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February 06 [Fri], 2015, 16:27
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Arsenal Luo Zhishan Qi Shi,cheapest fifa 15 coins Wei Bike and other players in the summer, but unfortunately the season didn't go well, after four rounds and only one win and three, grade point average and new signings did not blend in, and impact related injuries tide. At present, arsenal still have China, Chiot, dibaozhi and several other players are weary because of injury, and began the week in UEFA Champions League and Borussia Dortmund defeated, physical strength, morale is broken, in dealing with the burden of war in Europe, to recharge the Villa to visit hard NET defense difficult to attack opponents much. Only good news is that Wei Shuya touch hurt ankle injury of the week does not prevent this fight had the opportunity to play, winning waves cost slightly increase the arsenal Manager Wenger revealed their hearts, referring to Manager the most pity is c Ronaldo joined United before, did not seize the opportunity to bring his gunner:

In addition, this season did not play domineering Liverpool visit West Ham, has recorded two defeats after the four rounds, needed a victory chance of promotion. Fortunately reds past ten times against hammer Tsai help win foot seven field, grid food grid flavor thick, on this occasion, powerful Rob foot three points has more name recruits last moment joined Xia, 1860 Munich Shang battle on St Pauli made variable array, new joined of horse field Ann plus and the China di pulled horse are to are selected attitude battle, assist team in this quarter zakaat al-Fitr Wo product high dimension grams and the yilishanqishi also has copies played, history meadow he of, and tangmasuofu, and dilongkalaxin and the Su live special is way. Du meters history Dahl and the history di fen Shane hurt 癒 Hou recovery drilled, but this week battle into suspected, addition Iraq degrees than DIA (rat mountains) and the aogaotai (sick) also unknown can armored N'gaous up special Shang battle on Allen Shi, surprise within to discharge earlier victory xintehouxun of same lineup recorded have a field 4:1 victory Hou, team no too more reason to variable array, just 7th within to meet 3 field events will is a big test. So Bai Hete has opportunities made his debut battle, and Toshiharu took suspended 1 postwar can comeback this quarter has been struggled of 1860 Munich Shang battle accident to made guest to 2:1 beat St Pauli, recorded have this Ji Shousheng although the war may representative St army of attack force insufficient, is not 1860 of overall strength strong, but first battle of horse field Ann plus and the China di pulled horse role quite obviously another side van of engaosidate is State big Yong and into ball stopped can't, team made 3 streak Hou liters Shang topped, Latest victim was Allen or shitifenlisi scoring 4 goals this season will disagree, enjun is but in the absence of a true stars, really kicked out a Roast goose this season scored the most of enjun (into 12 balls) faced the 2ndWeakest 1860 defense disease (10 goals) will find the sweetness, but is expected to battle on the 1860 opened the doors of success after this battle will resist. This field is 3 or more goals was not an accident, enjun would be celebrating the victory of the team only last season at home to 1860 Munich beat engaosidate 1:0, guest service, though defeated, their first defeat in this fixture for nearly 10 times. 1860 in its rest 9 war recorded have 5 WINS 4 and once State risk liters of FSV Frankfurt in 5th week playing back prototype, made guest to 0:1 lost Kaiserslautern, this than number also not enough to reflect Chesa is how monopoly whole field events this field defeats most was worried of place, is FSV again in other heart Strip performance rambling, this quarter 3rd times failed to in events in the towards double bit digital of buried door opportunities this for Bochum for will is good news, they Shang battle camp Karlsruhe 1:1 Hou keep this quarter not defeated of body, Team in the war of second half performances struggle zhixia Rob back 1 points coach niuniya needs concern team Shang battle face Gadhafi of counterattack Shi, defence is not stability of problem, but this battle of opponents FSV standard drifting, plus Bochum made guest has victory, I think they powerful heavy Shang WINS rail FSV Frankfurt and Bochum near 8 times on game all can separate won, FSV in near 4 times played in the win, and Bochum in two thousand ten-elevenths and the 2011/ 12 season win by Greuther Furth's instability is not in its 5th week improved team under attack power, losing 0:1 to xintehouxun but the Georgian's instability seems only occur as a guest, they are currently one of the 3 home victory team this season, scoring 8 goals and only lost 1Ball bearing this in mind, Kaiserslautern must get in better performance than last week, will be able to visit all 3 points. Chesa Shang battle although to 1:0 beat FSV Frankfurt, but audience has 26 times buried door opportunities, should can to more big than number win, this battle to Rob points on cannot again waste opportunities Chesa this battle has capacity played standard, but Georgian in near 2 times home face this opponents victory, so they always is this battle win of hot two army near 10 times on game only had 1 times kicked into draw, Kaiserslautern made 5 times victory, and Greuther Furth recorded have 4 WINS, but Kay sand near 2 times made guest Georgian are be. Previous post: 1004 color to Manchester City in the Premier League big bag "-" Bayern "prestige"

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