Quake! The a brutal Silver white lightning

November 27 [Tue], 2012, 10:01

> Golden Army Tactical Unit activity reached its peak when on the front line of hundreds of thousands of empty Eye began to malfunction, some crashed, some seem to be transferred into the Inner Senses, some directly even be transformed into the enemy's reconnaissance force. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM from the fate of these empty eye can clearly determine, not only the fine good assassinate the dark make a batch of PTU, there are so that you can flip the space of time and space, and even convert enemy armed by the bright and persuaded of the Guangming so. This is a powerful integrated properties to bursting with troops, decisively from their attacks and pull off, directing them to judge, is a strong and aggressive Executive. Eye nest, the Green hung Dili Moss only tune fighting mech electronic eye video analysis. The video of the eternal life of the phoenix and wings Tiger still do not see any trace of the enemy. Matador Corps of video they did not share permissions. Fighting caught lull Anchaoyongdong. Tsing Hung know, one so powerful PTU so active initiative to actively mobilize the North ** reserve forces, and not afraid of bayonets sight of blood, and the super-group head-, which means that the enemy is brewing a large-scale inverse attack. Like the last Qing Lan siege, the enemy crazy FireWire offensive elite squad to cover up their own raid supply line. This time the enemy so can not wait to be carefully hidden from the preparation to the dark super-group tune on the front line, it is not just defeated three Matador supercluster. They may want to change the trend of the entire war victory. Tsing Hung wants to channel connection to the eternal life of the Phoenix and O'Young call, but found that the the eternal Phoenix team channel broadcast could not get through, maybe they encounter enemy temporarily unable to call. Ho edge bone he again opened a walkie-talkie, and this time the side bone even answer no mood to cut off the walkie-talkie. Seems eternal life phoenix wings Tiger have contact with the enemy PTU, where the edge of the bone being nervous concern fighting. Vice-captain, how you see the situation? spread out, to dedicate ourselves to read it. The players bear roaring around in a circle around him, quietly waiting for him next to say. Tsing Hung needed because the duty of guarding the base, so the frontier temporarily Wuxialihui to, this is his first time to see the front-line map. No. Highlands, but also occupied an upland If you want this time to sabotage the war successfully, we need at least three Highland Tsing Hung Heights fortifications hand point plan to go all the way up, suddenly, high ground of Might and Magic cluster impressively thing that catches his eye. directly to the other three Highland attack from within. Blitz, should have the opportunity to the king of the gods, is bright and wind two magic high-level specialization Corps, as long as sufficient combat power, they are fully capable implementation Blitz Green hung see here, mood slightly with enthusiasm, although not one hundred percent, but this play king of the gods odds. Immediately, the surge is wrong sense suddenly filled his heart: the establishment of so many of Might and Magic active forces will inevitably be in his heart: Here, he suddenly smiled bitterly: Hanmer did not need back-up, the king of the gods, the seven super group crowded in the 7th Heights, even if we want to reinforce squeeze open place. open place? He acted scared all Bear Roaring players shoot straight step backward. run over to help the guy from the body, one can not stand. God sigh. Emperor Moss, the super group Northern Line had been masters of defense? What? A sufficient land tortoise Mission. Lai Tathagata Goblin mech group with the most geek Earth Magic, fronts guard enough to withstand the attacks of 10 supercluster. Adams said. No. Highlands on the narrow mountain road, the gods of the Chao group survival chance? Green Hongfei soon connected to the intercom Ho edge bone, but he still did not respond. I'm back! This time not only can be awkward to grab power, people made a scapegoat for their own, the world there are more wonderful than this thing? The Bear Roaring only spent a few minutes on the tarmac build-up is completed. Green hung slightly purge the queue,UGG Women's Lo Pro Button, anxiously Strip squad. The seven gods Hanmer sigh have heard matador who painful encounter. For this may have been competitors, the gods are not the slightest bit of recollections, only ridicule and gloat. Mech war, is supposed to be the elimination of the weak to stay strong, to be phased out, life can only sigh loudly as it should. Proud gods will not the tears shed sympathy for them because this group of lunatics encounter. The group of seven ultra luxurious heavy artillery with chain lightning and strong arc gun raids three or four times in the 7th Heights from start to finish. That is equivalent to the the fire falcon powerful of the four strong lightning chain and hemispherical arc,North Face Mens Nuptse, almost wiped away a third of the hills. High ground guarding the enemy has no sound, it seems that all the heavy artillery has been playing dumb, including the back row of the magic guide heavy artillery. The seven God sighed heavy shield hands who have lined hood shrouded mech Light strengthen a striker, heavy artillery and nearly fighters arranged in layers in the back. Seven God sighed heavy shield, melee, heavy artillery of one-third each, heavy shield striker just barely obscured the entire Corps in the forefront, but the depth of the Front is a bit thin. However, the Light strengthen cover mech blessing, plus on the Austrian front cover enough to withstand most enemy counter-attack, and the formation of a strong formation of RCC. This is one of the advantages of the Gods Wang Guangming wind system Dual Specialization. Arranged a good formation seven God sighed mechs group, quickly overcome the high ground just a little fortifications, trip a bumpy road, and accelerated toward the top of the Highlands rushing. Sporadic gunfire and shooting high ground not only failed to prevent the advance of the team, but allow them to be more reckless. Enemy has the firepower to fight back! Exploits waving in front! There is a series of programs in the Hanmer mind: under the biggest victories of the sabotage war! Now the king of the gods alone the power will be able to win the four Highlands. Beyond the best expectations of the crowd, his reputation in the the military, mech sector and mercenary industry will soar to the highest peak. By that time, maybe .... supplier of O'Young Man wonderful charming red dress looming in front of his eyes fluttering. He completely ignored the eyes. He did not find that he has been out of the mech the heavy shield machines have up front, he did not find in their own leadership, the countless Tangong near fighter all open blast Feet because his blast Foot accelerating they squeeze in a top heavy shield striker tried to go beyond. Behind heavy artillery corps and heavy shields striker opened the safe distance of their aggressive and on. Urgent mood because the 7th Heights narrow, and the power struggle, the entire corps of three line positions squeeze into gruel. The gloomy strident ChongFengHao suddenly played over the position. One covered in pure gold Centaur-type mech suddenly appeared on top of the high mountains. This Centaur mech height than ordinary mech full twice on the sub-holding mechanical Jubi two the same flashing gold tone giant spear. Two giant the spear spear point on both sides such as dragonfly wings generally open two light wings, flashing purple red shimmer. Behind the gold men's 24 sets of the same shape as the cyan troops mech as two the rest of the hill, have exposed head. Forty gold standard identical four-winged dragonfly spear neatly into a purple line, like a hideous demons mouth teeth. A pure black humanoid mech mech behind in the group of men spurt, a black golden light curtain shrouded in a little group of troops mech body, their image more similar to the real devil. Agata! Gold Sagittarius! Hell heavy cavalry! Black Star! Black perpetual motion machine! All these horrible words in Hanmer mind exploded, will be brewing all plans and vision in his mind was blown to atoms. Narrow terrain, crowded seven gods sigh, Heart of Tarrasque hell blessing heavy cavalry as long as a rushing ...... retreat - the whole army to retreat - Hanmer command channel issued a hysterical cries. His roar, Centaur's iron heel riding to the sound mercilessly drowned,UGG Women's Krinkle. The the twenty five hills Centaur mech like twenty-five klippe mercilessly ground into the fronts of seven god sigh. Numerous follow Hanmer rushed to the forefront in recent fighter four-winged dragonfly spear directly picked into the air, smashing into the ground and then severely the Centaur iron heel riding became Jifen. Cluster Heavy Shield Heavy Shield Dragonfly spear pierced body as if the melon knife split the many mech division directly spears bloody singled out the cabin. Quake! The a brutal Silver white lightning from heaven, such as the pound medicine hammer-like severely hit the gold men who at the forefront. Fatal ejection occurred after the Magic hit the enemy around several mech seems to peel the onion, crashing fragmentation, the the inside God Bless Mandala blown pulpy, mech division volley dismembered. Even Gold Sagittarius chest armor deep depression continues, and generally turn golden shoulder armor in the shoulders, such as butterfly wings, flying into the sky, golden Mars surrounded divergence. But, Hanmer was too late to cast magic second record,UGG Sheepskin Cuff. Gold men's body lifted high, severely hit the ground, a surge of violent Arcane shock as if the tide is generally swept through the entire position. The weight shield machine Sparks at the forefront, the braking system should not have the disorder, many mechs lost attack capabilities, including when one of the first Hanmer. His onboard computer suddenly black screen, The gold men Arcane shock temporarily paralyzed his operating system. Oranges the magical alloy Agata's double spear in the air the two fine Austrian arc, also hit in the head Hanmer Raytheon mech to protect God Bless Mandala fruit as if being stepped on explosive, living Zacheng the Melanie. God Bless Mandala death! Hanmer's last-ditch effort can go only so far. His only start deaths ejection escape but he was not willing to die can not be reconciled. The seven God sighed Front completely collapsed. The heavy shield machine all mercilessly riding down to the ground. Nearly fighter Front comprehensive crash, heavy artillery corps became the enemy spear dessert. Seven sigh of God in the Norman Duke specially arranged Tu field the hell heavy cavalry with the combination of dark perpetual motion ruthlessly destroyed. War only half an hour, three super-group designation had completely disappeared. Remaining Zeus right hand, the Ocarina of Dionysus, the Poseidon's fork and Athena chant four super group under Flower or Salem barely Bandha embarrassed to rout down. The entire king of the gods of the 7th Heights mech wreckage filled. The total ChongFengHao sounded throughout the high ground, has been defensive in cuckold group and perpetual motion group of high ground to rush ahead from the bunker, the irresistible force to catch up with the remaining seven sigh of God, to join the ongoing raids hell heavy cavalry who together. Seven sigh of God because most of the mech in a damaged state, are not able to get rid of the the hell heavy cavalry circuitous, they were Huang Jinjun three super group encirclement in the Highlands under, appeared to be wiped out. In this terrible moment, mutation suddenly from. ----------------------------- Seek collection of the new week 4.5 chapter, the outbreak of war is about to go south, Tsing Hung toward the battlefield . We have the blessing of blessings, a collection of favorites, friends help me pull over to add a favorite, I would like to thank you! ~! . . <

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