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One hundred and ninetieth eight chapters daylight in the dark, said: Li Kui Li Gui Liu Rengui Li Wei has been emboldened. The in Nanzhao combat, and not on the plateau, if sufficient troops, even with On the Qinling touch. Of course, think think so, so if the theory Qinling go into action, is the three together, may not be able Kazunari ten overcome. After all, neither the same fighting style trio. Li Wei thought so simple, the trio does not assist, it may not be one plus one plus one equals three, or even added to last more than one but Lee Wei has clung to an idea Do not chā the words, so that The trio took counsel how to do, anyway are cattle, on a hundred thousand times stronger than their cattle were even a 分兵 combat, we also have to live or die clung to a person's thighs tightly. The very sterile idea, the idea of ​​self-knowledge is useful. Not afraid to understand, but to use a good man. Afraid pretend to understand, the layman chaos chā hand, even if men star clouds, may instead chaos and bad things. Calculated in mind, this trip about victory. Right when the Yunnan-Guizhou travel trip to see the Erhai Lake Erhai is not as future generations. As for the Savage Mountain, is completely out of the question. Listening to Liu Rengui there flac, immediately said happily. ,Canada Goose D'Alpago, Unfortunately, but His Royal Highness do not take it seriously, to condemn this person is familiar with the of Nanzhao terrain and, Meng the Scotia Chao ministries have worked for a long time, the feelings, the military is not weak, come out from the big Shanze, where, according to the number of wins Royal Highness went not only fail to condemn, but good words relative comfort. beam plot Shou a chance to relieve his guilt, if the military exploits ... redeem oneself, more would break out the potential of this Li Wei is to understand , cautiously nodded. Understand The Liu Rengui also did not say it then, beam plot TING not only living wizard can also be used as a brave general, but also can be used as rope in the Nanzhao some tribal ties, the role as much as Rengui role. But the Liu Rengui not know Rengui Lee Wei hearts, to see Prince already knowing no further explanation. Heart is very pleased that at least the hearts venture boast a Ruzikejiao, and said: know this trio, the solitary little exchanges may have heard of some they so solitary very much appreciate. To listen properly. He did not think Lee prestige not only prepared to listen, is also preparing to silent. Then went on: Royal Highness dissatisfaction, His Royal Highness depth frontline or wild barren, His Majesty will care, or even guilt, how much will improve on the attitude of His Highness say, His Royal Highness also did not set off, there is a sadness His Majesty. The ticket package, did not do a detailed explanation, and even the beam plot Shou arrangements are not told Li Zhi. Of course, Prince's attitude is very calm, he was glad. He also did not expect, Prince Edward reason why very calm, is pinned on three famous body. Li Zhi, the same I do not know, Pei Xingjian brilliant no radiation, black teeth, often of the Tang Dynasty, is a dark horse, neglected. Warrior acceptable, has been defeated ... the emperor fear is inevitable. Lee Wei hearts also have some mixed feelings, cheaper father repeatedly blocked, slightly let his heart warm. Or the house, so he too scared even the stained imperial power, some changes, mean ... This has once again proven his note of one of the few historical knowledge, Li Zhi, though not a caring gentleman, nor is it a the diabolical of people. Touches the mother annoyed and start very simply. Just they going to do what my father's discontent? Liu Rengui already mentioned it: chance to ask, what is why His Majesty so to find the reason, we can solve more than that, Your Highness, the Emperor Taizong ever thought? Liu Rengui lowered his voice, said: thin, they say Fumiomi. went to the army, the Prince's charm, Xue loyal old general to His Majesty, But Pei shì Lang, and black teeth Chang's, may be used for His Royal Highness. according to the vision of His Highness, and maybe will explore some personnel may not be able to and then Taizong compared may be His Royal Highness Prince Edward, and wins a chip. This is the force can protect themselves after His Highness. The body board child emperor, by forward Bengda also jumped not many years. Even if not died, will be drained. Afraid of the emperor fell to the rights distribution, cornered million may not have the time, in the hands of someone the soldiers. This time soldiering is a great opportunity. And pretty much everything laid out nothing like Li Shimin, the battle was the risk of a hail of bullets. Liu Rengui a right direct and subtle, a lot of support for Lee Wei Minister, Chodo's minister of state on a head count, more than half would support him. Li Zhi, it comes out, as long as it is a minister of state, useful minister are remote collar jobs of the Orient House. Can not really be regarded as Li Wei, including Dai Zhide, Lijing Xuan, can only be regarded as a nominal Orient House system. Contrary, Di Renjie no remote collar jobs of the Orient House, the real Lee Wei cronies. Also include Liu Rengui this arrangement, so dig pit of the stomach. But do not agree that they have promised. The reason why Liu Rengui some daring him as Shenma not refuse, his father said Liu Rengui before his departure that sentence, let him understand edicts why so weird. What Yao State Road march marshal, what twelve Xingjunzongguan. Really is Liu Rengui Dai Zhide get on the front line? Then simply war, and the Chodo how to do? It is such edicts line also can not, the line is a real job, not remote collar. Is their march, the so-called 12 Explorer, or remote collar. But you can not refuse. Liu Rengui will see their own Shenma Zhu Jing Ren will see Prince Edward, is a means to see their Renai, as. Liu Rengui have to do under such arrangement, own cowardice also not the hearts of these minister laid down by half cold. The future to support their own minister, will be less and less. Do not think too heavy too fame can be self-pollution, but also to see how self-pollution, like nothing, ran Lishan hunting, and also belongs to the play, are self-pollution, can this self-pollution, the minister can accept. But given a cowardly reputation, since sewage is never wise. Minister of All support is not a good sign, if all does not support even more is not a good sign. Since the decision to set off, Li Wei immediately ordered the pack back to Chang'an. The snow gradually stopped, the chill but more invade. On horseback, Li Wei asked: divide and minister what else to say? But just one to the Orient House, not down from his horse, let eunuchs shouting into the Daming Palace. Taiji Gong anyway, because the mother of disgust, came back, it did not see my parents lived in a back. Came to Daming Palace, his father sat together, Lee Wei did not salute, Empress Wu had wept and said: Hong child, can not listen to the words of that old Liu Rengui every man, your body is not good, how to lead the troops to battle? DPRK and raised so many generals it all white feed fails? The Empress Wu cry a mother's tears, crocodile tears, really let Li Wei very confused. Lee Wei came forward fell flat to the ground, said: arrangements, this line of foolproof, Fu Huang, his mother, do not have to worry about. fit the fight? Majesty, why are you also confused,Canada Goose Men's Citadel, undefined status to pull the children of your elbow behind it, you still decreed Why do not you personally in command? But is not the Empress Wu put such a miserable slaughter jī think about it, ashamed, and I did not read. Seen to kill their own hunting, also cut through the Helan Min of. As for the father's body,The North Face Apex Bionic, do not command, is estimated to Erhai, mostly because of water and soil climate, it is necessary to hang. Li Zhi, heaved a sigh of relief, said: on. It reminded him of a story before Chanyuan Alliance, many ministers recommended the Sung emperor Chen Tsung evacuated Jiangnan. KouZhun do not agree, to see Sung emperor Chen Tsung hesitant, then pushed his small Throne, direct push to the maximum chow. Sung emperor Chen Tsung let KouZhun push scalp tingling. With Zhenzong very similar. So said: Er Chen would also like to Fu Huang discussion to be accompanied by one person. A far cry from the military capabilities with Xue Xue Ne, but later on the outs, said Hu Man refuses to accept, Vu Thi not orthodox in Empress Wu Jiangshan surrender the Lee played an important role. Longji think twice defeated still reuse his faithful Tubo just not what famous, then opened the Tang Dynasty counterattack Hearty Tubo first victory. Compared to Xue Ne, Tang Dynasty generals have the potential now there are many, such as Don Hugh, Guoyuan Zhen, Ren-willing, Wang Fang wing, Zhang Qian Xu Cheng Service Ting et al, military talent and potential is not weaker than Xue Ne. She places the history remember unclear, may be mentioned the name of one of the very few people think of it, such as black teeth often of, but does not lift the name certainly neglect. Is actually quite good, at least ask him Zhang Qian Xu is who he is is not clear. Also remember that a lot of people, like Guo Ziyi, Ge Shuhan, Li Guangbi on where to look? Overall, the Tang Dynasty in the famous has not been broken, but the generation as a generation, and now the Tang Dynasty, rummaged, Goldfinger is free to open, also can not find God Li Jing Hou Jun set. Li Zhi, did not think of any other, that the son often Xue Ne servant soul aside, is also reasonable. Moreover, to the south, will mainly rely on Rengui sell Rengui a human, then replied: quasi quasi? really Hiroshi children to go to the front? Li Wei brain when some machines, the Empress Wu seems very much like a mother, or Empress Wu What? PS: just before dawn, a small explosive burst, continue at night.

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