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September 29 [Sat], 2012, 11:12
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultMeyer. The first generation of leaders and the Rothschild family with young people !Although not the eldest son !But in his commercial success !It is amazing talent .
But he was not the Rothschild family patriarch !Even ,he may also take over three real his father !Because of his identity !His mother !Not the Rothschild family !You can say !The Rothschild family for two hundred years !Are completely consanguineous marriage !Even cousins !In marriage !This directly caused the family bloodline more sparse !Even at the last moment !Have to be cousins adoptive woman to become your own descent !Then again and males married family !You can say !It is this ridiculous family rules !That the Rothschild family wealth no outflow !But the Rothschild family and a clan regulations ,no separation !Who want to break up !Sorry.
You will not have any right of succession !These seem unreasonable rules ,support the family control the economic lifeline of the world for two hundred years !Otherwise ,even if another large family, also can not afford to break up ! You ?Make me a family heads ? Meyer said the time Michael Kors Skorpios Bags Cheap!Tone and not much change !But the eyes look ,that he now thought !He didn !You let him to believe ?Meet for the first time, they said I can fulfill your heart one wish ,you are emperor ?Guo Pu knew a few words ,like success and the Rothschild family of wizards to relationship !It is not possible !He drank a sip of the wine !Looking at the noisy Castle banquet hall ,smiled and said: Meyer ,let walk ! Meyer slightly one, then nodded !Hand down the cup ,and in Guo Pu back !Charlie had been watching here !To see his boss and his best friend went out !He motioned the castle steward !Just give Guo Pu lead the middle-aged man ,let him take care of here !He also followed !But he had to go !Charlie wind point !People are not stupid !Even the very wise !Otherwise ,would not stand as the successor of the family !In his family ,but not in the third row !He is the eighth son of prince !By eighth ,will become a family third heirs !This also from another aspect ,proves that he is not an ordinary person !Even in many people ,he is the third order heir ,is a succession of three the most intelligent person !His eldest brother ,brother !Appointed a successor !According to the family law !Rather than rely on their own !In a wide lawn ,a straight path of marble ,Guo Pu whispered and said Meyer what ! My dear Meyer !You see .
You underestimate my power !Do you know .Not all to me !This time the underground world concussion you know ?It is my love !You don our ability ,for me, in this world, I did not dare to do !For you worry I understand that !However ,I saved Charlie when !Did not think he had such a great background !Of course ,to know about it !I don any idea !I just want to find a can at a critical time, provide me with a possessed character patron !Especially in Europe ,a true nobleman ,I can save a lot of trouble !Of course ,I used some means to Charlie !But now ?Don he is ,not in my here any control ?Moreover, I have promised him ,he will inherit the house of habsburg !Of course ,this is something you must have known !Since Charlie did not conceal you !Visible your relationship benefit !Am I right ? Guo Pu here !Stoop to pick up from a broken grass !Continued: a potential enemy and all of the unknown variables !Always more dangerous than a league !What do you say !Whatever the purpose of ad !We are at least au !Each takes what he needs.
!No responsibility !Like your family !During the first World War and World War ii !Walk in between each countries !No good or bad, just ask profit !You see .This is not where we are now ?I don need to be responsible for you !You do not need !I only need you a promise !And you, will get a chance to become patriarch !Of course.
I am in China also have a small business !Also be presentable !If you are interested in china !We might as well add a relationship timberland boots uk!You may rest assured ,I on the industry ,is not what the world five hundred strong bad number !My hand ,there is also a business !And I said !I do not want to control ,what underground forces !I just want to control arms !Just want to these a large amount of ammunition to ,can let me hold !Now that you have a lot of my understanding !Also should know the background !I also know in China what !Don !Do you think people like me ,are not eligible to become your league ?Or do you just want peace for a lifetime ?If so ,you Huabai said !We can become good friends !Talk about what the romantic themes !But .
.. ... ! Here ,Guo Pu is very strict to look at Meyer ,very seriously and asked: you must keep !To Charlie !In order for me !Otherwise ,we will be the enemy !Your business has words, no forever enemies ,only constant interest !But here I am !Once the enemy !One shall stand ,one shall fall .
Meyer looked very relaxed !He crooked head ,does not seem to take Guo Pu in mind !Indeed, he has the courage and qualification !No one can pose a threat to the Rothschild family !The United States of America !Besides a mere Guo pu !But Meyer then sighed ,and said: my dear ,why I love you so much ?I was just curious !What person is Charlie ,and I know !Is willing to surrender to your feet !No matter from any aspect !It is a joke !His identity !Doomed him even in this world no one before !Are eligible to obtain a position !However ,he did when he talked with me !To lavish you with praise words !Even if you is not normally !It !But now I have some understanding of the ! Oh ,how can I say? Meyer.
Meyer stood beside Guo Pu ,a strange ,then said : the dragon !You are the devils from hell !Really !Don !What you have said !I have to !Don !You say ,not what is particularly deep attraction !But I think you said my heart go ! Meyer held the watch face relaxed Guo Pu for a long time ,but the spread his hands : timberland clearance!I have to admit !I was seduced by you !But you remember a little !You and me !Is not the relation of alliance !We ,just pure relationship !All right ?Purely commercial cooperation !Not related to the other ?All right ?I am very interested in china Timberland Men's Chukka UK! Guo Pu provoked the brow ,slowly ,he laughed !Nodded and said: I understand your idea !Very nice.
Meyer. I like dealing with you !So ,you wait !Perhaps half a year !Maybe in a year !Will you open !You have my word. Meyer is a sincere smile ,like the birth the child : I don ! Guo Pu grinned, looked up the distance walked Charlie !He waved to !Charlie immediately Pidianpidian came running !Boss.
Are you looking for me? Just like that guy ,you need ? Charlie some be rather baffling ,but he knows a mean boss !Her madness roared : !Boss. You ... ... God !Boss ,you are my .
.. ... The emperor !Sure. Guo Pu gently nodded ,sighed ,and looked at Charlie and said: you see !You don to ensure your safety !Since you call my boss Timberland Men's Splitrock Boots Cheap!I can you white called !I will pick fifty soldiers ,uh !Fifty and I am involuntarily !Perhaps they are in need of a stable job, their family ,is not willing to see them live today not tomorrow ,I made them swear an oath of allegiance to you !Be your own health !In this way !The world can hurt you !No more than .
.. ... Well !One thousand ! Be struck dumb Charlie stared at Guo Pu and said: God beads ,one thousand ?Boss. Are you kidding ? Guo Pu smiled grimly ,sketch my hand just pick it up to a period of bacillus !Then said : you see what it is? Charlie said : not hesitating in speaking is the grass ? You can use his fifty meters outside the lamp broke ? This is Charlie ,Meyer is surprised !To tell the truth !In the Habsburg family and the Rothschild family !Quite a few inhuman existence !They should like hell mercenary group those super agents stimulate their own forces !Inspired by some special ,others can not understand ability !That kind of ability !Is called a power !Of course ,this kind of ability is not the legend or is now shit network novel some !Motionless one stamp, the earth will shake three shake !Or ideas easily, Mount Qomolangma will bend over like !It is not power !It is nonsense !You see .
Guo Pu said !Good at mobilizing !Suddenly a Doushou !While he waved at the same time !Fifty meters outside the lamp ,and went out ! the ancient martial arts !While people like me, this
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