wore the same white robes

December 15 [Sat], 2012, 15:41
589 blood and fire ,the battle for the fat man finally took a eye Ritter Corinne ,the beauty the Bolos witch kind of pale ,the enchanting and special purple hair ,reel from beautiful cheek drooping ,comely forehead appearing a cold, gentle ,graceful and beautiful body on the bed seat, in the bright morning light shining through the window ,the fat man toss night woman finally cannot resist the thick body tiredness ,drawn on a corner asleep ,fat man not to wake her ,gently pull open the door ,walk out ,a floor hall, a green robe coat Mona green was standing at the window ,look deep look into the distance the golden sunshine ,also do not know what to think, the attendants such as spring ,appear even the air are tinged with the warm fragrant ,room scorcher ,is like a piece of beautiful in the picture ,a time for the fat man feel some of the trance ,may feel hair Mona green saying yes ,in male and female love thing ,did some too stubborn and principles behind the sound heard downstairs ,hair skin As the sky bright green eyes ,like the beautiful eyes look ,see fat figure, lip biting ,flashed a joy decision,UGG Classic Cardy? Mao Mona green :sections came first to the fat man ,a ceremony before they said Na Qing last night was desperate to say something like that ,please do not take offense .
,how can I blame you for fox . fat is the word laugh ,hold gross Mona green round attractive shoulder will help her get up it is not your fault ,if not your analysis ,I may still kept in the dark .
the man upstairs you gotta protect the fat man in the door to door stop ,at the door stood a day and night of Angra Telunkai said she treats us Vigia very important ,winter veil Festival is over, I will take her back to the country ,this time in addition to get out of town ,the other can let her free is that ,under ,the adult identity .
. Dost Len Kay hesitation ,he certainly knows what has happened in the last night ,,is due to secrecy ,he dismissed all of the guards ,stood alone outside, hair Mona green also almost got him block a car ,it is him prior to remind ,hair Mona green to fat inside the room, without a little accident response .
keep secret temporarily . Think of last night Tullett Colleen a look of longing look, fat from the wagon out of half a head ,mouth not by with a smile, then the hair Mona green in her lap ,fat man feel arms and stretch ,looks a bit hesitant I want to go to have a look and asked her if she really scarlet red ,as you say, I still won what you say but the way ,make necessary arrangement is still needed ,I don one day and she became a life and death fight opponents .
scarlet sister quite poor, like a one can not love people ,is a very painful thing ,but it is our children of peers in the troubled times of fate ,if not the case of adult, I may also be trapped in this pain Mao Mona green at the fat arms twisted ,biting fat hypertrophy of the earlobe ,whispers I know not that adults use unscrupulous divisive tactics people ,the most happy is her green .
Regardless of the adults make the kind of decisions ,Na green must stand in adults . ,sometimes I also think ,what kind of reward ,you will completely change over from Mao mount family fat hand scraping her quite Snubby Nose ,said I said tone refers to the thoroughly ,not just you, and your heart , adult green is always an fat tone of love let hair Mona green moved nameless ,excited at the fat arms shivering grace ,beauty ,thought of himself and scarlet red confused relationship ,also let the fat man with emotion the carriage slowly forward ,wheel extrusion with gravel road gave a creak sound ,Canada Goose Hybridge Vest Sale,two teams from 20 Samore Konoe cavalry in the naval port entrance ,saw carriage ,naturally, is composed of two columns of both sides of the guard ,in the carriage ,hoofs Tata rings, black armour such as ink ,these Samore Konoe are the most elite warriors ,who revealed a strong momentum ,let along the caravan carriage automatically open a passage in the morning Vic port is very beautiful ,like mist surrounded by blue sea on the edge of a crescent moon ,whitecaps All sea, merchant white sail facing the sun sail ,clear shallow water can see cruising fish ,top end of port Warwick Castle ,is bathed in a golden light ,the carriage has not yet reached the castle ,the first scout Rangers captain Konoe from the scarlet red live return ,bring fat unexpected news ,scarlet red was early in the morning has left home ,leaving a letter after the Frence leave ,adults ,this is not the letter Captain Konoe knelt at the fat before the wagon ,hands Gao Juqi letters ,letters surface having this line handsome handwriting Vic Dunsai Marquis Pro Rev.
From captain Konoe took the crimson red letter ,fat heart touched me ,feel at a loss, this situation so familiar, reminds him of his own first love the girl ,who was called Library Longdi Enya girl ,also left a letter, it was lost ,for the past 3 years ,and now also do not know how to exterminate the southern overlords ,Dada Neil family ,fat have sent secret search for ,but the Just call this library Longdi Enya went to some German kingdom news ,this is simply a Hutu Zhang Mao Mona green looked a little stunned fat ,eye complex ,she didn fat man can so care about this accident feelings ,feeling fat heart sense of loss ,hair Mona green softly comforted adults ,or have a look .
How to say maybe not adults like you help me to have a look . fat hands in a letter sealed, hesitated for a moment ,and letter to Mao Mona Qing Tao although know the truth ,but I still hope to be able to continue to live in a drum ,sometimes know ,do not know more than why so cruel adults ,whether scarlet sister like who ,not all adults ? Mao Mona green turned slightly stunned ,fingers gently open letter sealing ,bright show sweep ,face a smile ,will hand the letter from the new on the table , said adults filter ,scarlet sister called Vic meal Saihou Jue is not entirely without a hint of goodwill ,this letter is to invite Vic meal Saihou Jue to Ruo De ,although said no, but a girl invited a noble to his family to see the elders ,which is self-evident .
invited me to go to if Germany fat man took the letter ,helpless shakes his head ,the letter again to put ,mouth smile is what ah two mutually loving people to cheat each other ,if she know to invite people of their country ,the letter would not this tone ,maybe even duel word has Winter Veil Festival comes ,this is to celebrate the end of winter in the north ,Rand a new round of season start ,the major festivals ,Vic City Street Lane are happy people ,in order to arch up Winter Veil festival happy atmosphere ,fat have the commercial union regulation To 30000 barrels of refreshing ale and lots of food ,all city tavern in winter scene Festival ten days free to supply ,and merchant cargo trade taxes during this period ,can also be tax-exempt half of the policy ,which has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of people selling goods business ,for a time outside the city be a flood, as Winter Veil Festival Sky priest Paersiqin Na ,as everyone expected ,in winter scene Festival first night appeared in Warwick Castle at the top of the lighthouse ,in light of the white moon and sky behind like like the shining stars background, a description of the ritual robe embroidered gold thread Parrs Ginna is more sacred and noble, her beauty is kind of amazing beauty ,one of her hands ,with one action ,a look ,a look back, no one is not a beauty ,without one not anemae core ,plain sacrificial robes can not hide her gentle temperament ,but let all people feel this woman ,only heaven ,if falling down to earth ,just these phantoms ,our ordinary ,easily not the Leichi half step .
At the highest level represents the kingdom of sky worship ,will represent new year spark of hope ,the castle great beacon light ,bright red instant will be Vic Sky City dyed red ,in the presence of most of the people kneel on the streets ,eye tearful ,extremely devout say what ,most of these people are from the south of refugees ,only the experience of war and the wandering they know ,in front of it a hope ,that a stable to how not easy fat Station in castle towers ,eyes narrowed at the eye before all the people ,with the following see divine ,in he in the eyes of the Parrs Ginna arms as white as white plume ,Xianxiu mellow ,with white Yuwan ,show skillful hands, the ritual in each action is full of touching rhythm ,her slender waist ,let people be hardly worthy of belief ,surplus can grip, soft as bone ,each rotation is a kind of unique style ,and that long and extremely perfect legs ,light carried aloft, each dance draw beautiful and charming .
The most attractive in the hands ,like the sky moon as the palm of your hand the moment, along with the white robes of slightly raised ,revealing a pair of Dianqi bare feet ,fine white, like nature itself -- highest quality ,point of a dream .
.. ... Beautiful Duchess Nilai on fat left ,look the same drunk at lighthouse on Parrs Ginna ,she wore the same white robes with Parrs Ginna sacrifice ,with a floating dust temperament ,only in the chest to open a bottom fork ,out of a moving person soul white adults , you think you tutor ? Nilai tone of intimacy in fat ears mentor spring Xuan dance but Kyoto must, only a year of winter curtain section may not see ,but also in the up to forty m in the observatory ,like you station within 10 meters of the see, that never happened ,Canada Goose Women's Hybridge Lite Vest.
,is this why ? The fat man was stunned by the asked ,he had found ,sky Parrs Ginna worship ritual action ,should be a very mysterious and somewhat with magic dance ,can people not yet feel an excitement and worship of the impulse there is certainly reason Nilai mouth .
,red lips on fat ears of infinite temptation , do you know ?In fact, mentor the robe has nothing on this is sky ritual rules ,only the purest virgin could be eligible for sacrifice ,so the sky sacrifice sacrificial dance, must be in the sky near the observatory holds if people near ,not see any light .
there is such a thing . Fat man took a deep breath of air ,looked not far away like fairy of the figure ,not by swallow spit at the same time ,Parrs Ginna figure suddenly condense real ,although gown sleeves slowly fall , wow a strange fragrance in spring ,on behalf of colored petals from her eight party .
.. ... Again ,below the sound resounds worship ,Parrs Ginna pretty indifferent gaze ,when suddenly a man here to cast a glance ,a comparable to unlimited spring flush up beautiful
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