not walk much road

December 06 [Thu], 2012, 17:43

Chapter 360 revenge track at night, they fell asleep and his party mind tired, only one person has not been a break, that is Wang Xue. Although physically and mentally very tired, but it has a surge of conviction so that she stuck with it, and that is looking for revenge on the group of poachers, as well as including the maple leaf two. With such a belief, Wang Xue alone a person waiting anxiously. After waiting for several hours, and sure enough he found one of the police hurried busy rush over, led by a tolerance calm young face Panggang Yi, head reveals a kind of color determination vicious. See come, Wang Xue Ying up, happy to come talk to. This person is Wang Xue's cousin the king became,UGG Tularosa Route Cable, in which a very power, once called his men. To a total of 15 people, because things may be related to the poachers, so the king has become a safe called some people, and everyone had a gun. Xue looked ranks slightly frowned, some people also the name of Kazakh gas, it is not the way of the spirit, do not know if I can get things done, however, carefully think about, but for these people to convene cousin, lest they how are not out of it figured these, Wang Xue also relieved. Snow, how is it,UGG Australia Bailey Krinkle? Your phone said that a gang of poachers in the mountains? Either look on the face of the cousin, so not sure yet whether the poachers things he is not a big deal over something. it? Wang Jinxiang Branch near the small captain, are catching up with the mobilization of the Deputy Secretary position he has coveted for a long time the seat of the Deputy Secretary. His seniority is sufficient, behind the relationship, but credit short of the point, a large credit, suddenly had a strong interest. If this can catch these poachers, then the seat of the Deputy Secretary ironclad undoubtedly why he had such a positive, let off a little might. Wang Xue carefully things about it again, and referred in particular to the two people did the maple leaf, weird place. Being bullied is also mentioned, but did not say how, but in Wang's eyes, but know that it certainly is a major factor, heart chuckle. The whole thing but she remember very clearly, without any omissions, fervent tone and vehemence, Wang look to see Cousin help but smiled, thinking cousin gas in this way, it seems that things in her heart to stay under the deep impression. Also with a tranquilizer gun? Are you sure you're not wrong? That may serious problem. tranquilizer gun is different. What animal tranquilizer gun? Lions, tigers, bears and other large animals before, but the mountains have searched and found no large animals, otherwise it will not come up with such a tourist area. This means that this group of people is likely not only in this one activity, other local poachers. If other parts of the poachers, then this credit is even greater, so, Wang heard this news spirits higher. let us go. Wang is not clear Xue play a role inside listen Xue told little suppose it certainly such a speculation. Do some simple preparation,North Face Apex Bionic Clearance, achievement is ready to go. ...... one commanded cry. Next, the king of the achievements and the remaining 13 people chase Huge group of people, which also includes a Wang Xue. Although time has passed for several hours, but in this forested yard, a few hours is likely not walk much road. said. Along the way, she is desperately teeth with behind Wang et al, although slow, but do not drag under team speed, and even Wang looked can not help but secretly sigh, Xue cousin willpower firm. Group of police in around search footprint quickly identified some acting. strange ah, here completely not what you said the other two people footprint, they are afraid to have all traces of cleared one hands over report looked Wang then said.
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