a quasi-respect level master was killed

November 22 [Thu], 2012, 10:35

Article outsider the rogue Tianzun 435 chapters, if you like outsider rogue Tianzun 435 chapters Favorites the outsider the rogue Tianzun 435 chapters North Face Mens Massif! the invading enemy. hint of sneer. General attack order, suddenly, the sky bright continent master also rush ahead in the past, both as a few world enemies, only to each other the Sisha was able to settle. Saw the two sides also no contact, that the sky's vindictive Jianqi would have flooded the entire space, the whole between heaven and earth are all kinds of energy whirlpool, sometimes crimson sometimes Zihei, sometimes white bright glare various remote attacks as if sky like fireworks produce bursts He normalized seamounts. A total of only an eight attributes the quasi statue, a seven-attribute quasi-statue, the three six properties quasi statue and three five properties prospective respect for the rest of the quasi-respect, but 40 people, the other book club watching the whole side of: Huashan fairy door read. While his tripartite alliance now on he and his the XING original two eight properties quasi-respect, but the seven properties prospective respect four, six properties quasi statue ten and five properties prospective respect seventeen. The remaining prospective respect level is nearly 150 people. The strength simply can not be comparison. As for the dark meta statue, the tripartite alliance, but ramped up to deal with his master, the master specifically dark yuan respect. Huo Guang not see any reason to lose. Close of the war UGG Women's Bailey I Do! Two consecutive under a Tuiti break his head, a broken leg kick soul, at the same time a cold light across it is a two-edged sword to pierce another person's heart, instant strangulation soul, a short instant, two Hades Fengdu, a quasi-respect level master was killed. The only attack dead!! Bright continent have to defeat the prime enemy, the to kill dark yuan respect. Ling Tiger family has only one purpose, and that is to kill the dark meta statue, recapture beast statue relics. Fengdu, natural is to kill dark yuan respect seize black Lingzhu and dark Lingzhu UGG Women's Tassel Boots, Fengdu people become dark yuan respect from dominate the dark continent. The tripartite alliance today as large melee among tripartite alliance side obvious war cheap. Palace blood contingent proud of savage laughter increasingly loud. Kill The other side of Hades Keqing hatred Long Roxy UGG Boot, the six properties quasi statue, Battle those bright continent, the whole person is like a sword, shuttling throughout all his shuttle, all the disciples of those bright continent by means of death, no slightest resistance, even with the Spirit of the Tiger family and Fengdu quasi statue has been directly killed.
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