Yuning is pondering if they missed

December 13 [Thu], 2012, 13:01
The 269th chapter is to see people face puzzled expression ,Xin Yongtong seemed to have some material ,smiled and said: flower that you may feel fresh ,I also heard my friend said he knew .
Say simply ,is that every flower represents the different meaning . She slyly wink : if after the brothers to sisters flower words ,you should pay attention to ,but it has a special meaning .
See Xin Yongtong suddenly came out of the fox look ,Liang Xi mouth slightly higher ,the female students in mind . Sister ,you say that every flower has a flower ,can say a bit more specific ?For example ,such as the rose .
Around the female students who have asked timidly ,asked after her face became pink .Xin Yongtong saw her expression ,will understand her mind, smiled: sister ,are you saying Wang Shixiong last night sent you a rose ? Oh ,sister female disciples coquetry sound ,face is like the cover of a piece of red cloth .
Rose? What the flower is the flower ? Xin Yongtong point out that female disciples heard about ,around all became interested, hurriedly asked .Xue Yuning and Lin Xianer are the eyes and ears, for fear of missing Xin Yongtong next words .
Liang Xi was quite interested in watching Xin Yongtong : flower flower ,rose ,hey ,just the girl is not that right, the brother Wang also ,if not for today, people are aware of the flower, his painstaking not wasted it .
Liang Xizheng secretly straight music ,suddenly a light in his mind ,eyes staring at Xin Yongtong around the basin of the white delicate flowers ,heart and called out: t,Men North Face 3in1, in Beijing ,has the ability to get such a rare flower .
.. ... It is ... ... Beam high officials heart out of that name ,the legs of a soft, mind better than early discharge faster on an escape excuse .When he was thinking of the time, Xin Yongtong said : the rose is the flower of love and beauty ,love ,so my congratulations on yo ,Wang Shixiong this is the opportunity to express to you the love ,you can not fail to live up to his pains .
Hear sister .The sister ,shame and joy ,UGG Retro Cargo,flushed face ,are buried into the chest to go .People think that red rose fresh appearance ,not by a dreamy .Xue Yuning nodded: rose red as fire ,just like love is fervent, really is consistent with ,but do not know who wants out of flowers and flower is the flower of this statement, we must have the opportunity to visit a .
Xue Yuning said after the beam naturally or half unconsciously towards evening glanced at .Beam high officials guilty conscience, quickly hand: not me ,you know my sister ,I though this person integrity ,kindness ,but those romantic things I am not good at .
You good ? Xue Yuning light made a tush ,white beam time eyes , I never said you ,you do so nervous . Don me . Liang Xi slowly back to stand here now ,he would have felt uncomfortable .
Lin Xianer looked surprised to see Liang Xi : ?Where do you feel uncomfortable ? Liang Xi nodded ,pures colors : man, every month there are always a few days Linxianer ,Xue Yuning before he finished, Qi Qi made a tush ,no longer ignore him .
Liang Xi will not feel embarrassed about ,chaos ,ready to find a chance to walk away .Around the warm atmosphere ,a time also nobody noticed this transaction ,we are keeping a close eye on Xin Yongtong ,was asked : elder sister ,then tell us your opinion and other words what flower .
Yes . I ,if I want to send my mother flowers, to send her any good ? Sister ,I at the window and keeps a small pot of daffodils, it have any special meaning ? Ambient temperature rise suddenly ,overnight sensation this group of girls beam is really crazy .
Xin Yongtong eyes of circulation,Jimmy Choo Kaia Sale, with four sees more at night ,beam direction several times ,move aside a few steps ,revealing the pots of white flowers ,said: we don that I first raised the issue of Yo ,you take a guess this flower ,I guess then ,I will give you one one ,but I say ,that my friend and I speak when I didn remember all ,know I will tell you .
Listen to her so say ,all eyes were again on the basin of white flowers .See all the brow wrinkled up ,a deep in meditation ,Xin Yongtong mouth to leave an imperceptible angle ,they can results she would be expected, she now view from time to time to beam over left overnight ,but a pause to quickly remove .
Liang Xi felt more uncomfortable ,contracted neck ,he is now increasingly feel stuck in here was a good decision .Around in the short silence ,Xue Yuning is pondering if they missed the flowers ,his eyes suddenly saw beam Xi is make one back away ,he squinted ,fast flash to beam behind overnight ,when he wasn jerked him pushed : we know ! Liang Xi be caught off guard ,suddenly feel aroma of the force ,the body is a strong outward pulled off ,shouting : bad hearts suddenly wiped ,chick dare I yam ! Xue Yuning this sound like a thunder plains ,everyone looked up in astonishment ,just to see the beam high officials ,stumbled stumble along station to Xin Yongtong .
See his awkward appearance, all female students by your lip .If a beam gave Xue Yuning a look ,he thought to himself : everyone disgraced big, the girl must be severely punished !Pepper served ! Lin Xianer was approached to Liang Xi, but Xue Yuning suddenly pulled .
Rain coagulation ,Liang Xi he couldn how to do . The Lin Xianer stomp, worried about watching the crowd Liang xi .Xue Yuning would hold my smile ,said: rest assured ,your Liang Xi must know, we should believe him .
Lin Xianer heard Xue Yuning comfort ,then that admire orchid beam color magic ,then nodded ,on the evening also somewhat confidence .See the beam night stand out ,Xin Yongtong eyes flash away, but soon her cover up the past .
She is indifferent to Liang Xigong hand ,said: the junior ,also did not ask your name? Liang Xi rubbed his face, his skin is very thick ,slightly uncomfortable after a recovered ,grinning, scratching the head ,just looked at Xin Yongtong ,said: I Hello, my name is Liang Xi, everybody happy .
You see, I said not to worry about her ,this time also thought accounted for when I really cheap ,you do not know Liang Xi skin is what to do . Xue Yuning reluctantly to Linxianer one stand hand .
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