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December 30 [Sun], 2012, 17:17
The battle of the the ancient fly and the Oriental Morning, attracted the eyes of the vast majority of people, one is used to practice scrap wood destined not successful practice is a the Tai Xuan door, the younger generation leader, steady sit the younger generation number two juvenile master, a battle, not the beginning would have been full of suspense. Originally, no one is optimistic about the ancient flying However, after he defeated Shaoyang peak illustrious disciple Li Hao, the people will not dare to above in this war, easily a conclusion. However, Tai Xuan door a young generation of disciples in the bottom of my heart, or that the winner of this clash will Oriental morning. Shaoyang peak Li Hao, in the morning with the ancient flying war lost somehow, he still has a lot of powerful Taoism has not yet cast, he was not convinced that he the ancient fly with the Oriental Morning a war to pay more attention than others. Not yet turn to play test of Li Ling wind, purple feather, also came to the ninth ring next, they know, the ancient flying or sort of odds. The emerald the Lingfeng a pulse, the the Tai Xuan nine veins among the most alternative, also the most unpredictable one pulse, because the clock power law tradition since occasionally get a ancient classics. This ancient ancient records is an ancient martial arts. Practice the profession today, practicing the martial arts of the people can not say that it is rare, but true Budo esoteric, which disappeared in the endless years. No one knows the true Budo esoteric world of cultivation, Samaranch what earth-shattering force. People are faced with the unknown things, give birth to my mind first thought is fear because of the unknown, so it is difficult to grasp, because of the unknown, so I do not know the other shades. Called rivals can only know yourself, ignorant of opponents, is already inherent in a passive position, is not obvious disadvantage. The disadvantage is obvious, but it is, after all, is a disadvantage. Therefore, almost all the younger generation of disciples, are concerned about the the ninth ring that war. You want to look at, Chui Lingfeng a pulse power law in the end is how. To practice Budo older characters, the Chui Lingfeng a pulse of understood, but it is clear that this vein, it can be said the Guards intricately to the extreme, it is difficult, however, should the successful practice under the invincible hand, that Chui the Lingfeng a vein disciples able-called same order. At this time, the ancient flying has come to the ring next the Oriental Morning also his master Danyang Taoist lead down to the ring. Danyang Taoist behind can be more than the the Oriental morning, but a public Pik peak of the younger generation of disciples, enough to have dozens of people, can be described as massive. Fly the other hand, the ancient, but it is overwhelmed by only a single, whole Chui the Lingfeng a pulse, leaving his own people,Canada Goose Freestyle Vest. Oriental morning walking from behind his master, coldly glanced across the ancient flying then silent and jump into the sky, floating leapt to the ring, stood firm in the southeast corner. The mountain fine, blowing the Oriental Morning hem the breeze, handsome appearance, slender figure, indifferent demeanor, the whole person was actually exudes an elegant Chu Chen breath. Such as tolerance, but it is strange enough to make the ring under a lot of the younger generation disciple. This is the temperament of genius, perhaps scared only change my life ah! "Humph!" Ancient flying sneer, subsequently jumped up, stood to the northwest corner of the ring, "the Oriental Morning intentioned machine seemingly random one-stop, occupy the southeast corner of the favorable position." Ancient fly muse. Southeast on Northwest next, so stations that Oriental Morning faintly pressure of the ancient flying a bit is a science, in fact, how to stand the test of being. "Young Hyun law, you see your subglottic disciples would be able to win a test?" Magnificent hall on the steps watching the ninth ring of the Tien Taoist suddenly smiled and the mysterious law Taoist sitting beside said. The mysterious method Taoist heard this, he can not help but frowned, he see next offshoot's first look to their own, they quietly said: "Although the the emerald the Lingfeng a pulse disciples in which the realm of the same practice, than generally stronger than a lot of disciples, but I'm still confident I subglottic disciples. "" Oh, that ancient flying cultivation in wake my Seventh Heaven, that your sects ... ah! appears to be a fierce competition ah! "mysterious the Heaven people do not a good conclusion, after all, a matter of mysterious law Taoist's face. "The head of the brothers, you remember the Chui Lingfeng that has died Wan cents?" Suddenly, it the Zizhu peak's first dragon hung learning to Tien Taoist asked. "Ah? Course I remember the Dragon Young why talk about him?" Said the Taoist some doubts Tien looking at the dragon hung School. "Oh! Million cents into the once to wake repair seventh heaven, shake off where the realm of repair ah!" Long Hung school laughed. The Yuen method Taoist heard, his face flashed a trace of displeasure, you the Long Hung learned so said, not that I Pik peak subglottic most distinguished disciples than But Chui Lingfeng ancient flying? Here first Chui the Lingfeng a clock function, each pulse, or know very clearly, Chui Lingfeng Wu repair a passer than one way of monasticism, much more difficult. However, in the same order, repair by them, Wu Chui Lingfeng disciple of repair than the ascetics, called the combat power Guards. It is for this reason Chui the Lingfeng a pulse not give up the practice of the door on the ancient tactic. It is for this reason, a direct result of the decline of the emerald the Lingfeng a pulse. Under the same order invincible hand, this attraction is undoubtedly huge. "Unfortunately, this pulse disciples, no one can be taken that crucial step I would like to know, breaking into the off Where Realm Wu Xiu, powerful to that extent." Tien Taoist said not without regret. "Ah! Want to start." Said Tien Taoist blamed sights above the ninth ring. At this time, the ninth ring, ancient flying into a confrontation with the Oriental Morning still their momentum, a reminder to the limit, the ancient flying body revealed a strong vitality fluctuations spread of Oriental morning who vast Mana fluctuations in the ring impact each other, rubbing against each other. The two issued through a strong flavor, so close to the ring of the younger generation of disciples moved, powerful coercion, forcing them to distant retreat, afraid to stay in the ring near. All surprised incomparable foes, they absolutely did not expect, the ancient flying the strength could be so tyrannical, it seems that was able to compete and that the younger generation of disciples into the second master. Li Ling wind with purple feather splendor again and again in the eyes to see this scene. Zhao purple soft this time also temporarily not her turn on the ring to a test, but also mixed in with the crowd, nervously watching the two men in the ring. "Roar!" Suddenly, the ancient flying the body sank, issued a cry similar to the Tigers roaring sound in the throat, and then feet a brace in the ring, leg muscles suddenly broke out in amazing force, suddenly rushed forward a. The ancient flying attack is very direct, very simple, Dangxiong punch it went towards the Oriental Morning boom of the past through the pediment of the potential body forces rushed to the over fist, and forbearance, without hair, fist immediately cast a shadow over the layer of bright Jinmang. "Well!" Oriental Morning does not flash does not avoid, is also a simple lift of a direct right hand, step forward, right palm "Whew!" Bang fist toward the ancient flying was greeted by his right palm which hit instantly become golden. "Hey! I close fight? Simply courting death! The the ancient fly and see Oriental the morning turned abandon the Taoism his best,Canada Goose Mountaineer Outlet, Zhang Li Competition own ancient flying face it immediately emerged a cruel smile. "Oof!" Ancient flying thundered loudly when his fist with the right palm of Oriental morning about to collide together, right fist suddenly Bianzhao changed boxing for the claw within the flexor of the little finger and ring finger, the thumb and the index finger middle finger dichotoma Zhang, formation eagle, bypassing the the Oriental morning of the right palm at an incredible angle, the lightning claws in the the Oriental morning right hand wrist. The the Oriental morning surprise, heart Anjiao soon as well, will feel on the wrist of a tight cramp seems to be reined in general, and after an great touch on the forward instability stature or out. At this time, the ancient flying left fist fiercely H to the top of the lower abdomen of Oriental morning. "Hiss!" For all to see this scene, can not help but suck down a cold lump, widened incredible eyes, the ancient flying several actions coming incredible proportions, spectators they absolutely can not think only in grips of a sudden, the Oriental Morning seems to be lost,Canada Goose Whistler Parka Discount.
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