The spiritual world of constant

December 21 [Fri], 2012, 12:14
"Boom!......"As I wonder unceasingly when,UGG Suburb Crochet Short On Sale, suddenly suddenly heard a mad sea earthquake.Memory domestic suddenly when a section of shining gold text: Mongolian heaven and earth, and the beginning of,Mens North Face Shirts & Polo Clearance.The universe of heaven and earth, sun and moon derived.Dry Yang, Yin Kun, sky is Yang, Yin Yang for, day, month is yin.Cover and the avenue, a yin and Yang and without.Yin and Yang Tai, neutralization, is for the eternal road also.Yin is the Yin, Yang is positive.The cathode is positive, the anode is yin.Yang in the Yin, Yang in the Yin, yin and Yang with mercy, that is eternal, side of avenue!Look at this paragraph, I suddenly see light suddenly like be filled with wisdom like that.The Yin and yang energy since ancient times have received much attention, as the forces of chaos under the most powerful energy, from ancient to modern times do not know how many monks practiced, but achievement are all very big, which also can be counted on one's fingers.The real implementation of yin and Yang and the two gas energy use by God, is the evolution of Tai Chi nosy old Fu Xi, followed by the ancestor lao.Control the use of the Yin and Yang and the most energetic people, is the Yellow Emperor patriarch, also is the 'Royal fairy will' founder!The emperor was defeated after Chi You in Lord, merit and itself may have peaked, volume has risen to the extreme, have no bottom repair.Through the analysis and the rule, understanding the mystery of yin and Yang, the success of a royal fairy will, Yunv three thousand hundred days, thus the flesh soaring world, directly into the five party's central great, powerful monstrous.Quality is very high, but the saints no one can out of his right!Had not thought had not thought, immortal is actually a movie about the practice of yin and Yang and the two gas high canon, also is the broad and profound double repair books.If the cultivation to the last layer, do not know whether to become the founder of the Yellow Emperor's presence?Heaven six, the six sector of the emperor, to run a side, achievement immortal body, happy forever!Look at that as this outline to Yin and Yang double act, I quickly down, at the same time, driving a royal fairy never immortal force, slowly running.One red, one blue two flame respectively from me and Ling sister body lit, will our body wrapped in the moment.At the same time, the sky moon the moon everfount shoot down, enter the Ling's body, with a mix of yin and Yang and relief of the lunar power and solar power, the ongoing transformation of her system, help her energy constant crazy loop.And I, because it is night, sun distance farther, thus absorb too much less than the power of the sun, but the sun fire, my body, does not know than Ling sister body lunar force strong many times, do not have to worry about Yin and yang can't reconcile.On the contrary, I was afraid, for beginners Shuangxiu secret code, can't grasp the sense of propriety, leading to excess body and open fire on Ling Jie adverse, no control, I am afraid will hurt her!I bent down, will Ling's perfect body completely down, two hands with her two hands tightly together, at the same time, the lip is also deep kiss her lips.In this way, between us, no bit gap stick together.The red and blue of the two fire, started just close together.However, as the two built gradually in depth, two flame light began to slowly together!......The completely immersed therein, at this moment, I and Ling sister has completely disregarded in vivo crazy rotational energy, leaving the group mixed with lunar power and solar power of Yin Yang and two gas energy in the respective body of cycle to cycle, and continuously grow with.Our mind is in endless void, in the boundless sea, thousands of miles, in the misty fairy,......The spiritual world of constant change, our body to cling to the moment, never leave, crazy double, spirit and desire are sublimated to the extreme!......"Boom,north face sale!......"A sound just like the Shimen open voice, in the palm of crazy rotating Taiji nosy map to a halt.
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