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December 24 [Mon], 2012, 15:59
The 361st chapter troop movements!Chu Linsheng said that so mean and having no sense of shame, Fan Minzheng face gas green up.Validation of a woman is it right? The virgin approach?It also used to say, it is......With this in mind, she looked up her eyes, suddenly, she found, standing in front of him the very thin man, not her original impression of the upright gentlemen, on the contrary, he is very kinky - swing.Fan Min had always thought his eyesight is very good, this time, she knows, she is really impressed......Chu Linsheng knew Fan Min wanted, so he waved his hand, said: "you must be like, what I said method is very simple, not your imagination so evil."Fan Minxian is astonished, but soon, she laughed, he said: "I know you guys have a set from appearance to judge the girl is it right? The virgin, is nothing but have a look girls aisle when legs - whether there is a gap between them,North Face 3in1 Cheap, now I tell you, this method is not science, because there is some body slim girls, between the legs - born with seam."Fan Min could be really was Chu Linsheng gas to the lost, so that to be able to say such words.For the past her, she even talking to men are few, not to mention this problem again and again and the three on the.Chu Linsheng hearts a chuckle to oneself, in fact, he enjoy this feeling, is not to say that he is bad, but this feeling for a normal man, is really wonderful.Of course, he suddenly becomes so shameless also has the reason, he believed that "the man not bad woman doesn't love" the famous classic, his purpose is to attract Fan Min, if successful, then, later the blue sky group may be his control of the company is not a simple fifty percent......With this in mind,Canada Goose Camrose Parka Sale, his evil laugh, shook his head: "I don't mean looking legs - seam method."Curiosity Kills this sentence really true, but whether it is for a man or a woman.At the moment Fan Min is stuck in a vicious circle, heard of Chu LS denied her speculation, she instinctively asked: "how do you judge?""This......"Chu Linsheng ponder of a laugh, then gently open mouth close to Fan Min before, said seriously: "if you can let me kiss me, I know you are a virgin is it right?."Fan Min instinctively backward hide hide, and swallows, asked: "kiss?"Chu Linsheng rolled his eyes, feel the kiss might be a little too much, then Frank said: "face."Fan Min hesitated, takes a big man Pro face, this is her some can not accept.Although before talking to Chu Linsheng in the process of cooperation, in order to get her collaboration with Chu Linsheng and made sacrifices health decisions, but that is being helpless to make.Nowadays cooperation things have settled, why let him kiss your face?Reason is clear, but Fan Min still very curious Chu LS whether it be like he said so magical, relying solely on Pro face can judge whether a woman is a virgin."Hesitant what ah, in foreign countries, pro face is just a simple ritual behavior, what are you afraid of?"Chu Linsheng began to give her to do the ideological work."Good!",Mens North Face Panther Print Ski Cheap;Fan Min eventually resolved, close my eyes.Chu Linsheng with a smile, the mouth close up.But just as he was about to come into contact with Fan Min's tender like the water face it, Fan Min suddenly opened his eyes."Eh?"Chu Linsheng eyebrow."You kiss after must give a conclusion, if your conclusion was wrong, so, you would have to give up the blue sky group shares, free to help me out here the influence, how?"The critical moment, Fan Min still did not forget her business.Chu Linsheng unconsciously shuddered, this seems a bit too big.Then, his mind started running up.On the analysis of the problems in the process, he took the hypothesis method.He first assumes that Fan Min is not a virgin, and then stood on Fan Min's side to think, if I is not a virgin, and a man standing in front of me work in just ways, awe-inspiring righteousness, confidence is presented to verify I is it right? A virgin when, I will be what kind of attitude, will let him show?The answer is obvious, not!
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