supervision of two divisions of two rooms

March 19 [Tue], 2013, 11:10
The 176th chapter, supercilious director "Kai ah, you give the land office of the discipline inspection team leader Hu Shulu, leader of a call, when she had time, she and I talk about this case."Put the files later, Yang Zixuan waved his hand, greeting is his hands hung, Hu Kai stands to the side.Hu Kai answer a sound good, just outside a small desk phone, was Yang Zixuan stopped.This phone I get good, you go out and about, let the discipline inspection room and discipline inspection and supervision of two divisions of two rooms, come to my office.We need to know more about each other and to discuss how to deploy land bureau case "Yang Zixuan decided to call Hu Shulu personally, or because he didn't find out the discipline the middle-level cadres.Hu Shulu as a land office of the discipline inspection team leader, is the land office of the Party member, is also the Deputy departmental level cadres, and Yang Zixuan the same level.So Yang Zixuan also dare not,Oakleys Jawbone, dare not let Hu Kai give Hu Shulu a call.Many important ministries and agencies in the discipline inspection team leader is the Ministry's party members, deputy department level is also mentioned above, in the business to accept the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, guidance and leadership, but itself and the hall of leaders entangled together, are prone to collective corrosion, collective * *.So, Yang Zixuan to try Hu Shulu is there in this Xu Zhigang thing, because the report is directly report to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the land office of the discipline inspection departments have not received the wind, only Hu Shulu know about indistinct."Hello, Hu leader, I am the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection side, the new Yang Zixuan ah,Oakley Limited Sunglasses, yes, I will now charge two discipline inspection offices, I have something want to ask you now, is about your land office Xu Zhigang thing?"Yang Zixuan picked up the phone, called to Hu Shulu's office, the phone is Hu Shulu."Xu deputy director thing?Xu deputy director, have what thing?I haven't received any report."Hu Shulu puzzled asked, voice is a little dull.Yang Zixuan tiny tiny one Leng, did not think of Hu Shulu as a land office of the discipline inspection team leader, did not receive this message."Oh, this way we have there is a report, complete material, we have accepted, and hope Hu Shulu leader you discipline inspection personnel, to cooperate."Yang Zixuan too lazy and Hu Shulu went on to explain, "come to the point directly.Hu Shulu paused, immediately warm up, warm enough to let Yang Zixuan almost gooseflesh dropped a, on the phone voice immediately increased 10 dB: "this is absolutely no problem, if Yang hall you short of hands, can from our hall deploy staff, what Yang hall. You say, we have to fit.""Say, it is still our discipline inspection group supervision errors, there are provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the admissibility of the case, we have not received the report, ashamed ah" the voice of Hu Shulu is not old, discipline inspection cadres with unique dullness and heaviness, let Yang Zixuan listen to no real emotional changes of Hu Shulu.Yang Zixuan hurriedly polite several voice, and Hu Shulu chinchin a few words, just hung up the phone, to read a bit report letter name, real name report report report letter, deputy general human capital a surveying and mapping center.The door was open, Hu Kai came in,Jordan Flight 9 UK, lower the head to say: "director, Maanshan Iron and steel section director discipline inspection room was coming, Pan Baiwen director of the discipline inspection and supervision in room two, is said to have led to the following cities and counties to handling a dispute case, has not come back."杨子轩眉头一皱:“什么纠纷案件,能惊动省纪委?”Hu Kai was shocked, muttered: "room two there is out, so I did not specifically ask."Yang Zixuan's in the mind move, said: "you go back and ask, what is the dispute, can disturb the provincial Commission for discipline inspection offices."
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