can easily open the box

December 19 [Wed], 2012, 12:20
Also at the Royal Dragon Temple of the God ", suddenly wake up, he just looked at 'monster' brother, long after, only laughed, nodded, and said:" it is natural, little is really gifted!The time being the first box closed.",UGG Retro Cargo Sale;Royal Dragon Temple main slightly embarrassed said, after all, the 'monster' brother looks very do not suit for the son-in-law, long than toy boy also toy boy with melon seeds face, like skin, more delicate than women, a pair of big eyes water Lingling seemed able to speak, not only such, that every twinkle and smile, there is a lingering charm, if not his neck where there was a bulge in the throat, killing these people will not believe before, this is a man.How to make this dream come in?Royal Dragon Temple master some headache thinking."It looks like the Royal Dragon Temple a handsome son-in-law has already been elected?"Easy cold saw around the silent, immediately sound a laugh, and said.No.This is not what I mean to say is, he is able to open, I can also open!!He just grabbed my chance it, so, I did not recognize!"At this time, easy cold beside the man hurried out said."Why don't you admit it?You in the retort house master set the rules?"Easy cold asked."Custom is fixed, but you can't say, is to be the pink of perfection of rules, without any defect."The man staring eyes' monster 'brother, he stood up, and said: "the main ring, I think, this test as well, in the box after the trial, more than a game.""More than a game?"Royal Dragon Temple Lord flashed a smile, he frowned: "why more than a?This is not good?""It is necessary!"The man nodded, said: "because people can open the box, not only one person!!"Say, Man Road: "I want to try, if I open up the box, so, I think he and I, there is a contest!"This is naked challenge.'cabaret' brother to look at the man,UGG Womens Classic Metallic, but not angry, just a quiet smile, you will shut the box, has come back.Royal Dragon Temple the Lord listens, also secretly nod: "indeed, the little girl only one, if there are two people, then it can only add a field!"Royal Dragon Temple main if a, is personally endorsed the man's words, that is to say, '' ''s victory is only temporary, behind, he still fighting, not only such, cold is easy.Royal Dragon Temple master nodded, look at that man, said: "since such, box again closed, you want to test, and then test it, if no one can open the box back, then, my Royal Dragon Temple is a handsome son-in-law, the little!"Royal Dragon Temple main laugh at 'monster' brother.'cabaret' brother just smiled, did not speak, quietly standing in the easy cold side, look at that man.Although the man discourse was steady, but whether he is worried, see the box to shut, his turn to show men, immediately without hesitation, quickly stepped forward, from the package turns over a pair of strange transparent gloves, worn on the hand, and went straight to the front of the box, light and flexible direct to open the box.Seeing this, before out of sword and knife, it began.This man, he used this magic gloves so easy to open the box, obviously, this pair of gloves is a problem, but the person "this is my chance to get the glove, it had an effect, that is to let people in their strength, shield strength all odours, retention attribute, therefore, the box can't tell me the strength, therefore, can easily open the box."Men will box open in half, and then was closed, and then a hand out to people, said.They listen to, he nodded."I didn't think you open this box was so relaxed, it looks like the world hero is really emerge in an endless stream ah, I was also feed one's sight on the."Royal Dragon Temple main laugh at both sides of the road, the people.Who knows, his smile how far-fetched, but, it also can only be hypocritical.The are a is extruded smile, nodding his head.Although, many people see the clue."So, it already had two little opened the box, qualified two remaining??",Canada Goose Borden Bomber;Royal Dragon Temple the LORD look at remaining easy cold there is a wizard, asked with a smile.
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