss, want to make up a deficiency some profits, are wondering how to carry out into the bargain, but listen to pan roar said: "brother, you come to see the door when those butch?" "See, I have also been surrounded them, if it weren't for song brother came in time, perhaps there will make a fool of oneself. YanFei see not FenRun things, suddenly relieved, and immediately and feel be too realistic, half is ashamed of half is a transfer topic way: "this what's the matter, how the beasts campus spirit beast good will let out?" "It's my brother has the help, want to give you there to get more than a dozen only the most formidable!" Pan roar about this matter again spirit, on crutches jumped three two steps to YanFei side, pointing to the nearby are gathering of all kinds of fierce spirit beast way: "you see, there is a group of new come, are garden animals can arrange the number, from out among them more than ten strongest only, and then send it to you together." "You this is suspicion I die fast enough......" YanFei some make don't understand this boy what meaning, bitter face a way: "I there is a small fathers can, you give me make ten several big fathers in the past, is to they killed me, or they eat dead me? I'm not yu beast don, really can't feed her." "Brother at ease, these guys all expenses all wrapped in I yu beast hall body, regular the younger brother to brother send food and uniting the spirit beast of things, absolutely not brother spend money." Pan roar take on all things way: "brother, I don't know something before you go there to see the tiger, which is called small fiercely that, but accidentally discovered a secret, the little fierce but day, more than these creatures from ordinary animal domestication into the strong spirit beast one hundred times after. Later I will this matter to the teacher say, he also went to see the one eye, the conclusion of the differential phase as if, isn't it beastmaster's life lattice temporarily also look not to come out, but it's not common tiger." "That according to your saying, small fierce this life case is quite precious?" YanFei can not help but sigh their recent good luck a little bit abnormal, literally brought back a little tiger, unexpectedly still day creatures, it does some difficult to let people believe that.

Pan roar see YanFei doesn't seem to believe his words, busy with a way: "brother mistrust me, still mistrust me well, if it cheap christian louboutin shoes weren't for the speakers, his old man's house, where I have the right to transfer this many spirit beast in the past, is to give the little fierce choose some servant, so it is from the consciousness of bm. Small fierce although it is a brother, but I yu beast class understrapper are up to the job, see days creatures kind of unavoidable JianLieXinXi, if brother don't come, I also want to take a few days down the mountain, and that it was brother." Beastmaster's servant? YanFei can not help but sigh life is impermanent, LingHuYan before said to himself hired several at the boy, could not think that oneself still didn't give him to cash, now cold not the d even small fierce have a partner. Thank you again for a fjr1943 reward ~ ~ Chapter sixty-eight impart facts and theories to reassure (1) If the rain online update time: the 2012-3-23 9:26:42 this chapter alphanumeric: 2299 The somebody else since is a kindness, YanFei natural have no reason to refuse, his spirit beast to breeding no talent, had received little fierce is also afraid of it in the Lao liu there do not have enough to eat, pan roar they are willing to help cultivate yourself. Of course does not influence the small fierce future. Yu beast hall of people must not take for small fierce mean, this YanFei is absolutely sure, do not say first two big TangKou now ambiguous meaning more and more thick, but this help a spirit beast master's character he is trust, wanted to think the matter to harm, the home also can some lively, also then nodded. And pan roar to discuss a few words of details, YanFei to even the mountains and SongTieShan, good-bye, stroll leave bush valley, a cloud homeward direction. Back to home, LingHuYanZheng float down from the sky, it seems is the activity of today just end treatment. YanFei forward will shura fruit and small fierce servant things said, the latter did not publish any opinion, only said a sentence know, then fasten apron, to the kitchen direction fall away, face to, and throw it to YanFei a palm-sized scraps of paper. "Oh, today how so well, incredibly active cooking." YanFei first some accident, then took the paper carefully view look, first view is the form features FeiBai body calligraphy, this point he automatic ignoring the past, he though when I was a child also read a few books, the white sword door also once evil patched up cultural knowledge, but at most is also stay in can read and write stage, a smelly word even the dog than to climb, not to mention appreciate what FeiBai body calligraphy. Let him interested in the above content, from the soil structure improvement, to condensation earth reiki, as well as the corresponding law constitute a diagram, Lin Lin always seven points, are all summarized concise and practical. These things are all his from that a few books before see, before also want to which day to summarize a, thought this guy incredibly have to help him well, but there is a problem is very strange, these books are very professional things, LingHuYan though to fix for the profound, but seems to be not good at this way, how did he know the content of the book. Considering rooms, out of the corner of his eye found a let him feel panic things, before in the sutra depository leisurely read some books, and now impressively is put in his hospital stone table, obviously is a big ye know not with what means to bring the. This great on the cloves of all things hiding from LingHuYan, this problem YanFei ready, someone can know oneself see what book is normal, but that steal the book, it is more troublesome, and the big ye not said he is a scholar, do not steal things. Thought just turn to, in the kitchen LingHuYan and unnatural said 1: "I write down the copy to copy, didn't steal, I am a student, want to have strength of character!" Copy? YanFei quickly went to the stone table, face.he picked up a book the ganoderma lucidum twenty-five kinds of how to eat ", and then smell kitchen a stream of eggs Fried ganoderma lucidum taste, he quickly turn over a few pages, see a top handwriting and seems to be before the pieces of the completely consistent, and he had seen that this some difference, this just really believed this book is LingHuYan himself to the copy.

A * * casual cross into YanFei heart, the fox despite daily to oneself nothing good complexion, even sometimes christian louboutin bibi rely on mana in housework oppression in themselves, but in real time, the idea is quite exquisite. Inside the sutra depository leisurely rules is large, with all the interior door disciple can enter, but do not represent all the interior door disciple can borrow books, in addition to those in a door in a certain position, or have certain external guarantee, other disciple can only see there, not borrowed the book, this is also the reason YanFei there even read a few days, and finally hungry dizzy past a indirect cause. And LingHuYan is clearly see this, it will he read a few books were copied copy again, convenient after him at home reading, reading in bunches of font, although YanFei know this for large can friar probably doesn't consider as what, but heart still moved. After all, for so many years since the childhood, in addition to their Lao tze niang besides, to him so good this is the first one, although this guy and not a man, but friendship this thing, who can say about it. YanFei deeply vomitted tone, some he smiled and walked slowly toward the positive to kitchen position, was about to cuo wording, said a few words of gratitude in words, suddenly the kitchen door light a flash, a egg shell at a very fast speed galloping and come, have never waited him to sideward dodge, and accurate hit his forehead, and then fragmented. "Who let you put pepper in salt of the bag next?" Egg shell has just landed, the kitchen the nu scold LingHuYan immediately followed: "not told you, all the spice must alone in these small grid, taste string the understand? One day to night will know that eat!" "I endure......" YanFei claws not tic, filled with gratitude immediately by the egg shell offset, he some funny shook his head, to kitchen direction shouted: "you so don't want to let me thank you one?" "I'm here still have three egg shell, again useless talk will belong to you." LingHuYan head also don't return to continue with shovels, tone, and cold let human hair cold, on the face smile is like summer breeze, warm, just, YanFei couldn't see it. After dinner, ganoderma lucidum to eat many all over the hot and dry YanFei wearing short of grapes, open chest Lou conceived by half in the courts the bench, or so take a piece of watermelon, the right hand with a stalk, is the leisurely and carefree enjoy the cool air. The same to eat many little fierce at infinite energy around the yard of top cuan bottom jump, from time to time and YanFei give it do a machine spring wood beast bout with strength, a shear a robot has incomparable, and roar is vibration mountain, is really something of the attitude of the bm. As for LingHuYan, now sitting in the eaves are looking at the stars, occasionally out a few words of psalms, good a pair of literati of the marvel at the pies, provoked YanFei big roll his eyes. "Slice! Have you seen the big night which scholars climb the roof?" YanFei despise the mouth eating watermelon, canthus is peeking on the mountain within the working class direction to fly a meteor gun signal, calculate good distance soared into the sky, will grasp the in hand gun signal. Just remove the gun signal clamp of the paper, gun and "bang" a crack open, a full face of dark YanFei LingHuYan foot in the Roman holiday open the paper, see the top write: Yin teacher younger brother, the master to work tomorrow morning the lecture hall, absolutely not be late. The other, gun is double NianZi, the first launch out, the second will be some delay, this is my new brother jin figure out gadgets, and sent to you when meeting etiquette. Leave the moon. "Kui I thought he was a honest man......" The YanFei moan, sit on the ground, and then outraged to LingHuYan way: "don't laugh, you this fellow have some sympathy not? Tomorrow I want to go to class, it is estimated that one moment of return don't come, lunch you solve!" Chapter sixty-nine impart facts and theories to reassure (2) If the rain online update time: the 2012-3-23 9:26:43 this chapter alphanumeric: 2350 The second day early in the morning.