city of such problems is normal

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultHundred house full text of chapter 356th to create the one and only ( two for the metro ticket !) white color in bedroom, a few degrees would send her to the peak, finally broke into her body after Wu Huang held her thin shoulders ,lit it hand smoke ,looking at her with a complaint with the slender jade refers in his chest to draw a circle ,laughing : this is the curse it who ! Curse you ! The white color Suzhao he cross a road : curse you ,meet other women will always hard up ! See white teacher has had such a small woman ,Wu Huang laughed ,but the result is celebrating her crab ,t laugh !Smelly boy ,also laugh! ? Wu Huang endured the smile ,bow she kissed her mouth, said: I really didn ,white teacher jealous when, so cute !Before I get old white teacher when my sister ,but now ,I feel like a brother ! Don are like those who will act young woman ? The white color Suheng him with a look ,and said .
Hundred house ( full text download free ) Wu Huangyao shook his head ,said: I don white teacher act young ,as long as the color is good !Indeed ,white teacher mature charm and posture are what I like .
When I first started Northface Men's Bionic Jackets, I just like to see white teacher the towering big white rabbit ,then slowly North Face Women's Boots,pay attention to the white teacher hips .Of course ,at that time just like only, want to have the courage to pursue white teacher ,but not the guts .
The thought of this, white color pigment will feel awkward ,I was his teacher ,though only a little older than he is ,but ,now it has become his girlfriend ,also with him a rolled sheets ,if this out, it explodes off many eyeballs ,blind number two titanium alloy dog eyes !? Don me white teacher ,I once again declared ,you hear that? And next time, i .
I won go to bed ! OK. Call white teacher ,called Susu can ! Wu Huang saw her really panic ,natural really do not want to kick her out of bed to go by .Bai Yan et exhaled ,glared at him ,asked : then you would have the guts ?Is it right? I too good to you ?Or my family let me do business with you ,make you appear a heart advantage ,take advantage of another !? Wu Huang chuckling over her under pressure in the body ,will be hard up brother stab her petals ,said: of course not, that I am not poisoned ?Susu is so good ,unloaded the teacher ,as I do that sort of thing ,how can I not feel !At that time I was thinking ,this woman, if I didn win it, I was a man !?I so I ventured to ,put into action ! Bai Yan et pinch Wu Huang lumbar ribs ,gnash the teeth in anger : I know ,you little brat wake up, otherwise ,how will suddenly be hard up !I shouldn so good ,let you die ! You make me !? Wu ,a waist edge ,edge well .
Hundred house ( full text download free ) you smug ! Bai Yan meat rolled her eyes ,see Wu Huang aggravated by force ,not reproachfully : dub !I can not stand you ! Paused ,she changed the subject ,asked : these days ,you do what ?Is there anything ,even I can ? Wu Huang bow to kiss her, seriously : some things ,I can say, will tell you .
Some things ,if I do not want to say ,you also asked white to ask ,I may tell a lie to deceive you ,but I don lie to deceive you, because you look tired ,I write also tired ! Bai Yan et helpless rolled her eyes ,said: didn dangerous thing !? Don I won take life to make fun of the .
Wu Huang smile: consideration, also for you to consider ! In the world for the middle of the night, Wu Huang will serve to sleep after white color pigment ,and Internet access will be secular official functions of some specific understanding ,then returned to the micro world .
Micro world ,it is not out of any situation Air Max 24-7 Sale.If in such a short time is out of state ,the Wu Huang can only say that this is the life !The next morning ,Wu Huang to come especially and Jie Luo ,who will own not mature idea becomes a problem ,write a piece of paper ,let them according to this paper copy of hundreds ,let those involved in the assessment of people do .
In order to own territory, Wu Huang is said to be a rack one ,never to know those things ,he had to go to know .If a high school graduate ,what to take to become a lord ,how to develop a territory ,how to feed their troops !?Have to say :man ,in fact, are forced out !Two king level strong, see this volume on the issue, with the odd look .
If some of them ,such as how to manage a city of such problems is normal, the others ,such as the development of the economy of a city , how to manage the city , how to manage the city and so on these issues, some allow them to touch your head .
Wu Huang also clear ,these problems may be many people do not understand .But it doesn ,as long as there are one or two understand, that will do .Because these people are more likely to accept his new idea ,let him about these ideas came, not cast pearls before swine !The first day of candidates, we have hundreds of thousands of people ,this is all candidates in a % .
Xu said back ,Lords should recruit foreign territory officials ,which makes these is a former thief Gang they ,not by his strange look .Of course ,odd ,then like a swarm of bees go to reference .
When the bandits ,he now has the opportunity to become an officer, this temptation ,which can not make their heartbeat !The first day of the examination paper closes ,Wu Huang himself when a teacher ,the paper takes up, spiritual force hurried away ,will decide the quality of these papers .
Have to say ,these candidates ,mostly pretend to play the Yu existence, real ability Northface Women's Bionic Jackets Sale,then a few people .But even if there is a skill ,Wu Huang also think ,these people ,as well as earthly casually pull to the ordinary people !Just because of the micro world of the secular that a concept does not know ,is what they think is not so profound .
In the micro world ,city government ,the general only management tax management tax officer ,governor push officer ,and households account Cheng ,managing army code .The general direction, to so .
With the secular that mixed the be arranged ,differ too much .While Wu Huang certainly is not the life that set, give chapter and verse for the copying over, he only selectively copy .
For example, Tourism Bureau ,Sports Bureau ,Planning Bureau ,can not copy the abandoned ,one of several major on the line .For example, finance ,justice ,monitoring ,education ,civil affairs ,health etc.
.Fiscal ,judicial ,monitoring it is necessary ,education is needed, of course ,what he thought education ,not the kind of anger and magic .Because of this ,innumerable ,not the most necessary ,what he wants ,nature is a kind of arithmetic ,marketing and the like .
District nike air max 90 shoes,this can not talk about ,and other territory development, stable wait until later .As regards health, Wu Huang felt that ,in any case ,this must be done .Who would like to own back garden all dirty ,it looks not like to stay ?In addition to these ,there is one of the most important ,is the traffic .
Whether the land beside the river ,or the sea ,is must .Before Heishui city without dock, boats cannot rely on air ,but now ,Wu Huang think dock was built ,also build dock ,create their own vessels .
In fact, the Blackwater river is not really black ,the Blackwater River origin ,can be traced back to the ancient time .Legend in the long, long ago ,the black collar was a mythical ancient battlefields ,the war devastated ,here became the ground ,most let a person forget profoundly, the water here ,even from the bottom up ,are black .
Therefore ,the Blackwater brought name and the .But Wu Huang feel ,what mythical war ,must draw a forced analogy is later add up .Probably it was a war broke out ,or with Nanyuan is not necessarily ,make here becomes the ground .
As for the black water city in Montenegro ,the Montenegro on stone, are black ,texture is hard ,is used for buildings of fine stone .Montenegro independence high towering ,there are thousands of tiny feet ,is behind the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs ,look at the independent peaks ,like being with a sword sword from the adjacent mountains cut out ,and the Blackwater River ,from the cutting trace slowly flowing over the .
Montenegro on the other three surfaces ,is the black water city .Blackwater city is a mountain city ,built close to the mountains ,slowly upwards ,in the mountain top, is Blackwater City chronicles the Duke castle .
A stone path from the foot of the Z word winding up, to the peak ,which is composed of three parallel and carriage .The city road ,and other town / city than up ,is not really wide, only in the Blackwater city this mountain ,is very wide .
The inhabitants of the house, but most are cave cave ,but play outside the chisel was very delicate, looks like a small castle .Only in the most front of Heishui City ,not far from the walls of the landlord ,that piece of open architecture .
Of course ,in an open architecture, is actually the entire Blackwater city the most prosperous of the lot .But this lot ,is now Wu Huang is destroyed !But Wu Huang also do not feel distressed ,destroyed the better, he can with his wishes ,to planning there, where the future of Heishui city future become the largest trade market .
A few days ,Wu Huang will not only the entire Blackwater City toured ,still have a rough idea .At the same time ,the young students ,also the end of the examination ,Wu Huang choose from among hundreds .
The hundred men gathered in a block ,Wu Huang ready to be the one and only ideal to create a new city idea ,through lost to them !! @# hundred house ( full text PDF free download)
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