the woman know I steal her

December 21 [Fri], 2012, 10:47
Start.The tailor was the static under heart to come, to dead air was assessed in a one-piece sheet of cloth, then the potential energy with lily again and again, faster even my eyes can only see the shadow!Hastily transport sets true element in the eye, only to see the moving track of flammulina.I didn't blink, carefully look at Lily will dead air and dark cloak quickly by a line of energy put together, and then the perfect fusion!Shocked, too surprise!The original energy and equipment can be so fusion!The tailor woman is also high!Golden wave, energy flash.The woman's hand turned to blur, quick shuttle.Nine nine eighty-one pin, the tailor was rapidly close at hand, the golden aside, both hands combined, light energy from the palm out guanghua."Weave day by fusion!"A light drink, tailor woman hands up, contains a special energy hands suddenly on the temporary use needle for necrotic mass and dark cloak.A light flashed in tailoring,Canada Goose Citadel, aunt energy drives, dead air perfect melting into the dark cloak of."Ding, congratulations on your watch the grand master when weaving, the savvy high, lucky learned 'fabric by fusion, at the same time day' art of weaving experience greatly enhance!"Grass, perceived skill, just the woman play that NB skills!Quickly view!Weave day - Fusion: senior sewing skills, 0100000, it is God class weaving fabric days old division such lifetime of God class weaving operation, has good fortune can seize.Million years ago, during the war between gods and ghosts, humans in the Inferno crazy attack, retreat.Finally in the destiny goddess help, just save the day.In the period, the Inferno soldier casualties, but Inferno strong bristly, not easy to wipe out.Although the human God cast gate provides the magic weapon, but the strange magic spells are impossible to guard against.In war stalemate, destiny goddess called days old fabric.Days old cloud fabric material, the glass as spirit, to seize the good fortune, to create their own fabric day by weaving a unique God level armor glazed Choi clothing, human Feng Wuji strong for the nine day hot sword and glazed Choi clothing items to two great spirit level, the ultimate success of cut through many demons master, also sealed the devil's Dharma King dark spirit, laid the foundation for the human victory!Efficacy: fusion, the material into the equipment, to weave days, the merit of nature, than the general fusion 100% increase 5% attributes, 50% increase of 8% properties, 30% increase of 10% properties, 5% increase of 15% properties, 1% increase of 20% attributes.I suck an air cooler, MD, who was God level weaving skills' influence, with angry dragon hit 'and' blow off day 'is contemporary.Is a million years ago, the ancient forest of the strong legacy of their skills.I just watched some tired tailor's wife, did not think she was having so God level master level weaving division, was surprised!"Oh, just a fusion would let me have the feeling tired.He is not good!Connaught, your cloak, pretty good, you good luck, he added a 15% attribute."The mother gently with a sound, will be handed over,Men's Canada Goose Expedition Cheap.I ducked his head, the convergence of mind, if the woman know I steal her secret, you waste my weave day - then the tragedy.Hurried took the cloak, hurried farewell to tailor the aunt, a smoke escaped.Rushed to the Dragon Inn, to the treasurer to a 1000 gold coins of the secondary room, rushed into the room.Shut the door, I breath.Is safe now.Sitting cross-legged on the bed, took out a dark cloak, and view the properties.Cloak of darkness: gold equipment, requirements: grade 20, lasting 1115,Mens North Face Panther Print Ski Cheap.Effect: increased 30% Dodge, dodge 50, speed 18, lucky +3.In addition the dark Department of defense 10%.Attached to: 50 agile, 30 constitution.Attached to: dark stealth skills.Prowl: dark after release by the magic gas shrouded, enter stealth, speed is reduced by 60%, lasts 30 seconds, cooldown time of 10 minutes.
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