Ukrainian iron black robes when Master

November 29 [Thu], 2012, 15:58

> Not a few days, Cat Fish Fish event there Newspapers Logout come, I do not intend to see the photos of the three of us from the hands of a member of the public, although not in the middle position, they brought us a death track . Had we realized the reporters captured, but also in the newspaper, then realized that the seriousness of the problem, it will try to steal that reporter's camera, and take to beat him, to relieve heart grievances, it was too late, on such a thing, I was totally offended two kinds of people, the rich and powerful people, the second is the Police Can Jammu long, I do not worry about their My concern is that my two thieves apprentice would have been a plot. In order to avoid the two thieves apprentice was a plot, I had to avoid revive with the two thieves apprentice, also boarding no almost no people underground hotel, this hotel most people do not know, the hotel is in the underground casual decoration into dark plus wet, opened this restaurant's boss is a crime, aggressive looks, said that this person committed a homicide, the boss's face, there is a very clear scar, a human being is always fierce fiercely look. After that day, I was about to go out to the ground, after export, just encountered the boss came back from the outside, he looked me up and down, and said: you live here, the normal pay accommodation will not drag you money, rest assured, you have no control, on slips me a piece of paper from his hands, apart from anything else, go out into the hotel went to see a well-intentioned, but full of malicious. I did not say anything, took over the arrest warrant, the warrant clearly printed mentoring three black-and-white mug shot, I really admire police detective of technology, which get the bulk really great, I quite admire them in this regard. To see this happen, and how I can not go out, will encounter a lot of trouble if to go out, and when not to mention the apprentice to harm, also got this shelter underground hotel, was searched, and if so to disturb others also bad, after all, the boss received much money, a room also twenty yuan a day, three people sharing a room, also free strength day. Within a day or two, we do not go out, stay underground hotel, I had to let the boss we going to get some food, and to live in such an environment, our bodies will be problems if the long-term, Fengshigutong his skin is also president of the red dots, no way, I had locked the door, remove the suction soul stone, my own force to suck the soul stone stretch, two thieves first entered the apprentice suck the soul stone, then I will into suck the soul stone. Suck the soul stone, with the underground hotel environment outside is not the same, did not expect to master early on in the suction soul stone waiting Master saw even the Mangying the over. The Master heard me ask, also said: the stone hall walked very far away from the hall, our nose to smell the aroma of a Unit of the meals until aroma comes into the room,UGG Roxy Tall. Ah! Thing to do is suck the soul stone, no homes, will cook to play, they practice every day that this is a hobby, I do not what I said, do eat myself, huh, huh. said cheerfully. A door to the hall, we see a table full of dishes, simply Feast really let me swap saliva, not to mention those of us every day hiding in the underground hotel are the boss eat dry food to help bring back the drink are hotel boiled water, slightly, there is a little rust taste,UGG Australia Finnegan. Saw two people the long eyebrow with big ears Brother, we also inevitably polite about it, the situation of our mentoring three this time, they are also very clear without saying, After all, it sucked the soul stone we carry with stones. When satiated, the master surface se a change, the two brothers immediately stood up and, then, the station to the master behind, to see the master that sounded harsh, I will feel inexplicably, they do posture, also scared the two thieves disciples to stand aside. note of this precious treasure, you know are wrong? my disciples, to the effect, the Master please forgive the older students. We forgive you,UGG Boots Bailey Button Triplet, and now you up, took the gowns open character day pen When I took over from the brothers in the hands of the big ears the Ukrainian iron black robes when Master also told: very effective, and also hope you suck the soul stone, good practice. Master this time, put his right hand and gently stroked his beard, and then said: dish is really delicious. may force your door forced open. Our mentoring three shortness walked to suck the soul stone, when three have sucked the soul stone, I will quickly let go of the gas sucked the soul stone suck the soul stone like a deflated ball, the more shrinkage more small, straight shrink like a stone, I also picked up back in the collar, then the Ukrainian iron black robe to put on my nightstand so do, it even surprised two thieves apprentice, they must have asked me a lot of questions, but, in the case of such emergencies, there will be no open sound asked. Chen San gently opened the door, and she is not fake, the master to the picture we see is real, come precisely the underground hotel owner, boss to see us so late to open the door, it was in when the door is opened, stepped into the room, looked around a bit. , said softly. for a ventilation points. boss is also no doubt that I was telling lies. I give two thieves apprentice eye se, Chen San apprentice touches knowingly and said: : his hotel room holding up full, it really secretly looking alarm can not, must think that we are Frankenstein. Local hotel owners under out the door, we also put the door was closed, I let two thieves disciples not to say anything, no matter what happens, do not say anything, they promised me, I also turned and went to the bed The place stood Ukrainian iron black robes, pick up the Ukrainian iron the black robe flick also draped over his body, and instantly, I figure disappears in the eyes of two thieves apprentice. Two thief the apprentice also Buganshengzhang, and he looked around and hand stroke implantation with table, chairs, etc., without any trace. In order to test these two apprentice, I did not say anything, in fact, I saw two of them insensibly looking for me, you can not help but want to laugh, but always muzzled,UGG Knee Twisted Cable, not to laugh. The book is the first. 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