Gu Senran quite unhappy frowned

January 10 [Thu], 2013, 10:11
Late at night and the Ming the Yunfeng ground fire temple was still brightly lit, that is a large hall long light flashing. ** Bubble! Book. * Hasty step sounds, senior care, you see this in the end is how is it? How sweet brothers standing motionless hillside? Dare forward to disturb Gan brothers have stood on the hillside fast four hour talking a round face trail youngster, lasts eleven-year-old looks like,Canada Goose Baby Snowsuit, since the end of last year a majority gamping stand out, see the the so talented superior gamping all elders are starting some idea, have to come with a group of disciples gamping check it up. This group of disciples included many, even Munekado never its eleven test, not to mention on the door there are too many old-fashioned Presbyterian oppose most of these disciples as a servant to walk everywhere. The world they are all benefits to even ascetic of ascetics is no exception, see Gan Ping so outstanding, all the elders from the mind of some fluke. Toss about this, simply the wonderful Seongjong turned a day that also strange to actually they check it out many pearl dust, although not as gamping is so talented excellence, but a single attribute of the ultimate spiritual body has also appeared few remaining superior qualifications disciples are numerous. This finding allows the wonderful Seongjong senior exceptionally vibration all wringing annoyed the big Indexed disciples,Canada Goose Aosta Cheap, no wonder other Munekado turned out to be other reasons. The moment they sent the disciples out of the mountains included, that too on the words of the elders but can not ignore the children to enter the door in, the if Zaichi wonderful Seongjong drink less than even a soup. As for the elders too on how to account, which by no anger real bother, but wanted to come, even those the elders on too see these excellent children who qualified will regret wringing it? But let the wonderful Seongjong within everyone puzzled,Ralph Lauren Mens Pony Polo, why is there so much monasticism her hardest to become? Could that be the outbreak of a few years ago that spread the spiritual power of the full Tianfu continent has made of these children? Short anyway wonderful Seongjong, has up and down within only a thought, a lot Indexed disciples, just do not want to lag behind the others too, the sudden outbreak of spiritual power, increased world Reiki, suitable for cultivating the child, such as bamboo shoots emerged, this exception has been let those going through weathered fine people who smell a hint of an exception, this monastic community have happened. So in just three months wonderful Seongjong, included budding disciple number up to seven thousand people, and this number continues to increase, these children also appeared many talented excellent, suitable for cultivating the proportion actually reached more than two percent, which makes all the elders within the cases can be joyful and some horror. In the end what happens? Actually occur such spiritual power of the tide of the mutation? A profound Daoxing of people already feel that Heaven came faint coercion, more skilled in the the monks deduce Busuan Heaven, secret obscure actually has been blinded and cast a shadow which makes everyone's heart. The Although misfortune normalized cases within the Presbyterian's first to worry about, for the following disciples, were population soared makes all disciples are exceptionally busy. Those tough flesh mighty body repair disciples were picking up felling ax went to the mountains towering giant trees to build houses. Expertise in refining his disciples have in command of Munekado down to remove large amounts of material refining vestments instruments used in the warehouse. The whole wonderful Seongjong like a huge machine each part quickly turned up. Gu Senran recently is also mind-boggling, as extremely idle where, the Ming YUNFENG fire temple has been regarded as the boundary mixed with food to die were door disciples. Not just because the disciples exhausted leisure manual labor, even pitiful number, so there are large tracts of empty housing has been uninhabited in bring up the rear. Today, the population explosion of cases door, the main peak has been unable to accommodate so many children, they put these children dispersed to the above each peak. In three months the Yunfeng have been to nearly one thousand children from time to fire the house of the most populous nor to three hundred people, and now all of a sudden come to a multiple of the children, even if these children all heart fear very obedient, but also let Gu Senran fret. Gu awe-inspiring about to break through Lianqi high-end reach Lianqi pinnacle repair, three months, abruptly lost a lap. Exhausted culture of fact, speaking of the temple of the fire is completely the sake of calling the shots from the hall Morohito since the status of the highest first expanse sub is exhausted and undisciplined temper such mundane presumably not even think about those elders helping hand extended. Elders who never managed these things only will get help busier, say these old endlessly pretty simply, see hall day downtown into a ball under the expanse sub exemplary, all of them got into the Dan's underground room of the fire temple, calling retreat alchemy. Although some Fufei these elders as consultants Senran pretty relieved, these gentlemen not have to retreat, the idea is to reduce a lot of trouble, the full command better than someone gesticulating good. The expanse sub throw Gu Senran the bottle six products under the order Choji Dan, all of decentralization, even monthly immortality issuance also handed over to the care of awe-inspiring to manage. In fact, the expanse sub know this Gu Senran mental firm intent longevity, but unfortunately born qualification, repair this life if to Dajin Dan realm on the thankful. Although the qualification poor, but the Gu Senran this open-minded thinking is smart, but rather a way for managing the line. This Xiuxian door does not lack is the qualification extraordinary disciples, but Gu Senran expertise to take care of his disciples touches rare, it is no wonder such a generous reward expanse sub. Gu the Senran also know the meaning of sub expanse, this period of time busy these mundane affairs, will certainly affect the entry of repair bottles grass Chi Dan is specially reward in order to compensate for their delayed homework before I Unfortunately, only three months have been busy to accommodate these new children touches even taking such immortality. Panacea has exceeded the limit Gu Senran repair, although a lot of advantages, but also cautious, to be the best in mind is clean state when taking then line power thirty-six weeks genius most effective, can be Right now how can so much time to let Gu Senran taking a panacea? So he also had been these silver bullets collected in his arms, until settle down slowly taking. The arrival of these budding child but also to the fire temple everyone brought great changes, since the body into the the monasticism door, then began to practice. Arrangements under the shelter clothes food is to teach them to their own practice. Just the age of these children is quite small, life experience is not quite the same, most of whom can not read, Gu awe-inspiring arrangements down an original fire temple the disciples distribution management four children. The move allows the originally exhausted and to fire the house of all the disciples to suffer a great deal, originally as the bottom disciples these children one a senior cried down simply promised. Although the new entry, but the qualification of these children is pretty all Gaorenyichou even old disciples of the temple of the fire has been promoted to the implementation of the brothers humbled Eph. Young stimulation, as brothers, they also had to put down muddling mind, angry practicing were inside the door of the generational scheduled against the cultivation, the total bad let them hundreds of years later, toward these single-handedly brought the kid who called the Shishu it? Watching all these Young so strenuously practice, Gu Senran heart is a relief, I had always been wanted to get rid of these Shi Dimen exhausted temperament, but unfortunately the culture has become nothing he can do. But this time it might be a turning point, want to come when of himself next Munekado Tabitha's would not be that supercilious. Day Gu Senran busy arrangements for the second day of manual labor, a child with a panic run in the "Big Brother, Big Brother · · · a round little face became red because running The breasts also up and down the big mouth and gasped. Gu Senran quite unhappy frowned, "small star child, what is going in such a hurry? Deportment not a cent!" This child care Senran down also recognize that one of the children is the new name Huanzuo weeks Star were door new population too much, this name down to take, however, they are temporarily using real name. This week Star dude with several children with sweep the front of the hall Square Gu Senran down to often seen this child is well qualified, the idea is very diligent, just temper some anxious always rush around like this thing Gu Senran rebuked him no less. Zhou Xing see Big Brother unhappy, afraid to speak immediately unsettling stood. Gu Senran Actually, I'm not bother him, care of busy hands of the matter, he fell a little dull this child's temper looked Zhou Xing aside anxious scratching hesitantly made me laugh. When she was in the hands of manual labor finally Gu to Senran pen down, rubbed his wrists Road: "Well, what's going on?"
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