you can have a meal always doesn .

October 16 [Tue], 2012, 17:18
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 103 chapter party down the affirmation that Lu Zhenhua appeared in the conference room door, close cloud first stood up to greet them, then everyone scrambled to her feet ,eyes were watching together in Lu Zhenhua ,at the same time face the enthusiasm and humble smile to greet Lu Zhenhua the party down county down Jiang Haifeng followed him ,face face some grim, Qian Yi is not very good ,only to face Yang Xueguang walked calmly in the final .
Comrades ,let us waiting ,the understanding of a situation ,the look ,this one has a Lu Zhenhua chuckled UGGs Short Dylyn Boots Sale,stretched out his hands pressed downward pressure to sit ,sit ,everyone will sit down Lu Zhenhua went to the front of the fire with a chair to sit down ,hand in blue flames swept away, then rubbed his hands together ,other members have turned around ,holding the chair sat around ,waiting for him to speak .
At this moment, these leaders quickly showed them as one of the quality of officials ,we quickly according to the positions of the high order sitting beside Lu Zhenhua ,Yang Jianshe gave Lu Zhenhua a cup of hot tea ,then Lu Zhenhua is placed on the table behind ,look in the sweep ,my view all people can to straightened chest .
Comrades North Face Men's 3 In 1 Sale,today we are here talking women ,we do not so nervous . Lu Zhenhua chuckled at the table ,eyes of peanut seeds Apple such as sweep as a simple tea party in mind, we having a party may not so relaxed .
ha ha laugh UGG Women's Noella,smile at him ,others laugh ,the atmosphere immediately ease . Comrades ,I want to thank you . Lu Zhenhua eyes swept away to thank you for giving me an opportunity ,a chance to understand the farmers living conditions ,one makes them to the government .
Yang Xiuying the opportunity to vent heard this one, a face instantly becomes pale white ,vent complaints ,this is Yang Xueguang ,is this guy dizzy ,made Lu Zhenhua the party can not happy thing ?This guy should not be so heavy it, does he have in mind? Yang Xiuying thought power switch ,secretly cross Yang Xueguang a look ,he sat on the bench looks down at the toes ,my heart even more uneasy I want to thank Qi hill county Party committee of the comrades ,let me see Qi Shan newspaper reported that the original rural job also can from this respect proceed with although Jiang Haifeng would like to say a few modest words ,but dare not to interrupt the words of Lu Zhenhua ,had to ridicule ridicule smile ,he could not guess Lu Zhenhua said so mean ,just visited several households are certainly representative character ,weak frees farmer, who has three daughters still raw black guerrillas ,mood excited about the agricultural tax is too heavy ,rural labor accumulates labour and compulsory labour unjustified radical young farmer ,apparently ,just an hour visit ,the results are not good, not good but Lu Zhenhua had said so many words of thanks ,he really is not a bit angry ,or to say that he that is simply to listen ? Of course ,more thanks to continent town Party committee and government of comrades ,thank you for providing such a vivid teaching materials to tell me ,in fact, the peasants are very simple ,they just need a little respect ,can we sit in these people and how many people from the heart respect them ? Lu Zhenhua countenance fell nearly ten years of reform and opening up ,the construction of city is getting better and better, more and more beautiful ,but our country ,also with ten years ago, a touch ,almost no change in his voice .
,said of course Nike Air Max Ultra 365 Sale,this can not blame any of you ,we all have responsibility ,this is also a lot of people are complaining about the relations between cadres and the masses is more and more difficult to reason light comrades working train of thought gave me a great inspiration ,that is to respect the farmers, they are the main force of our country ,they are the masters of the country ,we cannot ignore their feeling Mountain slight one, he and Lu Zhenhua get along with the longest ,most about Lu Zhenhua as a person Northface Denali Jackets Sale, hear this is Lu Zhenhua brother ,this is very rare ,it is clear that Lu Zhenhua of this so-called village Wu to make public undertaking is very satisfactory, think the little young really somewhat .
This time I learned a lot today ,not only to understand the real situation of countryside ,also saw improvements in rural work methods of dawn ,village Wu open idea ,can use a word to describe ,this is a genius creativity The quote Carlo Lu Zhenhua praise ,let everybody startled Yang Xiuying this time also know ,Lu Zhenhua is not in a good mood .
Not satisfied with making village affairs public outcomes ,but the backward condition of rural economic construction .Think of here ,she gently sigh ,look glance at Yang Xueguang ,nor is it right? The guy with the land to get at the dry village the poorest people ,otherwise ,which come so much emotion ?No, and so returned to the town must find him and ask it .
The gay ,his comrades, continent town engage in this village affairs ,I feel very good ,but from at present the farmer response is not ,should insist on, if the conditions for this country pioneering work ,to promote open, the benefit of more farmer breath to say so much, Lu Zhenhua really is a bit thirsty ,hand end up drinking cup .
Lu Zhenhua is down, everyone can to relax, Qian Yi is more such ,his face slowly into a smile ,though he wanted to suppress this joy ,Lu Zhenhua finally affirmed the continent bridge presses down Party committee government performance ,this town Party Committee on nature is not remember ,you rest assured ,we will put the village affairs persisted ,and, the next step in the first continent town to do the pilot promotion ,wait for when the time is ripe to entire county promotion Jiang Haifeng immediately rose to reply .
This particular job you will be a lot of ask the following basic level Comrade opinions ,they work all the year round among the farmer ,understanding of information than you sit in the office to hear reports are also much more detailed was ,is ,remember criticism very later on ,we must pay attention to Mont Jiang Hai nodded ,Lu Zhenhua raised his wrist watch one eye, slowly stood up well, here today .
,Lu Zhenhua stepped out ,close cloud hurried out .A pedestrian is a dry pond village ,Lu Zhenhua suddenly stopped footsteps ,looked back at Yang School optical comrade, you, let me ask you a question.
Yang Xueguang immediately trotted landing ,you ask ,I will speak without reserve ,can Lu Zhenhua nodded ,eyes like electricity ,thorn in Yang Xueguang eyes light comrade, you work to the country seems to be in mind ,then you tell me dry village into the future development ? report notes ,four Southwest Village is a town in the worst condition of four villages ,now highway ,want to develop economy to must stand in the village of existing foundation, explore the village edge .
The other three villages in which goods are sold out ,dry village advantage is tens of miles of stone mountain ,want to develop dry village economy must be in the Stone Mountain no, boy do the work the very idea .
Lu Zhenhua approvingly gives Yang Xueguang a look to alleviate dry group of contradiction is very important ,guide a farmer to become rich is also very important . Yang Xueguang nodded with all my strength .
Long team slowly start to continent town ,winding direction and go, until the last one automobile lost in sight, Yang Jianshe this is put down to raise high the right-handed ,he has written for municipal in his village to village Wu to make public all appreciated ,this lets his heart very proud ,look the county more than 100 village branch ,in addition to his Yang construction got municipal Party committee can praise ,who else ?Cars on the highway Benz ,Lu Zhenhua head on the back of the micro ,eyes closed ,sitting beside him is the municipal Party committee secretary general Guan Yunshan ,to the Guan Yunshan .
Yunshan ,you think this guy Yang Xueguang ? Lu Zhenhua suddenly opened his eyes glanced off Yunshan ,close cloud had Lu Zhenhua will consult the opinion ,slightly thinking in mind, this little guy is a talent no Lu Zhenhua, and slowly close my eyes .
A moment later ,added Yunshan ,calling Jiang Haifeng ,tell them we would not go continent town government ,it was already late save their town and struggle to prepare supper . I remember ,Ma told Jiang Haifeng Yunshan nodded ,out of pocket, cell phone ,dialed Jiang Haifeng mobile phone number ,Lu Zhenhua the meaning conveyed by one time, finally added heights ,you can have a meal always doesn .
,do you remember ,had informed . Lu Zhenhua nodded Yunshan ,ask about Guo Tai ,province discipline appoint someone to respond ,city ? Guan Yunshan grunted ,took out a mobile broadcast a number ,press the green dial key .
Kost Benz Road ,side window kept the slit ,wind whir fill in, but did not dampen the enthusiasm of money friendship .His head against the seat ,a closed eyes ,mind is still thinking of Lu Zhenhua on the continent town praise ,heart begins to fantasy is it right? It is possible to borrow this opportunity to grab a deputy magistrate of the seat to sit ?Hanging in the waist cell phone suddenly exclaimed ,shrill sound money friendship frighten jump ,hurried from the waist down ,on the phone ,he heard from Jiang Haifeng County record voice Yi ah ,just off the Secretary General Municipal Party committee Comrade I ,Lu written to your town Party committee Dayuan ,direct and you to the County ,town Party committee to open village affairs to promote the work out a detailed plan for me.
I remember is ,Jiang ,then a horse for the programme Yi folded mobile money ,his eyes flashed a happy look .: double pass to it, seeking monthly support ah ,wood has monthly
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