slap in the face to sue cold

March 18 [Mon], 2013, 11:01
While Yao Yao is: "to beat you, thought this young lady can't?"Yao Yao is not a great lady,MBT Tembea, she is the daughter of secretary of municipal Party committee, is also a bratty, Feng Naji Hiko saved her life, but because the expression too trivial, is a slap in the face.The sue cold even in front of Yao Yao's life, what is it not have a death wish?While several others see, nu way: "you dare to hit?Its ng J police coming for you!"They are the big boys, although Sue cold hit, nor to Yao Yao begin, after all, Yao Yao looks pretty cute.While Yan Feng is looked at underground Sue cold, heart unexpectedly some sympathy, given the big miss, you are really regret ah!Although Yao Yao Yan Feng was greatly improved, but the first impression is not so easy to get, save her, also a slap in the face.Although the arrangement of the work for himself, but the very next day to sit in her car yourself, let your little life thoroughly to win the job, it could be great lady can do things?Obviously not, now Yao Yao in Yan Feng's heart, is a bit of conscience of the devil.Cadre Sue cold a slightly clever students, to provoke terror of little devil, will have good fruit to eat?But this time, J ng sounded its siren, Sue cold some tough stand straight up, a look at Yan Feng and Yao Yao, said: "the two of you!I won't let you!"This time, Ma Fugui with a team from J ng on its observation went down, way: "what about?"Sue cold listened, and said: "J its ng officer, is my!The two men not only in the dormitory inside steal things, just hit me!"Sue cold said, pointing to Yan Feng and Yao Yao, Ma Fugui heard Sue cold words, face s è changed, with even saw Yan Feng and Yao Yao, his wife Hua Jianbing, nature is to know Yao Yao, and Yan Feng, who is more terror, can let the governor to the speaker.Now this doesn't know where come out of a green, unexpectedly let he grabbed two honour?Simply act recklessly and blindly!Thinking about wealth, the horse forward two steps, and then look at the students' eyes, a slap in the face to sue cold.Sue cold while Ma Fugui watched his face, eyes flashed a fear, said: "J its ng officer, why did you hit me?"Ma Fugui listened, ferocious way: "why do you?How dare you filing false reports, don't call your who?Do you know the two people you report, one is the party secretary's daughter, is the dragon and Tiger Group princess, dragon and Tiger Group uproot hair, are you the dorm together worth, you should say to your dormitory steal!The newspaper trumped-up case is a criminal offense, to catch my!"Suddenly, Sue cold face s è big change, said: "I don't know, J its ng officer please don't catch me!"Ma Fugui listened, cold way: "don't talk, catch up!"Several J its ng listen to the previous step is to catch.And Sue cold to see, suddenly said: "J ng to observe its the wrong person!Students come on,,,, "he did not finish, a j its ng observation have come up with a pistol, pointing to sue cold openings way:" want to make a mess?"Sue cold frighten atmosphere can't breathe heavily, and Sue cold side a few students can also scared away, then cold handcuffs he handcuffed in the sue cold hand, and said: "take the horse!"Then the horse and glanced at the Yan Feng and Yao Yao, eyes with a flattering s è, toward two people smiled and nodded, then he left, and Yan Feng is a little strange, the hearts of the panda dragon way: "he went to prison and I caused, why no karma?"Panda dragon heard, said: "this system only calculate a weight of causality."With even without a sound.Yan Feng listened, thought for a moment, the sue cold because of their j reported its ng, Ma Fugui because of his relationship with Yao Yao will he caught, Ma Fugui is this thing out, but ultimately it is Sue cold, reap the fruits of one's actions.According to the calculation method of causal system, Ma Fugui should now be more than the sum of the karma, of course, the normal thinking, Sue cold reap the fruits of one's actions, to provoke shouldn't blame people, be snobbish J its ng police arrested, eventually this thing and three parties have a relationship certain.
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