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May 09 [Thu], 2013, 15:31

It is not strange with boots disease, and patients who suffering from the disease are females at twenty years old to thirty years ole." The well-known expert said at the time of being interview. The expert pointed out, the quality of different boots, style of boots cheap nike air max ltd 2 and customers' wearing ways, all of these will bring about "the boots disease". Some girls will occur the phenomenon of slight swelling and lateral calf pain at low one third of leg after wearing high tube boots long time, morever to affect dorsum pedis with resulting in pain.

A lot of women customers would like to make themselves more slim, often buy the boots that the tightening effect is outstanding, reluctantly wrapped his legs in the tight narrow boots, the circulation of legs and feet will be affected by it, also is going to influence on the peripheral venous blood to jordan 13 for sale backflow, result in the symptoms of legs pain, swelling,

The saying jordan 1 for sale of "boots are more tighter, more warmer", is an erroneous zone, the over tight boots are bad for the circulation of peripheral nerves, make the legs colder. Additionally, the breathable of high tube boots is bad, after walking long term, the sweat will not be excluded in time, for the anaerobe and fungus's growth to build the environment, therefore is easy to cause foot's tinea.

The heels of boots are too high to keep the overloaded balance.

The expert explained, the boots of proper heel height to be worn, the whole body weight will contribute on the feet, but after putting on the high heel shoes, the body will forward, and the whole weight is jordan 7 for sale going to concentrates on the forefoot and toes, this can damage the biomechanical balance of body movement and natural posture, lead to muscles and ligaments on the various partials, such as toe bones, legs, waist and so on, to afford over weight, Therefore when you walking and standing long time, the feet will get fatigue and ache.

So female consumers who enthusiastic on fashion need to note two tips: when choose the boots, the heels should not too small and fine, or can not support the weight; the toe of boots ought to a bit of loose, to give the toes and feet more room.

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