painting three arts also must follow .

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 376th chapter is difficult to contain OK ,OK ,this ready to come .
Sand promised a sentence after the jump shot ,several Zhou Xiaochuan to the front, and a flexible up to his shoulders down ,licking his hairy claws ,while proud of himself : men are too weak ,so many people chase us for so long, not even touch to meet our Air Max 2009! Black also ran up ,quietly at his feet and squat .
This ... ... This is what the look at yourself the next day are not able to catch the cat and dog ,actually is Zhou Xiaochuan saying to call the past, martial arts in Yuan Jiadi immediately foolish eye .
Zhou Xiaochuan right hand fondled in feet black head ,left hand is holding sat shoulder sand small claws ,red terrified Yuan Jiadi said: come, I introduce to you ,two little guys ,are my pets .
The dog is black, and the cat is called sand ... ... Yuan Jiadi look at me ,I have a look you ,from each other to see a feel shy UGG Tess.When his master face ,to catch others pet ,it can also expect the skin ,do not know how thick !In addition to feel shy ,they also felt shocked : teacher Zhou himself badly also just, did not think of the pet was so fierce, every act and every move all contain tiger fist boxing !I don know how he trained ! At the same time, there are some excitement and joy : since the week the teacher even cats and dogs can be trained so much ,that we followed him ,even if it is not able to learn the essence of tiger fist ,also can make quality rose !I wouldn ,known as the day of the US, even the dogs and cats are not .
thanks to the words they are inside the heart say ,also thanks to the sand could not understand what they said ,otherwise ,the proud of her Majesty the queen will be lifted up with a small head ,disdain tone dropped one: the day that are the queen to play the rest of the now ! Zhou Xiaochuan looked at Wu hung on the wall clock ,said : time is not long ,today it .
The next few days ,you have a good grasp of the drill ,harvest today . The black and the sand just the time act ,also really helped him a lot .Or he that first class ,must be what contents are not taught .
Is ! Yuan Jiadi replied in unison ,today the harvest is abundant ,they need a period of time to digest .Sand at this time to ask : master ,I in the future day ,help you to practice these puny human thanks to Yuan Jiadi couldn it, otherwise it will certainly be mad a lot .
As a martial arts master them, had been a cat called weak humans ,this is simply put their face when the sandbags in play ! This ... ... Zhou Xiaochuan hesitated .At the holding center in the cat and dog in the sand under the training becomes worse than dog dog ,that sand is a teacher .
However ,as dogs and cats with practice the people are different ,among other things ,the light is the language of communication it can go .Sand seem to know Zhou Xiaochuan worried about something, waving claws said: master ,you don ,although I have no way to these puny human language of communication, but it can be used to communicate !Anyone who did something wrong, or it is not up to my request ,I a claw rushed they face pumping past ! Sand volunteered ,Zhou Xiaochuan is not a good blow its positive degree ,only smiled and nodded and said: Okay, let you to try it .
In Zhou Xiaochuan ,the sand is mostly thought it funny to joins in ,wait for the fresh spent ,will naturally give up .But he did not think ,in a few years, the yuan family specifically for sand plastic statue ,and in front of the name hung teachers title .
.. ... Although the yuan Jiadi expressed want to invite Zhou Xiaochuan to dinner ,but he refused .In a farewell ,he sat in Yuan Huanshan returned with Zhang Aijia ,Huang Xiaowan flat-share area .
Get off at the time, he also does not forget to urge the sentence : Xiaoyuan ,I tell you what ,must keep in mind the completed as soon as possible .As soon as the result ,notice the first time I remember .
Is . Yuan Huanshan smiled and nodded ,this pile work really hard, but as Zhou Xiaochuan said that he would take the matter seriously ,in any case is made into .But ,don saw the thing, what would be the expression it when Zhou Xiaochuan opened the door comes home ,is the night more than nine quick ten point .
Zhang Aijia returned to her father ,with Zhou Xiaochuan as the mediator ,she and father relationship also repaired many ,now will return for one or two days ,although she verbally always said ,he is back to take care of a man .
Entered the room ,Zhou Xiaochuan found the table dishes have been cool but no passive the indications, it appears that Huang Xiaowan is waiting for her . Xiaowan . Zhou Xiaochuan looked, but found that Huang Xiaowan did not know that is because too boring or too tired reason ,was lying on the living room sofa asleep .
This girl ,do not know early dinner go rest . But having said that ,but Zhou Xiaochuan was still quite touched .There is someone waiting for you to go home for dinner ,the feeling is quite comfortable ,he stepped toward the sofa to go, ready to wake up Huang Xiaowan .
However ,in approaching ,he found Huang Xiaowan was wearing a flower small shorts ,the leg to give out .From the legs of the U-shaped ,Huang Xiaowan than the forest Qingxuan ,after all, the latter is practiced, a pair of legs is perfect .
But Huang Xiaowan pair of feet is quite beautiful, delicate white without any flaws ,as is an intoxicating art ,people can not help will be a surge of the feet in the hands of fine idea to play .
Although Huang Xiaowan had crossed the sandals ,but Zhou Xiaochuan is not old staring at family girl ,so hasn able to find her this pair of feet or even a gourmet !It is at this time ,Zhou Xiaochuan.
The mystical energy began to appear abnormal throbbing ,was writhing flooded into his belly ,he suddenly have a mouth parched and tongue scorched hot heat ,heart is burning up hot passion .
Damn it ,this mystical energy how . Lingtai has maintained a calm Zhou Xiaochuan ,quickly hand over has raised an crotch ,stepped back , with a sound will be behind the table to bang ring .
Huang Xiaowan was the voice to come unexpectedly awakened ,to see is the person in front of me Zhou Xiaochuan ,Party relieved week :brother ,you come back ,I just watch TV somehow he fell asleep .
Oh UGGs Delaine Boots Sale,how it was nearly ten meals are cool, I hot UGGs Mini Bailey Button Paint Boots Sale. She rubbed the half-awakened ,aside from the sofa to sit up ,clear look at Zhou Xiaochuan gesture, surprised to say: Hey ,week brother ,what are you doing anything alone ,Zhou Xiaochuan hands clutching his crotch position ,to see how weird .
What Huang Xiaowan did not think, if do others will shout metamorphosis .Zhou Xiaochuan could not be the real reason to say ,can only be quick with invented a poor excuse : no ..
. ... Nothing, just a bit uncomfortable stomach ,yes ,I was a stomach uncomfortable . Huang Xiaowan immediately anxious ,busy move one step forward and help him concern ,asked: stomach uncomfortable or go to the hospital to have a look feel Huang Xiaowan arm to upload the temperature ,smell the Huang Xiaowan body send forth fragrance, Zhou Xiaochuan prohibition is the moment a swing, boom ,almost to his mind break through .
The critical moment, he forced out of Huang Xiaowan hand UGG Neumel Short,marched into his bedroom ,leaving only one sentence : no big problem ,I return to the room to rest on .What, you get hot ,you heat well, my belly estimates also not pain .
Watch Zhou Xiaochuan rushed into the bedroom door shut ,Huang Xiaowan a look puzzled muttered : week brother after all how oddly ... ... She also did not think, shook his head ,then the table end into the kitchen .
The Zhou Xiaochuan bedroom ,in deep suction two tone and let their stirring mood be pacified some ,from the bookcase took out a piece of paper laid on the desk, then picked up the side of the brush ,dipped in ink ,begin to write up a static words .
This move of his calligraphy ,is with the old turtle learn .In the old turtle looks ,fancies of men of letters are the same, if he want to learn chess ,then piano ,book ,painting three arts also must follow .
He also felt ,and fancies of men of letters four arts easily distracted ,but in old turtle special teachings ,were actually is made at the same time progress effect .At the moment, Zhou Xiaochuan kept writing static word ,is to let oneself fall, let your heart be able to calm down .
Since the mystical energy is more and more strong ,some not previously observed side effects are beginning to appear .The most let Zhou Xiaochuan feel obvious ,is his more and more strong ,some slight stimulation will trigger impulse .
This made him very worried ,if some day in the future through the rational yoke ,they will not make any wrong but ,as with the old turtle learning fancies of men of letters ,especially painting two arts ,he found that his heart was able to enter into a static realm .
And this is why he ,at this time ,ran into the bedroom to write static word .Soon ,a large sheet of paper which was written by Zhou Xiaochuan static words ... ... Beg ( monthly .
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