There are two basic versions of the 5.0L Mercruiser engine

November 06 [Wed], 2013, 14:42
MCM 5.7L EFI Engine Specs | eHow
The MCM 5.7-liter EFI engine is made by MerCruiser. It is a stern drive engine, which is similar to an outboard motor, but is hard mounted to the boat just in front of the stern. It has a propeller that dips below the bottom of the boat in the same way that an outboard motor does. The MCM EFI engine displaces 5.7 liters. Its bore is 4 inches and its stroke is 3.5 inches. The engine idles at 600 rpm and has a maximum rpm of 4,200 to 4,600 with the throttle wide open. The thermostat is set at 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooling system uses seawater that holds 15 quarts of water. When the cooling system is closed it holds 14.5 quarts and the manifold holds 5.5 quarts. The engine produces 220 horsepower. Its compression ratio is 9.1 to 1 and its compression pressure is 150 psi. The MCM 5.7-liter EFI engine holds 5.5 quarts of oil, including the amount held by the filter. The minimum oil pressure while the engine is idling is 4 psi and the oil pressure at 2,000 rpm is between 30 and 60 psi. The fuel pump pressure at 1,800 rpm is between 3 and 7 psi and the fuel pressure is 30 psi. The electrical system in the MCM 5.7-liter EFI engine operates on 12 mcm ショルダーバッグ volts and the battery can produce 120 amp hours. The spark plug gap is .04 inches. The firing order for the spark plugs is 1, 8, 4, 3, 6, 5, 7 and 2. MerCruiser Oil Specs MerCruiser Oil Specs. MerCruiser is a company that offers sterndrive and inboard engines for boats with horsepower ranging from 135 to 430.... What Is the Weight of a Mercruiser 5.7 Liter Engine? The Mercruiser 5.7 marine system is a General Motors cast iron marine engine coupled with a Mercury stern drive for propulsion. Compatible... How to Winterize a 5.7-Liter MerCruiser Your 5.7-liter MerCruiser engine needs special care and maintenance before storing your boat for the winter. Water is pulled into the engine... Mercruiser Advance Specifications Mercruiser Advance Specifications. Timing is a critical setting for Mercruisers or any other marine engine. Advance specifications indicate how much before (or... How to Wire a New Key Switch to an EFI Outboard in a 2006 Mercury When you wire a new key switch in a 2006 Mercury outboard with electronic fuel injection, or EFI, you may know only... Mercruiser 7.4 Liter MPI Specifications For purposes of a tune up, the correct timing setting is 8 degrees BTDC (before top dead center) at idle of 600... 1997 Mercruiser 5.0L Specs 1997 Mercruiser 5.0L Specs. There are two basic versions of the 5.0L Mercruiser engine. One uses a carburetor and the other uses... How to Replace Spark Plugs in a Dodge Ram The Doge Ram 1500 mcm リュック コピー is available with the following engines: 3.7 L, 3.9 L, 5.2 L, 5.9 L, 8.0 L, 4.7 L... What Is a Mercruiser 470 MCM リュック Riser? The Mercruiser 470 is a 4-cylinder, 170 horsepower boat engine that was manufactured by Mercury Marine from 1976 until 1989. The riser...
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