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December 22 [Sat], 2012, 15:26
When the very next day period of dust woke up, looked at the time, five in the morning!It is the earliest overslept!Yesterday, some dust seven dinner began to fall into sleep, no thought, sleep sleep now.Lying on the bed in a daze for a long time, period of dust had climbed up, looked at the bedroom in the remaining three was still asleep, he shook his head, put on clothes, walked towards the outside.The morning of the campus was quiet, after all, is still too early, just five more time, and occasionally a few figure in the school on the playground.Period of dust exhaled a, then, also began to trot running on the playground, preexistence, period of dust is also regular exercise, however, rebirth after coming back, period of dust for their exercise is little a lot."Oh, this is not a master?Today is really rare!Also to be able to see you running!"I just ran a few steps behind you, a loud sound ironic voice.At the sound of the moment, some dust was with a wry smile, white noise."Monitor adults, early!"Period of dust turned, looked behind him a tracksuit dressed in white, out loud laugh."Now you look like a student!"Bai Yu looked at the period of dust, a laugh: "I was alive!"I could not help but laugh at the period of dust, dust, subconsciously, section for white still has a little fear psychology, the spirit of offend less subtle idea, period of dust with white greeted, started towards the outside of school running."This guy, I would so terrible?"Bai Yu frowns, whispering: "all the mystery, do not know what to do.I really do not know if this guy in competing for hegemony in the end is what!"Run a lap, a dust spirit better,UGG Classic Short Boots, in the school bought four breakfast on the back, look at the bedroom three guys were still asleep, some dust he shook his head, put breakfast on the table, began to connect helmet entered the game.The scene changes, some dust suddenly appeared in a on the ice, and the ice, only a magic BOSS appeared in the period of dust before, for 100 magic BOSS, beginning in the ice wandered."Damn game designer, if you meet me, definitely kill you!"Period of dust looked at in front of a monster, gnash the teeth in anger, is a level fifty magic BOSS, what kind of all, this period of dust had thought, but some dust did not think of is, the BOSS is based on two units for a wandering, that is to say, this facet the monsters before, are the two go together, at the same time with two magic BOSS,UGG Original Sundance, there may be attracted to another group of magic BOSS, the difficulty is very high.Slowly toward the two silver wolf to go, after all, here is the most easy to deal with the monster, is the silver wolf."Roar!"Roar sounded, in front of the silver wolf suddenly bursts from the fury hoarse roar, then, two silver wolf toward section and dust jerky. come on.Period of dust in exhaled breath, immediately, directly open the PA Tian-gang, this skill in the past few days to help some dust is undoubtedly the most significant, if not the hegemony of the body of the gang, period of dust would not know to hang a few times, not like now, no time to hang.Inspired bully Tian-gang, period of dust again erupted chaos elements, some dust had to burst, in front of the magic of BOSS many, period of dust only burst chaos elements, in the shortest possible time around them will be open dissection of the big, otherwise, is likely to attract enough magic BOSS, at that time, some dust more trouble."Monster of a burst!"Period of dust directly forward, maniac a burst with a sudden, strong direct detonation in front of the silver wolf body, will have the silver wolf went back out, still on the ground several times, and the silver wolf in the period of dust great trick, actually directly blown off. 1/3 of the blood volume.Is absolutely unimaginable things."Roar!"Two silver wolf growled at period of dust washed over, furious hiss roar and dust ring, but the section, also began to constantly dodge a silver moon of the wolf attack, constant to the silver wolf launched attacks, each attack, all played on silver wolf one step back,Mens North Face Coats And Parka Clearance, miserable. Has become a piece of.
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