pinching the bare look expectations

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Chapter 389 mysterious boy [second] class station here, the Zhenwu class here, there Freelander little children station here. ... Hell, you only differences force Kudan doing here? Although I red refining door just opened, you can not be so see it?? what?-year-old? Huh? your little guy a bit ... Oh, well forget nurture her may be a genius, your unconventional enter it!! Golden Monkey thin figure to go among the crowd of thousands of the one you want to join the red practice door protoss classification, then audit. When it comes to the audit, the golden monkey's audit is actually very simple. That simple then, who also do not know how it is to know each other and failed, because it is nothing to do, just read that one, an 'unqualified' words, the other judges not Red refining door, you can not get that [life and good luck Dan]. Especially in the beginning when the emergence of the golden monkey Martens controversy attracted millions of people, who do not know who he is. Did not notice before, someone cursed golden monkey kid actor to pretend to b what to audit them. Finally, the fate of these people with disrespect golden monkey Obviously, beat a badly battered was thrown out. And then the release of golden monkey statue Wei terrible coercion, glaring over one thousand protoss, coldly: was stunned, unable to believe that an eleven-year-old boy, turned out to be a bit majesty strong! Protoss who had hit the golden monkey, perceived grievances in this behind-the-scenes, hearts suddenly dissipated in an instant, the fear of a getaway, just set Zouren plan is also completely shattered at this moment. After that, all the way smooth golden monkey's audit. He said 'unqualified' words, that person will be very conscious of and leave. Because, as long as there is a slight bit hesitant, it will be still flying. Are several Wangdao Jiang several times hesitated, but still do not have any suspense, all golden monkey eleven dumped fly out on top of the high walls to hit distant fell badly battered Montreal to find teeth, and they can not have the slightest anger. Otherwise, their limbs broken again normal. It is, 'Little Devil' three words will germinate in the hearts of all at the same time. If their ancient inflammation awe, worship, and that the golden monkey is fear, fear! Gradually, fewer and fewer people are thrown out, until finally no one was thrown out. Because they have learned to see the golden monkey face sè. Once the golden monkey face sè wrong, simply do not say [unqualified] words, these people will automatically leave, lest pounced on those who follow the path. At the same time, which has self-knowledge, know deceive immortality, will certainly be left out. The golden monkey that demonic face, they deceive the immortality of the people all of them have completely compromised line of defense, the golden monkey not the way, they are out of the team. Less than a Zhancha square originally full over a thousand people looked at the moment, but only a hundred Over 90% of people are unqualified! Hundred people standing on the square, perhaps they did not was the strength of the realm of high super the their face sè all extremely solemn eyes is no evil thought, a Qingming. Obviously, these hundreds of people indeed want children Red refining door. They only domineering come before the ancient inflammation, rather than the other! Although your strength may not match those dog things, but your heart is more than too many of them. Chek refining door is that you have such faithful people, rather than the group only for of his own sī Lee and greed join the dog thing. now I declare Starting from this moment, you are the official Red refining door to his disciples, no matter where you come from, previously done something to steal jī touch dog things you need to know, you have red refining the disciples of the door, someone bully you, looking for me, I can help you beat him. immortality, find that kid ... that is your main door, he will alchemy, the technology is fairly decent sum, other martial forces , the red the refining door will be, but also better! they do not have the Red refining door will have to listen to understand?!! The extremely serious large surface sè snarled. The Golden monkey looks only eleven or twelve, but at the moment it has this guru-like demeanor, teach liberal and a kind of mold, so had to distant Iraq from Yilengyileng the. However, Iraq away had to admire the golden monkey, the feeling really have a set to the hard to give a soft,UGG Australia The Knee Bailey Button, is indeed a good way to Shoulong people,UGG Australia Amberlee. Moreover, more than a hundred people, it's really true that all do not have any bad thoughts, loyal people willing to join the Red refining door. But ...... think of here, Iraq away from the face exposed a quirky God sè to muse looks like before is also faithful to join the Red refining door protoss? Why was thrown out? clear and I as the main door closest to the ... people! So, now I say about the most basic things you, hundred and eighteenth, is the first generation of disciples of the of my Red refining door. kingly class, guard my martial art security practice, if alchemy alchemy necessary to part-time nature, you pay your door the Lord will give good there, the royal and caijia men there are many industries need people to take over. If you have a business accessible person went to business once business superior martial ask for immortality, different skills, different power law, even different devices will have these things martial art will be discretion to In short, your martial art's contribution, the benefits will contribute less, the benefits will be less. nature outside your own adventure, get the baby, are your own, do not need to give martial art. rely on martial art to get the martial art internal decision, given in benefits., you are all clear, right?? clear, then, now listen to my orders! like practice bellicose, and human blood kill the station middle. alchemy will stand on the left. a business minded station on the right, immediately, immediately, to start! Golden monkey commanded. See in the eyes, satisfied with the location of the golden monkey nodded, casual glance, the mind immediately clear understanding of this like fighting blood to kill eighty-nine, will alchemy of two,UGGs Plumdale Cheap, will be doing business with twenty seven. hook the hook, big little boy went over and turned toward Iraq from where at. All long sigh, although they really Entering the Red refining the door, but in the face of this little devil of the golden monkey, but there are still a lot of pressure. do a good job. Haha, this kid is really good to know that my good is this one. before such a point is not enough, ah, I imagine, has a million little brother, that it be called prestige! leaning against the walls on top of that is a look of pleasant, suddenly, golden monkey laughter ringing in his ears. Hurried his eyes open, watching the golden monkey moving party came, its face showing a hint of frustration, being the positive sè Road: but do not want to offend the golden monkey. Moreover, this training looks quite interesting? sigh and shook his head, and deeply looked that little boy wearing a tattered Huiyi one, they walked toward the center of the square. to see who you worship the main door, followed him, and you can eat a lot of good food. His flawless innocence of eye pupil after the words of the golden monkey, flashed a hint of excitement, fists tightly pinching the bare look expectations. The golden monkey stature longitudinal, skyrocket, with a little boy came to the top of the tower. Golden monkeys quickly took a few bottles, Pieliaopiezui said: For one hundred eighteen of life and good luck Dan? Although refining the four products immortality For now, he did not much pressure, but in such a short time refining the one hundred and eighteen, but consume a lot. But fortunately, only one hundred eighteen of life and good luck Dan, the golden monkey evil designs and looks unsightly chisels, even ancient inflammation hat and no cattle, only Alas for help. For the golden monkey audit, training human ability ancient Yan never to doubt. After all, the golden monkey was in animals Mountains when animals boss men have thousands of little brother, it was to instill obedience training. The animals are his training to listen, let alone people. Yuehua Jian, ancient and inflammation readily put a space ring thrown to the golden monkey. The inside has a few years down the accumulation of things, especially in the days off the ground, the Emperor universities in several war final harvest is huge enough to support one person water. took over the space of the Ring, they patted the little boy behind an excited sè. Just finished, he left the tower, dry up so he readily live. See Golden Retriever hurry to leave, did not live in ancient inflammation to ignore, but his eyes fell on a small boy wearing a tattered Huiyi. Suddenly changed, and when his eyes and this little boy's eyes, as when he God sè the heart suddenly appeared the figure of the young puppet! He clearly aware, even has Ruoyouruowu the contact between!

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