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COm full text no the advertising two hundred and sixtieth chapters death struck my artifact Ultimate showdown only you and Wali, including a handful of people - and the hero decisive the devil and legend class dragon, at least I did not judge you have with me strength of the war if you want to earn a few did not contribute to the woman, then how TV drama, then you are wrong, I am ready to them temporarily become a basket case,North Face Denali Fleece Hoodie, including the one capable of healing the little girl , then from the combat power on the surface of view, Kiba Woo Doo and Yang Xi is not to hero opponent sent four people, just a Cao Cao will be very difficult to get looked at the the eyes firmly Yang Xi, Cao Cao sighed Georg death they called Hades should be good to get Orpheus life came to recycling Orpheus's death came here the key to this game is that all of you can safely get out of here we do not know the Orpheus brought by Hades the underworld, what will happen - and you can choose guardian of Orpheus or get out of here, please accept the challenge I hope the two Denon able to survive, but I would not limit my companion and Death of action beyond this sudden blackmail, so that was worthy of my opponent, words, Cao Cao stepped back, opened some distance then Shuangshoubaoxiong, look keen on pleasing the a notice of Yang Xi know war can only be decided, so the front of the Orpheus said, Fez own strength suddenly can not control, or the ability to display their too friendly fire, it is easy to find that, either on the capacity is too small, almost can not hurt to see after this, Yang Xi Only think of it, This space is absolute fog resented straight teeth itch but have to say that Orpheus even if it is to absorb three-quarters of the power of the remaining forces far Yang Xi strength loss of strength, Orpheus also some chagrin, then waved his hands, even break open a small space, flying out from some black snake, and then into her body to see this scene, Cao Cao's face changed evidently, before fresh dragon who does not Orpheus strength to absorb three-quarters, but her know their own strength to be absorbed, willful own part of the forces released into the dimension of space, now she recovered part of how, Orpheus, exist, even if the seal after become God off with, can not be the strongest power manifested, that can make a person has the power of the murderers of God, we can imagine how powerful force now inherited the power of one of the two Denon Yang Xi heard someone say that the more two Denon twice the power of good weak override the strongest presence in the over all forces, even if the strength greatly reduced, standing next to her, Xi Yang Yang Xi can feel the trembling of the own nature of the body of the dragon, fear, of course, this is not just the strength of gap, but the difference in the quality and level to know the Dragon in the Dragon class concept is very strict, it is the thought of a can allow yourself to become strong, while still allowing the Orpheus does not affect by Cao Cao, and can not play own strength full text ads Not only that, you can also fast enough to restore the previous strength Orpheus, now Orpheus absolutely can not rely on our own strength to restore the previous strength, unless she gave birth from her extracted most of the power out of the Orpheus want to get rid of the true desire Chilong God Emperor also had to give up, she can no longer obtain permanent silence, Yang Xi, then, no doubt to her confused road lit a beacon any way? see nothing interested Orpheus turned in listening to their own words offered, Xi Yang knew he had it in half, then, is to Fudge this what do not know the Dragon The approach is very simple, there is a special talent ability, and that is swallowed evolution while you are strong enough consciousness is surprisingly powerful, just you and that fusion is not only able to recover part of the power, but also to have swallowed the evolution of such to want to completely recover no problem , but still do not understand worldly in her view, only to restore the power, and then defeat the true Chilong God Emperor, returned home to hear this thing able to restore power, just a little to think about,UGG Bailey Bow Boots, they nodded and promised Yang Xi the requirements of this matter is too important beginning, Xi Yang on shielding the surrounding sound, so do not people know that the two of them exactly in said what while Cao Cao, or the old gods in in the, totally do not know his comfortable day on to be coming to an end open mind, Xi Yang sinking Dragonball with the body stand out, and Orpheus, after seeing the incarnation of a huge black xianwei snake buries himself in his body, and Dragonball fusion undoubtedly This process is very painful, however, I do not know why, this misfortune touches so the Yang Xi shocked Fortunately collapse of jade hidden in Yang Xi Yu of the collapse of the depths of the soul took the jump out, start with Dragonball fusion Dragonball fusion did not conflict also assisted a the Zijin the Dragon with xianwei snake fusion to let the Fengyun Dragonball become Yang Xi natal artifact, Orpheus consciousness is the artifact is Spirit an unlimited upgrades of the Guards natal artifact the Yang Xi at once mouth crooked smile, he completely did not expect their own moment of despicable in exchange for such benefits when Cao Cao see Orpheus into the body of Yang Xi, and his face began to drastic change, ready to take advantage of Yang Xi patient suffering fusion indefensible extermination, who think even the blink of an eye, he not only restored over coverage Zijin body armor turned once again changed completely into a dark purple, violet and gold,UGG Boots Bailey Button, the momentum has become even more powerful feeling surging forces the Dragonball constantly passed out, looked Xi Yang Cao Cao that rose purple face, could not help laughing at: I did not have the strength of a war you do? Cao Cao, Yang Xi disdain to know Orpheus own power into a snake, and then sent to the extradimensional space just because the sense was there anything special being captured her, so just convened the outer part of the diffusion power through force just now can be different, after the fusion of Orpheus and Net World Dragon Ball, collapse of jade, is already out to capture the object's lock, if not death that it has hit, Xi Yang is now able to Orpheus therefore eventuality put Net World Dragon Ball Road, Philippine, and black song is very good at magic space? that have not been able to spell out for help?, or a few people first prolapse recover all two women, Xi Yang asks Georg master surgical capacity is quite high, so if you transfer the magic of words about the two of us teamed up can only be taken away by two people, and only one chance, But death is too dangerous, not only was very powerful, and their sickle chopped very troublesome scythe of death in addition to be ** formation damage also indirectly harvesting vitality are continuously attacked,UGG Women's Bailey Button, and likely will duong tho done death seems more and more trouble, especially opponents or that Hades The guy is the presence of the ultimate wave ss definitely not weak the small LORI hesitantly, Yang Xi and gave her a reassuring smile, Dahl's function is temporarily unavailable, but outside enchantment Dylan Darfur itself should also be able to use in addition to the heroic faction members there may be death standby Yang Xi said ex Dylan Dahl has been destroyed as the original scabbard excalibur part is formed by six Heavenly Sword's core are crushed, Dylan Dahl's blade by a small injury Cao Cao's ability to legendary Heavenly Sword can be easily destroyed, and in this situation fighting Jenova simply can not play the original strength of Genova also understand that for this reason, revealed somewhat of expression can not be reconciled - but also to go to heaven Institute repair Dylan Dahl Find destruction so the first step to leave the battle is not the last battle, so as soon as possible to repair Dylan Dahl the proposal Jenova quietly accepted on this, Genova, the Kokonoe together in advance out of this virtual space, although not known outside of how the crisis will await To prolapse Jenova and Kokonoe basic intelligence portfolio to surgical procedures inside trio with moving to another room before leaving Road Philippines will be received in a sheath and a sword to the Jenova Philippine smile - this before falling Ru Asa. Pande aragon hands known as the to the right time to give it to you its me and not what is the use of expand a send magic Jenova say something, but see Yang Xi firm eyes, did not say, just grinding his teeth, holding silent the Kokonoe enter the white flash of magic, they both disappeared, successful black song and Road Philippine also breathed a sigh of relief in this environment, expand send magic is quite strenuous at this time, spoon into Black Dragon King still controlled a huge nine Fox fierce hand-to-hand combat, the number of death was surrounded like, slowly approaching to the sense of crisis was slowly approaching, Yang Xi facing very calm and asked the woman behind the black song, you really abandoned his sister kittens do? others say you are because powerful forces lost the heart and thus toward the confused and become a killing machine, but I do not think so, you can put some hidden secrets to tell me it? that black song you previous owner did what? to other things was I that stupid master the dialogue sound Xianshu to playing mind if her casual use will lead to force runaway - Baiyinhua child too honest The eyes reveal a bit of loving guy in order to improve the power of dependents continue strong forcing exercise and would like to accept the mess intensive projects are forced to shoulder the dependents of consanguinity forcibly To her taken away from us just to let her be involved in the maelstrom of the 'force'? because I will gather the strength from the Red Dragon Emperor? heart look completely invisible, short to get along today, Yang Xi impression of her now completely changed the hum of a smile for the Yang Xi's views, black song, and very like unrestrained, all this because I Wildcats do freedom freedom together with the own temper, and like-minded companions lived a wandering life is not nice? but Baiyinhua her different she is fit to be fed cat so to Red Dragon Emperor really happy, it? black song has a what did not say like looking at not far Wali, straighten the upper body after Aisha's treatment of trauma return fully, but look a good poor breathing very keen in patient suffering Sa the curse of Maier still body violently attack really is the first time I saw this guy plainer face if Xi Yang wanted to let this guy sent, but to his terrorist identity is estimated to be not only the hero faction there will 痛打落水狗, even the major forces will not miss He Wali seemed to notice the Yang Xi sight, with a wry smile, before and Cao Cao showdown I envisioned this, deeply imprinted in my memories of that time, Wali intend resorted to Search Read most complete fiction / / / <

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