I do not have pity on you to give you money

January 18 [Fri], 2013, 9:35
(I'm dizzy, I Kuangyun ... a reminder of a friend, I suddenly discovered, have been condemning my always a dozen vest, a friend told me, there are many outside the station's staff, specialized in organizing people, to the starting point to curse, as long as in the standings, they scratch curse to end, ha ha ... I did not expect the old cloud also endured a brick just ... old cloud here a little despise it, even if you want to attack people, you also dedicated point is good, get a few more vest, not always a few never seen, Credits also something 100 vest curse, OK, this is not fool? course, the old cloud does not rule out the possibility that readers see old cloud book, very unpleasant, so cursed a few here, old cloud no choice but to say sorry, could not write something that everyone likes old cloud Unfortunately, hope the old cloud under book, allows you like, I can only do so much if still not satisfied, then you yell good, I want to stay stopped. -------------- ------------ very short time, although we Taekwondo has been completely ready, but people know, before such an important game, a little bit more prepared is good , especially the baby, even more so Men's Air Max Skyline Sale, but she had everything prepared! leave first baby, a collection of special maps in the game in a good discussion, she turned to leave the room, do prepared! the look Xingkuang and cloud face Zeixiao, Lai refused to leave, and I soon understood that the intent of the two people, with two out of the small meeting rooms, walked towards the VIP room! called VIP between, in fact, is almost two sets of luxurious rooms, and a Presidential Suite, toilet, bedroom, living room ... everything, an area not more than the number of my master bedroom, in addition to the function lacks a little outside, almost my master bedroom there is no difference ! Xingkuang and cloud set to free access to the VIP after I left the villa today, tomorrow is the race date, in any case, I want to store the surging treasure, to see what I can use on In addition ...... I also take a look at the way the most recent operation in the shops Canada Goose Palliser! spent half a day's time, I am finally back to the town from the wild, perhaps because the game approaching reasons, the city everywhere crowd, especially my store front, poly-filled people ... Fortunately, I was the owner of the store, easily squeeze in, I entered the store to busy beauty color color identification for all items, more their choice of goods, or to fill the drugs! open the system menu I survey a speeding gold sore medicine has been sold out, That is to say, the of 1000 bundles gold sore medicine have all become money! bundle of gold sore medicine I sell is 100 diamonds coins, which is 10000rmb, it can be said that the super-expensive, which is 100 times that of ordinary drugs, but ... due to the relationship of the game, or out of stock! roughly calculated what alone 1000 bundles of drugs, my net earned 10000000 *** ... This money is not very good to earn points? I see do not have to run the company, casually Road picking enough spent Shedan not sell, sold only 6 , and are ordered by European and American players, 10,000 diamond currency prices may be a bit too high, but I will not lower prices, and so after the Tournament, and more players enter the game, that time will be even more hot! into the backyard, the younger brother is busy making with herbs, to see me coming, quickly stood up and looked at me, happy, excited and said: "Boss ... I finally found a method of speeding gold sore medicine refining!" After Guo younger brother introduced me to know the original ... speeding gold sore medicine but refining ordinary gold sore medicine, occasionally bring drugs Shenmu Atop air only, there is a certain proportion of the general, ten bundles of ordinary gold sore medicine to come out, there will be a bunch of speeding the gold sore medicine, that is to say Womens Canada Goose Whistler Parkas, speeding gold sore medicine is actually the best gold sore medicine, appears likely to tenth! Now that you have found a way to Guo Xiaodi recently gave up refining others pharmaceuticals, the concentrate refining gold sore medicine, so far, has been refining a a 2400 gold sore medicine bundles speeding! looked Guo Xiaodi handed me a box of gold sore medicine, I was stunned stunned before relying on Guo Xiaodi earn 10 million and 24 million sent to the hands, I am almost certain that tomorrow is the game now, speeding gold sore medicine as long as one went out, immediately robbed light! frowned, I can not be so bully Guo Xiaodi, although he gave the last two million, but 34 million worth of his creation than that, not even a fraction to ah! I just 200,000 diamond currency and from the store, because some time ago, The stores total income 260,000 diamond coins, leaving 60,000 diamond coins do liquidity, I have mentioned. smiled, I took Guo Xiaodi handed surmise I that big got one of drugs into his arm, , then pulled out four bags of money, this is to give Guo Xiaodi! looked before I handed four bags of coins, Guo Xiaodi even without looking at and immediately know that forty thousand diamonds coins 400 million rmb, because the identity of the boss will never use coins or gems coins! slowly back, little brother a look of fear and said: "Do not ... do not ... Big Brother! Do not scare me, I bolder , I no longer want a small, long ago you gave me two million! "smiled step forward, catching little brother, the money factor into his arms, and softly said:" Big Brother you take it, I do not have pity on you to give you money, these are what you should get, you do not get the big brother is also very at ease ah! "smile looked younger brother blankly holding four bags of money I smiled and said: "Your value is much more than that, if you later use the money at any time I want, no matter how much, I will give you!" Guo Xiaodi dream looked like the arms of the money looked at me, and murmured: "Brother, I can not be so much money! I know speeding gold sore medicine is worthless, but you just hire who will do these drugs can, and I will die, Yao Wang Shen Ding, even if I make more drugs a month also earn much so ...... "raising his hand to stop Shimoji continue to go on, I faint:" Do not say a little brother, who told me that you Big Brother, Big Brother rich brother looked at how it is impossible to continue to be poor ah! "quietly turned faint said:" The money you take to find a good doctor, to cure leg If you have enough money, no matter how much, big brother gave you! long as you can stand up, and that is the big brother biggest wish! "looked at the bosom of the four bags of coins, and then look at the disappearing back of Big Brother, little brother quickly gathered his eyes filled with tears, the money can be cured of his legs! he can stand up again and again on its own, wandering around! excited to hold fast to the arms of the coin Guo Xiaodi at the moment of decision, he can go, he must go to the Big Brother where cities meet their most beloved big brother back to the store, I handed speeding gold sore medicine color color, see I took out so many speeding gold sore medicine, color color excited smile, immediately open the Tianlaizhiyin! color color: "In order to greet the arrival of the contest the General Assembly, department stores, specially prepared 2400 bundles speeding gold sore medicine, these speeding gold sore medicine can all be instantly restored to life God drugs with him, equivalent to more than one life, at the same time ... the opportunity to win big countless times, the limited number of drugs, I hope you come to buy as soon as possible! "the same the message, color color hair four times, it is also soothing limit, just do not know this skill proficiency, will improve as the proficiency gradually shorten the interval, as well as an increase in number of sent messages! With the announcement of the news, speeding in the store gold sore medicine rapidly reduced, and smiled, I almost saw numerous bills coming to me! went to the side of the color-color, description I have come I heard that I Taobao, Choi Choi smiled, shook his head and said: "I'm sorry to the owner, the store now, although some of the best artifact, but are not suitable for master!" stay for a little, think I am almost a Need, want to phase out the equipment, is not a general artifact can be done! suddenly ... my mind passing the baby left in a hurry figure on the baby or a white equipment, she must in a free market in Taobao it! but ... a free market, there will be nothing good in it? nothing but blue equipment and gold equipment, The Unique equipment that is not even want to do not have to think, even if there is pitiful. Congchensizhong wake over, I nervously asked: "color color, no female equipment, uh ... the sacred system of suitable priest wearing the equipment over the dark gold on it, whether it is weapons or armor, also jewelry, should we shop now has it? "strange color color looked at me, smiled and said:" There is, but also just to make up the full set, I had intended as the next auction, we store flagship auction, you should give it away it? "I looked excited color color Tao:" really? something? fast show me! "For me, the money is what ? paper now although I can not say that is wealthy, but not short of money, the money this thing, and how much is more? as long as the baby can be used on, I did not care about the set of equipment main flagship worth it! the food color Warriors of God tomb latest chapter free download.
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