direct and sand devil attacks

December 22 [Sat], 2012, 16:38
"Boss, I come!"Zhang Yu at breakneck speed off in front of the few sand surfer, with two of the dragons come running."Come good!",north face cheap;See Chapter rain come, some dust suddenly shows a light smile, a level two dragons help, deal with a dust devil is not much problem."Roar!"The dragon has not come, the mouth of the poison flame has sprout, instant, sand devil who have taken on the Dragon venom, the original gray body instantly become green, head, it is a damage constantly emerge."Roar!"Then, the dragon also roared, huge body directly at the sand devil ran, huge claws, directly at the sand devil head, hard attack in the past."Roar!"Sand devil similarly explosive roar, directly at the Dragon away,Canada Goose Reversible Sale, the giant hand direct detonation in the dragon's head."Boom!"The magic dragon and sand devil body directly impact together, moment, two body directly toward the explosion back from behind, however, the Dragon injuries apparently Bechar devil is much higher."The sand devil is tricky!"Period of dust watched this scene, speak out said, at the moment, the dragon and the dragon in the siege of sand and sand devil, devil's strength is formidable, especially in the desert environment, with a wave of his hand, lots of sand fly out, directly at the magic dragon and the Dragon attacks the past, magic and the dragon was directly the series of sand attack burst out."Damn it, this thing so difficult to deal with!"Seeing this, some dust face suddenly changed, dust devil attack force too sick, so tough."Chapter rain, Sky King Tiger print!"Period of dust towards chapter rain look, a low sound thundered."No problem!"Chapter I, rain directly to a stamp."Roar!"Crazy roar was heard, suddenly, a giant tiger direct rushed out, wild tigers acoustic stabs."The devil'!"Look at the dark appear in front of the giant tiger, a dust face was a surprise, the tiger tiger is more violent than before."Roar!"Fiend 'appeared, direct uttered a fury hoarse roar, out rushed the body instantly, export, directly issued a black light, flash, bombardment in the sand devil him."Rustle" sand devil uttered a roar, cold eyes look to the monster Decepticons, uttered a cry of rage."Monster of a burst!"Period of dust at the moment has arrived at the side face of sand sand devil, devil, period of dust is also a knife cut out, instant, bombardment in the sand devil him, will sand devil played one step back."The old gas!"The flaming lips look to the period of dust, voice cried, now, the flaming lips with worship, see section and chapter rain and dust.At the moment, sand devil uttered a roar, above the ground is swept up in the sky fine Sutton, instant, merged into one made of sand. The arrows, directly facing the period of dust and bombardment.1241 1251 1201.Period of dust got in several arrows, suddenly, a damage out of the outbreak, the period of dust face suddenly changed,Womens Canada Goose, this moment, his output had dropped to the bottom, just hang up."Hum!"The holy white light directly in the period of dust on the body, making dying some dust directly pulled back, and see the white light shining, some dust suddenly heaved a sigh of relief, the crazy treatment arrive on time."Boss, this guy really difficult!"Zhang Yu said, Zhang Yuduo was in the dragon's back, but was not affected tract."Yeah!"Hearing that, while dust is nodded, at the moment, the dragon and the dragon was hit burst out, especially the magic dragon, direct and sand devil attacks, nature is no good, now has only 1/10 HP.While the sand devil, in three King BOSS and dust under attack, still 1/5 of blood volume, this difference was apparent."Roar!"Chapter with a wave of his hand, rain, monster Decepticons suddenly rushed out, in front of sand devil bitten directly, and the dragon, it is a backward step, monster Decepticons and dragon, monster Decepticons is Chapter rain summoned, hang up tomorrow still can summon, but the dragon, the dragon but hang once a little rain, chapter natural won't let the dragon to die."I come!"The crazy look front sand devil, speak out said, then, the staff up, a holy light in the crazy wand rises.
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