otherwise how can change the result .

November 21 [Wed], 2012, 12:36
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 484th chapter ,the fate of seeking monthly subscription request for all for support -- this time around ,Yang Lin although no bet ,but does not prevent them from watching the excitement .
So when Yang Lin opens the card, by his side there was a buzz, of course ,these comments are not optimistic and bureau ,after all Kensington UGGs Boots, like baccarat cards ,three to eight points out of one or two or more, the smaller but less ,if the idle open at the same time it out a little ,that less is more and less .
At the moment, and Yang Lin bet against the dealer on the face quietly although ,but was already starting to get nervous .Because of this sentence ,Yang Lin and bureau for injection is not low ,count with the note ,a total of six hundred and ten thousand whole, if it was him ,then the casino will compensate by almost five million ,this number in the box is nothing, but in the Gambling Hall, a compensate five million ,is also extremely rare .
Like they such dealer ,although not pumping ,but having a tip with, day is a lot of money ,but their management table if lose too many words ,may be to reduce the chance that the tip table ,there is no natural ,so the table to make money or not ,and the the dealer is also related closely to the .
Open card ah . At this moment ,Yang Lin old. See dealer has refused to open licensing ,impatient, each time he came to gambling ship only one hundred thousand bucks ,if the ten thousand bucks defeated ,then the rest of his day is nothing to do ,satiate drink sufficient to home .
The present situation and just opposite ,people have all urged the dealer license to open ,the middle-aged dealer also did not see third cards ,it will see no, if is licensed and words ,unless he cheats ,otherwise how can change the result .
Although some feel nervous, dealer spring surface is very calm ,in various casinos are spent ,it meet spender ,as people nagging ,dealer opened hand . Party piece seven ? Lao Li ,you are bad for me ,as I said just now to tell ,you drag me, you see, you have a look .
Even with two out and bureau ,there weird . strange ,I with seven and authority ,but this guy is lucky . Yes ,if pressed him and bureau ,I follow . Hey ,hey ,Lao Wang ,where are you going? You said if drawn and bureau ,you put that card to eat ? When the dealer to open card, the crowd is blown out ,have to shout up ,one time, even thousands of square meters Gambling Hall remaining noisy voice ,to down, making all people focus to the baccarat table Wedding Collection UGG, and the last sentence to eat brand words ,but also attract people to laugh .
Brand is the casino ,he give me I will eat . Just say that people see a card will waste cards are thrown into the waste board box ,to take a head back and forth ,elicited a despised sound ,but in doing so, it is diluted in two Yang Linlian and bureau .
This time, say the only laugh does not come out ,may be sitting around in Yang Lin Luo Hong ,at this time, his own side of the sign face bet does not say, pressure in the Yang Lin side of the twenty thousand block of chips ,is more directly by the dealer for Yang Lin ,even received no back .
Since three Party Casino Betting ,you need pay Yang Lin and bureau of the four million eight hundred and eighty thousand bet ,it has eighty thousand to belong to Lao Xie ,also Bashiwanwan is Yang Lin won ,Tang Yun was the most, all won four million .
At this time, the Dutch officer forehead emblem false sweating ,the amount of leverage to push out . Because ,you brought this man is doing what? I was a little bit better ? In gambling as a room ,laid thirty or forty monitors ,one of them is to Yang Lin, the common face to enlarge the whole screen .
This time, Long Yuntian also did not think of Yang Lin is so good ,the helpless say: look at his skill ,should be the first time in casino gambling UGGs Neumel Boots,play with him ,this little money, we also prepared to start .
Because ,this is your friend ,or you to invite him to go to a play ? To say this is called gauge Yi, bet with very clever ,is on the ship ,usually did nothing, but encountered someone to hit a son cheat ,he is out ,but in his eyes ,can see Yang Lin is a novice ,and thousands of no relationship .
Meter Yi Long Yuntian for his word not to say yes or no ,he said : because I was afraid of him ,life long, next to people with the note ,then we got the loss ,is it right? A Dutch officer ? More is in the casino with a long time ,the more believe fate ,if Yang Lin had been so lucky continues, continue to detain and bureau ,others again and note ,that if you were him ,will be with millions or even tens of millions, or even more ,so, the casino is indeed the loss is not small .
Dragon sky a faint smile on one looked at Yiyi eyes ugg australia boots,said : the old meter ,baccarat winning only a few money ?You are too long didn meet up place person ?With him to play ,losing many gambling ship to compensate for a number ,we open for business Coach Bags Bags,is not afraid of anyone for money ,don think of those appearing nervous in public .
I tell you ,make the people unhappy ,don see us on the high seas, is several warships to around ,everything is possible . Long Yuntian knew as a whole ship on the ship ,plans for each chapter of gambling games are pumping pumping ,although rarely ,but can not sustain circulation amount gross big ,meter Yi said one by one dealer ,dragon cloud days is very clear inside the Maoni ,he was afraid to gauge Yigan what stupid ,deliberately trying to point his sentence .
Is ,is ,less lesson is . One was Long Yuntian said his sweat, in his heart Anma his head ,because the friend ,he even dare to a crooked mind ,I do not know how to write the word death .
To his fortune ,in the Gambling Hall is not right, I go and ask him ,if he is not willing to enter the box to find people to bet . Long Yuntian seen in the old gauge the performance ,smiled ,and said .
In Long Yuntian and Wilson chat which will ,Yang Lin has dropped third times ,this time he doesn charge and bureau ,but bought $one hundred thousand free home win, while waiting for the next to those who voted for the person ,have put their money up ,but most also only bet sixty thousand .
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