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January 14 [Mon], 2013, 11:21
Critical moment now, but can not tolerate continuous trace of sloppy, Ling days with the Elf king energy input space law Babel body emits white light, very bright, the energy of the two space rule together, which can be not just one plus one equals two so simple. Anyway, the combination of the law of energy is five times before. The powerful law of energy wrapped tightly with the manic energy of the water of life, Ling days to see the time is ripe to see the wizard king; the wizard king know has come to a critical moment of the seal, gently little nod. The transformation begin a series of changes, Ling days of fingerprints Goblin King with India, originally wrapped irascible energy space law energy slowly contracting With the suppression of the water of life energy is the energy of space law is getting smaller and smaller; Ling days with the face of the Goblin King with no joy, but more and more dignified. Ling days now spend a lot of mind control changes in the law of energy the head sweat could not fall to the ground. Goblin King situation is not much better. Ling days, now see the wizard king mind huge loss, face some white, saw the Goblin King so looks like, Ling days more and more the guilt. Looks the energy of the water of life now seems to be with "Hey, this is just the quiet before the storm and now this powerful energy in space law energy suppression, in their own volume decreases at the same time, more and more of the real condensate energy more concentrated, if backfire, the consequences could be disastrous. Become the size of a fist in the energy of the water of life, and finally riots, fist like a sequel to the full force of the impact energy of space law. Sudden change, so Ling days with the Elf king by surprise, I did not expect at this energy was going to be when Ling-day joint seal and the Goblin King, it finally fighting back. Seems aware of the dangers, the impact of white rule energy. Energy back to bite the results is Ling days of meridians by light damage, the internal organs are also affected, a blood could not help but want to spit it out, but was forced to suppress under the the mouth blood spit, infuriating also vent want to be immortal and immune, space law a loophole that Babel. District an unconscious energy only what, do not believe can not cure you. Ling days to spend all the energy of space law, Babel injected into the body, the wizard king also injected a powerful space energy, in the face of absolute energy, even if the energy of the water of life, no matter how counterattack, also to no avail; but this shares tireless energy seems like, once again the impact of the seal. Ten times a hundred times nothing, but this phenomenon that lasted an hour before some signs of depression, Ling days to see the wizard king face white as a sheet, there is no trace of color. Knowing the Goblin King has been physically and mentally exhausted. Also know own situation is no better where to go and even worse, thanks yin and yang chaotic real dollars autonomous restore damaged tendons Ling days,Canada Goose Mountaineer. Ling knows now is the best time, otherwise late has changed; ghost will know this amazing energy in the riots up. He began: "Your Goblin King, the energy of the water of life against getting lower and lower, just to take advantage of this opportunity, it will be the big bang of the seal it." Wizard king nothing left eyes flash, nodded and said:'' I positive intention, actual fleeting, we now begin. '' "Oh,Canada Goose Banff, right, this is a" back Shendan "incomparable wonders reply loss of mind, plus this" gas silver bullets "should be able to reach the best condition you fast point dose. "to the Wizard Wang Dan drugs, Ling days was also quick to eating two immortality fact, both immortality, Ling-day is just will refining refining a few did not, because of time, , etc., must practice more Caixing Yeah. The Goblin King looked fly in front of the two immortality, did not say anything, Zhang stuttering down. After five seconds, the the true wizard king and mind are restored, only that there is an increase it. Goblin King looked at Ling days, a numb feeling, hearts thinking this magical immortality, even people so quickly return to the pinnacle, really great. In fact, the wizard king looked at that two full aura of immortality when the mind is skeptical. But after eating, to know that he was wrong; accurate to say anything impossible, it seems in the juvenile as it should be. Well do not want to the first save Babel matter. See the wizard king naked eyes flashing, who issued a strong momentum. Apparently been restored as ever, Ling days can not help but be pleased. Said: Goblin King you started it. "Goblin King nodded and said nothing, but fingerprints even change the energy of the space law constantly Babel injected into the body; saw Goblin King has action, Ling-day convergence mind, continue to strengthen the energy input of space law,Timberland Mens Boat Shoes Cheap. Lasted about a quarter of an hour's time, the powerful energy of the rule has been completely suppressed the energy of the water of life. Ling days and the Goblin King look at it, knowing the time is ripe. Shouted in unison: "Results!" Followed by the body of Ling days with the Elf king a powerful burst of coercion. Ling days to mobilize sufficient body of real dollars from the input to the the Babel body space seal on actually seal almost been completed, but Kam Tim spent now. Seal more securely. This situation has been going on for a moment, before stop. Exhaled a long breath, Ling days of hearts could not help exclaimed, really tired out, this time consumption, making Ling days a few live decade of illusion, but this is all worth it, because Babel finally is saved. Goblin King relaxed, his face full of sweat. Ling days the hearts apologetic and said: 'Sir Goblin King, this time I say I am sorry with Babel; Babel this time Chuangxia disaster, not only to drink a the wind elves treasure life Water Excuse shot where I really The do not know how to thank the go. Little tired Goblin King said: "All Going it, maybe the water of life and Babel vibes, nothing persistent. As for where Babel more without thanks; Babel Lingyuan Warcraft dissimilar inside, for some reason, even without your sake, I will try to where the. '' Hear the answer of the Goblin King, Ling-day heart surprised, in the end is what's going on, did not ask, because the Goblin King Ling knows these obviously do not want to. Ling days suppressed heart of curiosity, some things do not will know, so it is unnecessary to win temporary. The side silhouette flash, big elders appeared in front of an air of tension, but saw that the people nothing, and could not help but relieved. Could not help but said: "I did not expect so much the water of life energy even really seals live to tell the truth, my heart actually optimistic when are you going to seal this energy." The Goblin King nodded and said: "In fact, This time, thanks to the help of Ling-day, and I hope that does not want to want to rule alone my space energy seal Babel body temper the water of life energy, but Ling-day energy space law comprehend little less than I seal the successful completion of this makes have to say that is a miracle!, who would have thought Ling-day study and understanding of the space law can do. "the big elders say anything to, looked at Ling days, the eyes have deep deep to admire. Thought this sub-savvy high, is simply unprecedented. Ling days also saw large Presbyterian admiration in the eyes, heart smile, his practice speed is a little faster, law comprehend deep, Ling days are no shortcuts, everything happened very naturally do. Repair just practicing hard to describe on in leaps and bounds, it can not impede. If you let the elders know the idea of ​​Ling days, non-one killed not. Today's achievement is the Ling-day practice fifteen years, Wu trail farther heart growing silence which, enjoying the ups and downs. A moment later, the Babel finally woke up and saw Ling Tin Hau, can not help but said: "Master, I'm sorry." Ling days light laughs: "this thing, this will not happen again the things do not rash I want to know why you drink life Water it. "Babel Hey Hey's smirk and said:" It turned out that something tasty life of the water but the water of life is what you. "everyone is Babel asked Ray does not light, do not know what to drink you do not know this in mind filled with what. Ling-day silent, said:'' How do you Elf king's palace, and how to find the water of life, from real provoke. "Babel looked at his master, aggrieved and said:'' master, a retreat is a month This month time I also entire wind Elf turn would, today, it is not to go there, come here to turn turn, happened to see the wizard king is not in the palace, so the palace ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hey hey hey ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ that, to see if there is anything good it did not expect me in a golden box found three bottles I picked up a shook, found that there was a noise inside, open the bottle found inside the Aura is sufficient, abundant energy; know baby hearts happy and thought too much on the whole drink into the stomach results which abundant energy which makes the whole body ached results dizzy, and the next thing you know. "After listening to Babel, Ling days of face becomes difficult to see, the Goblin King and elders face turned ugly.
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