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December 19 [Wed], 2012, 16:59
The 106th chapter is not what good bird Xie Changhe took the police came to the game room investigation, he did not give the pock call, because he knew that this would happen.Know about the process, Xie long arrange two police guarding the scene, and he drove to the leper house.Xue Xiaobao returned to the site, and then let the baby to take people to the county, the site shut down temporarily, in order to avoid the police station to arrest.As to the county, it is because he was afraid to venture in Taihu, the county town very close, if emergencies, enough to support.Zheng Zong agreed, and gave Xue Xiaobao fifty thousand dollars in cash.Xue Xiaobao took the later, turned over to Beck, said: "among the brothers, take good care of them."I didn't take the money back, on the bus.Zheng Zong sees the heart, admire Xue Xiaobao, heavy friendship person, usually worth between.For all this, Xue Xiaobao and Meng Pangzi returned to the village, to find the king secretary,UGG Mini Bailey Button, told him about the road funding.Secretary to King Meng Pangzi from the town to thirty thousand pieces, was amazed at his mouth.Meng Pangzi is very proud, boasting many things, especially in front of him the knave, said the fear of power to the people are not afraid of the spirit of sacrifice, to make a long story short, just and words made him a man ".Xue Xiaobao from money Secretary export that roads are very expensive, not his imagination so cheap.Today he also specifically asked about Zheng total.The high number of highway, a meter costs are estimated at two thousand yuan.Ordinary cement road, six meters wide, a meter costs more than one hundred dollars more.Xue Xiaobao to repair a three km long cement road, at least four hundred thousand.Xue Xiaobao is now in the hands of only $one hundred thousand, this money is still come to the site to check Zheng Zong.Wang Zhishu meaning, think town even want to give the village road, is also at least the next spring.Xue Xiaobao was not a taste, but he is dreaming three days after the Party committee secretary of public money to start position years ago."Baby, I think this is not worry, tomorrow spring."He was anxious to see the king of secretary of color, quiet road.Xue Xiaobao sighed: "have a look three days money secretary.It is not, the money the village first pad.""What?Our village which has so much money, if our village people collect money, I would not be able to collect number money."Wang Zhishu become dejected and despondent said.Hey.Xue Xiaobao smile twice, and in the king's secretary sotto voce, saw the king secretary was shocked, amazed when looking at Xue Xiaobao, was written.Xue Xiaobao patted him on the shoulder, sketch he assured, there won't be any accident.Wang Zhishu opened mouth, a pair of Yuyuehuanxiu to touch, but ultimately did not say exports.Xue Xiaobao had the idea, will not be so anxious, to return to the village and the house, closing the door to sleep,Canada Goose Aosta.The town of Taihu police inspector Xie Changhe found he was brother-in-law tried to persuade him, gave up the old business gang.However, he was refused to, and threatened not to let Xie River joins, he has the ability to resolve.This conversation has collapsed, Xie long gloomy face, angrily left.In the evening, he pitted mobile phone rang, a caller ID, "summer brother".He was busy answering the phone, said: "brother in summer.Right, I am.""The survey clearly, North Guo Chiu man, how do you offend him?""Summer brother,UGG Jimmy Choo Starlit, I do not know this man, but I heard the man called Xue Xiaobao."Sorry?Who are you talking about?"Xue Xiaobao."The night I find you.Pa!"The phone call.He was stupefied, holding a mobile phone hand should forget down, when he felt something was wrong, the people Xue Xiaobao actually let summer brother are you, where is the Holy Spirit?But one thing is sure, no matter what Xue Xiaobao background, he was definitely not the opponent.He was too busy to think more like, quickly pick up the table on the car keys, went downstairs, and drove straight home and brother-in-law.
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