actually want in China on the Putin

September 29 [Sat], 2012, 12:47
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultGuo Pu received a Venus phone, just a heads and Putin prepare to some of the other aspects of the in-depth discuss cooperation when !A phone call !Guo Pu will direct and general by gas !That Americans actually want in China on the Putin assassination news after !Putin was just a smile !But the news is in China and tall ,caused great shock !Want in China just alliance between a head of state expansion assassination !Such things in the past is not over !But none was successful !But this time, significantly more than any previous one !First ,the Americans now !Can be said to be driven to bay too !Is China and Russia maintain the previous relationship ,he feels uncomfortable !Not to mention now alliance !In second ,the United States has it all, all his mother is Chinese !If no retaliation !The United States ,also called the United States of America ?Just like Iraq ,like al qaeda !But now the Sino-Russian joint between the two ,imperceptibly unexpectedly between trend has become ,but also in the United States with the help of became !Americans mind this pass ,one can imagine !It throw the helve after the hatchet .
!It is hurt at all !The Sino-Russian alliance ,its goal is made clear ,is facing you Americans to drop !What do you drop ?He is to you to the American alliance !This, people all over the world to see clearly !So from the United States of America Americans do are understandable !Now the United States and China have referred to the work point !Russia this stick and knock it down ,is to let the United States people pointed tips are trembling !If you don take some practical action to the United States ,is not the United States !But !The Koreans do not reliable !In some mysterious forces are combined together when, world news media ,have put up a storm !This is just a complete news media organization of spontaneous !Russian intelligence agencies reorganization at the same time outlet michael kors,South Korean politics also blew up a nationwide political storm .
The whole world more than 200 state television ,countless print media and network ,and aired a news, the news ,is that Cui Xiting was Lee Myung-bak interview recording ! Miss Cui Xiting ,the guy and the Russian government ,what is the matter? What their conspiracy ? I ,me .
.. ... !He ... ... !I have no idea. Answer my question ! Is ... ... I don ,I only know that ,he called Putin to his uncle !He wants to invest in Siberia !He gave me a way of contact ,in order to give me more information !! Ask the answer ,how exactly ? In one hundred percent ,Mr.
President. . This is the hypnosis even mental control ability of the people ,will also be successful hypnotic .The answer ,they never have anything . Well ,that !Must take all questions are asked !Then.
Since she is the phone number ,then ,we must through her, to control the guy !So ,we can provide reliable information to the americans !In return for their support !Hirasawa ,as long as you render meritorious service !My horse or your job !Well, I the United States Secret envoy !There is something important ! Mr.
President, please rest assured ,I will make all the arrangements . Walk with me ! Fast ,they take off their clothes !! Let me help you ! In this recording ,not only exposed the Americans are preparing to act on Putin Michael Kors Hamilton Bag Outlet,the make one is the Korean government personnel ,should rely on hypnosis to rape journalists !The field come unexpectedly news exposure ,caused a great disturbance in the whole world ,including the World Feminist organizations and all the world journalists union of the United Nations and South Korea put pressure on the government ,demanding the South Korean government to explain ,to let the public understand the truth .
The thunder ,not only the Korean fried !Even Americans are stupid .While the Russian government declaration and action ,and finally the storm pushed to top .In the news broadcast is less than half disappeared ,Russia to the world issued a declaration !Since Americans in a flagrant way to Russia highest leaders begin assassinations ,this is equivalent to the declaration of war !Since then ,Russia will launch on the United States ,the most severe retaliation !Now the whole world knows how chaotic mess !Everyone is jittery ,this is the trend of world war !While in the United States ,the government of a secret operation ,completely outraged people !Originally the United States this time is the atmosphere is very wrong !It was toward the assassination of other leaders ,plus a don where that came from the news ,said to be the United States of America suffered the most serious attack since the founding of prc !For a time !All television stations all in the limelight ,alignment of the Obama government !Even if it is not concerned about the state of politics, but they care about their own lives !No president can choose another ,no money !Facing the outside situation be raging like a storm ,Lee Myung-bak of South Korea government even more approach does not have the capacity to make up for the shortfall .
In fact, in this case the exposure that moment ,Lee Myung-bak knew he was coming to an end !The United States is now covered with his grandfather pus ,which is time to control him ?While the United States government has been trying to fire .
Government spokesman ,Secretary of state ,and even Obama turns array ,to use all one ,spare no effort to persuade media organizations and people !Have to say ,the American crisis public relations is very useful !Finally stabilized the situation !On the financial market rumors Womens Timberland Roll Top Sale,in the United States government power to mobilize all the reserve funds control, even has stabilized !But in South Korea ,the situation is deteriorating .
The United States Secret envoy Liu ran !Left a mess to Lee Myung-bak to pick up the ass !The short twenty hours ,all the Korean media organizations unified declared a strike ,and thousands of reporters gathered in Chong Wa Dae ,staging a sit-in ,and with them to come ,there are tens of thousands of South Korean citizens ,the South Korean citizens seem from the previous government in wake up !They be filled with righteous indignation together in the square ,with large banners ,denounced the Lee Myung-bak government ,the vast momentum ,scared Lee Myung-bak almost no direct out of exile !The matter of the fuse, Cui Xiting and his family all disappear !Is to let the South Korean government despair so !Everyone thinks is the South Korean government to prevent divulgence of one !While doing the government take the spokesman Men's Timberland Boat,even before finish, was popular with countless number of vegetables and miso to hit back !Couldn .
It is more and more violent demonstrators ,then begins to start a large-scale riot .Previously or some small disturbances, later ,tens of thousands of people at the same time to government agencies office building throwing stones ,and military police clashed, and even cause hundreds of deaths and injuries .
Have no alternative against one ,the military and police began a massive crackdown ,they looked at the demonstrators threw tear gas bombs ,and use water hoses to impact military defense back demonstrators .
Korea ,a thorough mess up !The situation completely out of control ,the government completely paralyzed !All the police are affected by the public destruction !Even the guns and ammunition were ransacked !If you go on like this !That is about to erupt ,will be more large-scale bloodshed .
Faced with this situation ,has escaped Lee Myung-bak had to step up ,announced that the government of all resign !But before you quit, they will be completely resolved with Cui Xiting !The Lee Myung-bak administration completely trapped at the same time ,also know that it is the only way to find Cui Xiting and her family !Otherwise ,without waiting for the North Korea !They came to blows !Now Americans regardless of their own !North Korea if really !It became the most notorious repute history of Korea president !Sitting in an office in the general !Guo Pu face sneers and Venus on the phone ! You make the embassy people to !Go to now ,is enough !If you mess down ,without the benefit of our actual ! Good !It was the woman do? Eh? Guo Pu gawks ,suddenly laughed !His laugh phone that Venus felt embarrassed ,hate his hungry phone hit Michael Kors Leather Handbag! !Now I give you a difficult task !You !Have to stay in South Korea ,while protecting the women of the time ,pay close attention to Korea !Remember ,this is the order of death !In relation to our brother future happiness ! .
.. ... ... ... ! Telephone that Venus a silence !Guo Pu is here but almost laughed out of !Venus was on a woman !This ... ... Good deed. His brother ,is a normal man, need to find a with itself to walk the life of a woman !Now you a lot ,and several other brothers are Xingdanyingzhi ,this is not good !And that is called Cui Xiting women ,is a very gentle woman, is all to the good choice Renqi !With Venus ,is really very good ! .
.. ... Good ! Venus on the line after a long silence ,he hesitated to promise !This makes Guo Pu is also a funny !Ha-ha. Guo Pu smiled and said : ,don a little nephew ! Roll ...
... !! Venus is callous ,also not . Well, to the point ,you full protection of Cui Xiting ,then ,what do you see !I am here ,ready to begin ! Otherwise ,First Clinical College of China Medical University .
A Korean ,I go first, get rid of that old guy say ? Can !Here ,I made arrangements !You should go to Korea to stabilize !The other ,we are brothers ,I will help you to repair several knife !Don The flower is satisfactory !It looks like they greatly hands is inventory !Don exist !Hit me !Hey.
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