people feel connected to a giant bronze

November 22 [Thu], 2012, 12:14

This article contents shrouded 4 chapters, if you like shrouded 4 chapters Favorites Zhetian 4 chapters! Night has already come, and both sides of the road with flashing neon lights, night city still exudes endless vitality, a skyscraper, row upon row, crown the high altitude, good-looking Fiction: Twelfth Night Hutchison TXT download but if from space looked down, everything appears to be negligible, but Fangcun De. The Kuji universe, nine dragon corpse shining like the cold metal gloss, whole body coverage to full the Pushan size black scales, Wu Guang little. Screen capture from the blackness of space, Shocking daunting. The huge dragon bifurcation angle as the old trees, both a sense of power also mystery UGG Tall Dylyn, the body, such as mountains, bold and is powerful, scales, such as edge, the coldness Shuoshuo, majestic look pretty novel: Lie Three TXT download ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ earlier said the way, each with Fan Ye alone to drink a cup of. that female students went so far out of control, dimly through tears, tears up, so many are persuaded. Graduation would mean breaking up, this may be a curse, the total annual college graduates staged the same tragedy. Almost all election three years ago, the song, some people sing extremely rich, and everyone's thoughts pulled three years ago, student at the time, none of the scenes, is still fresh. Until late all the talent out of the sea moon City tomorrow, there are activities, will return to his alma mater to take a look at. At this time, a Mercedes car parked on the roadside, Fan Ye get off to come to the front of the female students looking haggard, said: pale, the color is very bad, the whole evening rarely speak. The other side, Liu Yunzhi see the the Fan Ye car came, looked stunned, then look suddenly gloomy down. All look Liu Yunzhi, intentionally or unintentionally, are looking at the facts and he said the situation is completely different UGG Short Sheepskin Cuff Cheap. Once several high-profile Fan Ye over Lakaichemen she sat inside, that is no longer familiar with the Fan Ye cooked classmates. At this moment, far away in space, the International Space Station around line, several astronauts look grim, nerve is always in a state of tension, it can be said that the extreme tension. The dark and cold space, nine huge dragon corpse seems everlasting endureth sized thick iron chain turned ugg boots sale, people feel connected to a giant bronze coffin endless desolate and distant. Decision-making on the ground has already agreed that, if there are significant changes in his nine dragon corpse with the mouth of the mysterious ancient bronze coffin will be immediately destroyed. But no one wants this to happen UGG Caspia For Cheap. Kowloon pull the coffin, the depths of the universe from the dark Kuji, has value and meaning too incalculable! Suddenly, the International Space Station, the main control room to capture a group of mysterious signal, certain unusual fluctuations. The target source in close proximity, it is nine dragon corpse pulled the bronze giant coffin, mysterious fluctuations from those old and fuzzy pattern issue. The old pattern bronze giant coffins on the patina of rust covered, it is difficult all see. The beast is similar to the figure in bronze pattern suspected gods .... Speeding provide the shrouded 4 chapters full text reading, if you like shrouded 4 chapters Favorites Zhetian 4 chapters!

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