can stand the mysterious judge

November 23 [Fri], 2012, 17:13
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Well . Linya UGG Tall Sheepskin Cuff Cheap,okay . I feel Huaililinya head . good with after the finish ,alar still quivered slightly .Linya gentle glared at me . Um ,should have done so abashed matter, back to face Vilas they just good .
Like a hole in the head of the hamster from out like ,look around, make sure no one ,only gradually will head to retract the cloak . You don they say not all right ? See Linya blushed like, I can laughing .
Idiot ,even if not see will feel shy . Out of hand ,Linya thrown towards I waved show UGG Adirondack Tall. It must be because our small Linya too lecherous ,see Vilas them, his mind was still recall the color .
I suddenly smiled and jokingly . Ah wow Linya aggravated speechless ,stormed out of a bite on my shoulder .Fortunately ,her teeth had little ghost that refers to the ability ,so light weight is not a bite ,but itch ,accident letting a person feel very comfortable .
Hem bite me ,Linya a little proud hums a ,a scared now it .Oh ,that ,adorable this girl, want to kill me ?Kiss Linya and ,unfortunately ,now it is late, otherwise ,I have to further humiliate her .
Back then ,Linya ,us two when the marriage is good ?I want to hear your opinion. This problem more than I asked again ,but each time you get Linya answer very ambiguous .Although I don pay too much attention to the wedding ceremony on the surface ,but since Vilas and Sarah are held ,to favour one more than another Linya doesn .
I also ... From the arms raised his head ,the distant sky blue pupil looks up ,wet crystal eyes as if looking at a place far far away ,Linya singing together . Brother Wu ,I always feel this way .
One day ,we two will go into third worlds ,I think at that time ,find grandma ,let her come to our wedding ,OK? Then, she lovingly pathetic look me .This is the original ... ... I was a bit nervous heart quickly put down ,the original Linya heart ,since it is thought, want to in her most revered her ,and my wedding .
I always thought ,to Linya personality ,maybe she has been shown not to be concerned about the attitude of the wedding ,and I was the same ,do not pay attention to the surface of things ,it seems I was wrong ,Linya not neglect .
But because of attention ,just like in front of her grandma Rafael completed the girl for a lifetime the most important ceremony . Fool ,why didn you say so? Think of Linya before make an ambiguous statement attitude ,I not by nurses with on her white earlobes ,really, I also make blind and disorderly conjectures for quite a while ,not forgive ,ah ,well, um .
There ,I I don ,brother Wu you promise . The earlobe is Linya sensitive point ,I was so in her mouth tease ,she immediately out of mercy .Afraid I don agree ?Is this the girl thought I was married man ?However ,it is by this chance to know Linya ideas .
I feel relieved . It now ,almost to pastor bell training camps to West Ruth and head the dew . Linya looked up to the sky ,then muttered ,look inside unconscious flashed a reluctant .
I just don catch . Ah ,that my Linya is a small color female .Saying no, and now presents a and unable to part from . I will take the chance ,immediately coconut steal it .Using color and dialogue on the shy girl ,looking at them with shy expression .
Is a great pleasure in life is ,of course ,small ghost and three Princess even, have a Princess Girls title in two of their dielectric thought more evil than me .Sure enough, Linya Xiaolian up by red ,like sweet and seductive red apple ,let a person cannot help wanting to above a bite .
Well, in her hadn shy to contradict them ,I went down, deep kiss the harmonious beauty lip .The heart of love ,like a kiss in the pouring in . Hum painful kissed a full Linya ,seemed to be that a kiss to melt ,the body is soft limp in his arms ,flashing a fawn colored light lips unconscious a coauthor ,even mixing of two individual saliva from the mouth edge overflow also suddenly feel ,absence of pupil without any focal length .
As if the soul in the long stay in just the fierce kiss is not willing to return to reality .A long time, she did not return to God ,deep breath ,lie in my arms ,like a kitten in his eyes ,the pair meet and lingering look ,seem to forget all the things ,just want to keep it ,forever together .
Well, gotta go, or west Ruth and Ai Kelu to wait . After a long time, or Linya speak first . Well ,for I stretched ,then gently stroked Linya ruddy face . Rest assured ,in the together day ,there are many .
Well . Linya is nodded ,face one inattentive to the beautiful smile . Then , well ,what about this? Out of the corner of my seeing something, I immediately chuckled .On tightly wrapped with the us two big cloak beside the body ,is a circle is cut off the bandages ,perhaps say ,is Linya wrap chest belt ,uh .
If there is no such thing . I can imagine ,night clothes ,unlock the chest belt ,put on a gown Linya ,that every step ,the chest is filled with a dry waves let the population situation .
If the performance that go back, do not know how many people want to see off the eye ,which is Linya absolutely not allowed ,is also not willing .What am I gonna do ?Simply with a cloak will Linya wrapped ,home to forget it ,although they may encounter Vilas ,but is always seen by outsiders .
I was so think of the time, but Linya neither fast nor slow from inventory pulled out a large bandage ,the body still wrapped in the cloak ,see no see ,start in the cloak rustling ,solution the bandages wrapped around .
I have forgotten ,but Linya bandage the most important item. she so may not be ready ?To his mind a white .Soon ,Linya action stopped ,looked up ,then raised his head ,looked me in the eye ,face flashed a shyness, slightly lifted the cloak ,let me look at it just wrapped in bandages girl soft and plump .
Although not the first time ,but I still have a nosebleed UGG Australia Tall Sparkles. Brother Wu UGG Ultimate Braid Boots,not allowed to see !!See ,I immediately covered his nose ,Linya more shy ,subconscious hand care in the chest ,and then quickly retrieve the clothes ,to cloak rustling wear .
Soon ,the two of us wear nice clothes ,eliminate traces . Come with me to meet them. direction of the camps . No, I still go home to help Vilas make supper . Having said this North Face Womens Greenland Outlet, Lin ya don what occurred ,and is annoyed me a glance ,shy to lower the head .
After being away for so long, dimensional drawing they won also do not know to be able to be present . This is it, all the old couple ,there is nothing to be ashamed of . I hold Linya with a kiss ,she waved show boxing .
There to laugh .Here is the pastor training camp ,although since LUT Gholein war after that time ,the priest has been known to the world ,but the priest scraping training camp remains a mystery ,not open to the outside world ,there is only relevant for teacher trainees ,there are too few people are permitted to enter .
As a union of Presbyterian ,although it is a freedom ,but entered the Ministry Training Camp this right ,I do have some .Come here ,I am relieved to have a look ,time ,time ,maybe a little early, Linya always so considerate ,preferring to give up the beautiful warmth, also do not want to let me be late ,let the West Ruth and Ai Kelu waits .
Today is the first day of rest camps ,West Ruth ,Ai Kelu and Jill three little priest reserve army ,also welcomed home the good times .No wonder I today early in the morning to see Carlos in the shave ,Western clothes ,really what .
Past hope daughter controlled ,in the future, such as card Jill into amazing girl ,who love her man ,presumably to stand on the highest mountain of the Carlos test .But perhaps, that time may have been Ange Lil return ,Carlos looks and ,the same goods ,is a hen-pecked husband ,might be to suppress lived .
So, in this context ,it is still my heart than Carlos broad ,want and West Ruth and Jill person ,I can only ask them out through the nebula or Namek spacecraft ticket is no problem ,even if the other side is a pig who could provide and West Ruth and Ai Kelu agree ,no problem ,in this respect, I fairly open .
Well, what I can control my daughter ,unlike Carlos, that guy so lonely .Walk, was already at the training camp ,sometimes there are some pastors after .And I nodded greetings ,including a trip to Lu Gaoyin two priest .
Turn around ,but I wasn found inside the West Ruth and AI Hanglu ,not only are they ,even other chaplain trainees are not in .Pulled aside after the priest asked ,I know .Originally the majority of priests trainees have focused on the back of the church yard, I heard that in doing things .
Bypassing rows of simple and solemn church ,I came to training camp on the ground behind the last ,really see inside people make .The crowd .Look at the eyes ,immediately caught Alukaqi ,which mediated .
With Carlos priest control beauty . Alukaqi nun ,hello . I came to say hello . It is where the elders ,Hello ,you are to meet Ruth West ,Ai Kelu and Jill ? Because I was a regular in the camps ,Alukaqi see me coming ,not surprisingly, a smile of greeting .
Well ,seems very busy .I looked like huge crowds of people .It stood a wooden tower ,seem to show something . This may be a bit late ,but you came just at the right time . Alukaqi refers to a distant crowd surrounded by high tower above is : where the elders ,who is in it? .
Her hand down to look, look at .I am on the stage, dressed in a white Jumpsuit light armor to estimate a warrior is a fake ,a majestic-looking white cloak ,holds a full ten hero inside painting out of the brave sword gold sword estimation is inside is empty ,the petite beauty ,and was such a dress shows a heroic spirit figure, not West Ruth ?!!Then have a look West opposite Ruth ,Ai Kelu is more sad ,even wearing fur shrug demon shape Muppet ,not her head from the demon puppet stomach position exposed, I could hardly recognize .
Beside them and other actors ,but are some bit parts only, the stage play Ruth and Ai Kelu west main line seems to be the demon warrior .Very cute. . Alukaqi look ,even if has stood here for a long time ,she couldn it .
This is ,how is this going ?Alukaqi nun ,can explain it for me ? The West Ruth and Ai Kelu are his warriors dressed cute monster puppet adorable dress to a later, my brain or science mess up .
Where the elders asked is what ?If this screen stage drama ,I can tell the elder adults ,this is a man you great deeds of the story is based on that structure of the stage play oh .
Alukaqi smile to see how harbour evil designs ,I was suspicious ? I ,,my story ? I stared, head turn around ?When I had great deeds ?When I was treated as a hero hero ?How could I not know ?At this time, far away, there came a stage of West Ruth high lovely voice .
Beilier ,you can ,obediently surrender cast . ,human race ,what is your name ?Why don know ,human appeared actually you so strong . As Bellear Ai Ke Lu, cute face many flash are not willing to look ,but still appears as the lines read .
Oh ,I know ,the play ,is eight years ago that the monster attack the village events as not to say Bellear is not that ugly appearance ,if be seen the adventures of Bellear to see Ai Kelu now ,I will laugh .
Of course ,if they really dare laugh my baby daughter, I will definitely knock their fangs .Wanted to think ,I think because Bellear was too difficult to manipulate the puppets ,will change the appearance ,after all it behind the nine brilliant phoenix feather tail ,is not in the Muppets inside people can control .
In addition to a black serge ,... Then you listen . West Ruth stepped in front of the corpse of the monster by my pastor a love play ,hold high the hands of the golden sword ,at this time, the stage with flashing a bright white light ,will Siluis against taller .
I am one of the mainland union Presbyterian ,Gemini ,the great hero Druid Wu fan . A ringing cheers .I : old man , what do you think ? Alukaqi smiling at me, eyes that in my view is a particularly important harbour evil designs .
Although the West Ruth is very cute ,but heard those lines are good . I honestly say their inner feelings . Hate ,how deposit would lose face ?Elder adults but you be worthy of the name ,everyone is hero .
Alukaqi ha ha laugh .I do not know why ,always feel her today every act and every move with malice ,to me several times to bother her and Carlos together ,or in LUT Gholein gave her a lot of trouble revenge ?Or my illusion .
At that time ,my eyes at ,Li Hai again with .An obscure corner ,Carlos wore a neat and clean clothes sit square ,eyes staring at the stage .Well ,he looks like now I can stand the mysterious judge ,Jill would play cards .
However ,to think he should know the today show ,West Ruth and Ai Kelu did not mention to me ,my heart is the envy of hate .Baby daughter, why to do important things do not tell me, let me come you up ,you finally grown up ,leaving my arms ?Think of here ,I was overcome by feeling of sorrow .
Suddenly feel alone bamboo ,cold Xiao Xiao ,even no one willing to ignore their . Where the length is always in sad why West Ruth and Ai Kelu didn tell you this thing? Alukaqi is indeed when the priest teacher ,I see a face down ,immediately see reason .
this is just the rehearsal, I think Ai Kelu and West Ruth, just want to quietly practicing good ,give you a surprise . Rehearsal ? My head snapped up ,waiting for Alukaqi . Oh ,rehearsal ,as God day official performances and rehearsals .
Alukaqi gently than the finger, laughs .This is the original ,the original is to trick play ,let me see their most perfect aspect .I felt a thrill of joy are boring ,attendant .This embarrassing myself stage play in the day that God should be performed ?I will be someone else hoot .
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