Cheng trailing players out of the channel

November 30 [Fri], 2012, 17:49
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultJALEO at Old Trafford wasn welcome liverpool .
When they saw the two teams of players in the referee lead ,side-by-side out of the tunnel when, immediately gave huge boo ,though the Premier League in these years ,it is difficult to form the Liverpool Manchester United threat ,but the red ball m í stillvery hate this group and they wear the same color s è jerseyssworn enemy UGG Australia Original Sundance.
Liverpool ball m íso!Yang Cheng trailing players out of the channel ,he felt as if all of a sudden in under a waterfall ,hiss and noise violently into his ear use irrigation ,bolder dot are scared .
Not to say ,Old Trafford atmosphere more and more bad ? Yang Cheng smiled and walked .Ferguson stood not far from the channel mouth block him, smiled , t ng ì Ji is usually quiet ,only when Liverpool ,Arsenal ,Manchester city rivals come, they will again have a magic L ùxì ng,often this match ,we will perform better .
Yang Cheng laughed, magic x ì ng?Can hardly stand ,also magic x ì ng? Coach two was in the tunnel mouth stood, exchanged a few words ,Yang Cheng turned back to his bench in front of .
With that asshole what chat ? Dalgliesh looked to the side, a face to see Ferguson .Just before the players warm up, Ferguson is also very active come looking for him, the king did not give him my face s è ,just a few perfunctory North Face Vest For Men.
Yang Cheng shrugged , m ō m ōhis number! They all laughed .This is Dalgliesh field enter the coaching game before ,although he was once the manager of Liverpool ,who led the team won the league title ,the latter also led Blackburn to the Premier League, but in the end left the industry for a long time ,he now needs to be familiar with ,especially for Yang Cheng the introduction of more advanced teaching concept .
Commander in chief .United starting line-up they at 442 ,goalkeeper Howard ,defence ,Sylvester ,and Brown were John O ,Gary ?Neville ,Kean ,Giggs ,Scholes, frank and Solskjaer ,twin striker Saha and Fran .
Liverpool starting line-up is made certain adjustment ,the goalkeeper is Reina ,defence are Leiden ?Barnes ,Hyypia ,Carragher and Finnan ,three midfielders are Davies ,Carrick and Gerrard ,the trident of Cristiano Yang Cheng was taken down, put on a united killer known all-rounder Murphy ,Drogba Road ,Robben was switched to the right .
No matter how good the Trident expression ,Yang Cheng always think ,more in line with the current Liverpool winger inverse foot Trident match, so he will in the future continue to make two winger transposition inverse foot .
But he is still devoted to Robben and Ronaldo this two wingers to research a set of more changes in the tactical routines ,to let Liverpool Trident play more sharp attack with . Murphy playing Manchester United ,always able to state ,united to his y ī n! Paul Bayer laughingly said ?.
Sometimes it is really hard ,as psychological factors ,but had to admit ,Murphy hit the United States is always good, so Yang Cheng this game will be on the squad rotation ,ensure get united .
Manchester United this line problem ,after the first storm front opening ,closing down much oppression ,it in disarray ! Yang Cheng Ferguson is very familiar with, this old man is a very stubborn, the football has a profound understanding of the people .
Have a look him over the years signings ,almost hit in front ,namely Stam ,Ferdinand two defence has more strength, extension ,because he is very stubborn determination ,defensive combination solid with the tacit understanding, the key is not the player strength ,but in the long period in line with the tacit understanding ,therefore Brown ,Johannsen and many other obviously is not up to the requirements of United centre-back, now still Reds side .
For defensive deficiencies, Ferguson took a different strategy to fill in front ,is an offensive team and strong running ability ,and the defensive coverage area ,makes the united defense seems very strong .
The famous ball critic Martin ?Samuel put united in the centre of the stubborn mistakes, took a very interesting medicine name UGG Women's Mini Boots,called the Zhongwei intermittent x ì ngarrhythmia syndrome .
This kind of situation ,in Rio ?Ferdinand when testing wind B ōFerguson was not in the winter to introduce a powerful defender case ,l ùis more obvious.... ... ... ... ... ... ... .
.. After only 2 minutes ,Liverpool forward, see Robben Carrick in the right breakthrough restriction ,immediately after the get-away ,ball, a ball ,the ball into the box sling .Drogba physically firmly stuck in Sylvester ,ball, header ferry to the left .
Gary ?Neville hadn pegged zone in front of Zuo Lizhu Murphy ,the latter 6 meters into the ball directly ,a push shot ,put the ball into the goal Howard handle ,0:1 !The goals come very suddenly ,because no one thought of ,Gary ?Neville will not watch over Murphy ,and lost the first landing opportunity ,Brown did not fight for second position ideas ,watched Murphy swept the ball into the United goal .
It was a stupid mistake !But if we associate the goal was Murphy ,don help people wondered ,how this guy hit the United goal ?It really is but a fixed number ? Manchester United Zhongwei intermittent x ì ngarrhythmia syndrome ,is one such !! Dalgliesh seen in the Liverpool goal, excitement and stormed out of the coach ,at the court of cheers ,it looked as if he scored a goal like .
To see him like this ,Yang Cheng can not help laughing .This goal was a bit lucky ,but in the opening goal ,will undoubtedly gave Liverpool a more dominant UGG Argyle Knit.The Ferguson don in his opinion ,the distant shout and wrangle at court guy ,like a country out of the woodlouse ,upstarts vulgarity , is not a goal ?Look at him as happy as ,destined for a lifetime unpromising students ! In fact ,he was also not taste .
Next to him, Walter ?Smith nature can be aware that Alex Ferguson that the minds of the helpless, smiled and walked over , will be fine ! As an assistant ,he had to comfort him .Ferguson felt somewhat ashamed ,the winter break, in view of the team present situation ,Ferguson and Walter ?Smith jointly developed two transfer plan ,first ,introduce Saha, second ,the introduction of a reliable defender .
But Ferguson took the Saha, he thought the defender can rely on Brown ,Johannsen et al. Fill ,but now it seems ,Walter worries is correct .Many people were surprised ,why Ferguson had Fran ,Solskjaer striker ,but also with the introduction of Euro 18000000 unable to hold oneself back ?This is his from before Yang Cheng in the international Milan made two strikers get inspiration ,that is with two strikers configuration ,a retreat ,a former inserted ,two players to form the reverse running ,the maximum pull out each other line of defense after the hole ,then obtain the attack .
This kind of thinking is much like Yang Cheng in Liverpool for Drogba ,Robben and Ronaldo the trident attack tactics ,is the use of reverse running and quick defense behind to finish ,this set of tactics in the Serie A action is actually not too big ,because this is a very tight defense ,space is restricted to death ,but in England it can play a great role .
Apparently, Ferguson and Yang Cheng saw the same direction .The difference is ,Yang Cheng one ,can only rely on their own to carve Drogba ,Cristiano Ronaldo and Robben ,but Ferguson is an old lady ,direct the introduction of the ball turned very s èSaha,is to let the Saha and Fran to form the dual striker ,playing defense .
Through the flank of the front plug ,Giggs and Solskjaer the two to complete the inscribed with players ,plus a double forward combination ,United to minimizing the loss brought by pass midfield problem .
But this way, midfielder stress is not ,after all, Solskjaer is not Beckham ,he actively forward ,causing the midfield control force decreased ,making the right defensive followed in trouble .
Ring a ring ,finally united the whole defensive line issues are thoroughly exposed L ù out,plus Ferdinand drug suspensions, get united now defence is a jittery .But Ferguson knows ,too late to regret it !.
.. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Called for X ì ngtactics ,in fact is not for man, but for the other .Yang Cheng is well aware of the role of Saha, in the early United purchased Saha, he had noticed the France striker characteristics, are missing ,Ferguson wants to use Saha to hold on to the ball and the capacity to do this ,then so .
This game ,Liverpool for the X ì ng defensiveactually took two points ,Saha and Giggs to decorate the defense .On the two point ,forcing Manchester United Offensive advance routine had been cut ,and then destroy the United offensive .
But this is reflected in the court, all presented in a ball m í before,is another kind of impression ,is felt United haywire ,many mistakes ,especially to Liverpool hinterland, is always in the wrong ,even if there is the opportunity to face Liverpool goal ,are hurried foot it .
But on Saha and Giggs ,limits of United ,but is not a very easy task ,nor any team can do ,because the tactic is dead ,people are living, is to run around ,so that game ,Liverpool overall train of thought is still a counter-attack .
After opening a lucky hand ,let Liverpool have more chips .Manchester United after throwing the ball were organized attack ,but Liverpool are on the defensive as well, got United death .
As the race a second of the past ,although Manchester United in the scene to occupy certain advantages ,but it is difficult to find the ball into the goal for Liverpool ,just watched the passing of time .
Although Liverpool defensive back ,but they are against this point ,he was doing very simply .A chance ,they fight ,beat Manchester United had to keep ,so the scene atmosphere is very hot .
Just like thirty-seventh minutes ,Liverpool head back to knock back ,Carrick takes the ball from behind ,Kean tripped him up ,the referee Bennet to the Reds skipper has shown a yellow card ,but Kean expressed dissatisfaction ,both sides had some debate ,this also makes the atmosphere becomes more tense .
After 2 minutes ,Liverpool to organize a B ō offensive,left Murphy very active, withdraw from Davies after his passing ,dribbling forward ,but at this moment the United right defense has fallen a .
Watch have no chance to choose their own ,Murphy and along the edge of the area to the road to Kean ,attracted attention, will the ball toward the road cross .The United penalty area in front of a neutral ,because Ronaldo and Drogba in the restricted area, the Weiss ?Brown rush appeared to hesitate ,Gerrard received the ball ,slightly adjusted ,directly out of a potential sinks vigorously long-range, the ball straight drill goal in the lower right corner ,Howard sight blocked be beyond one ,,0:2 !Gerrard after the goal ,excitement out of the stadium ,rushed to the Liverpool m í area,was waving his hands ,takes them to shout , come on ,hard ,hard some ! Gerrard has the ball m í ,they used more applause and cheers to return to the goals of the hero, because now Gerrard has been completely become Liverpool flag and emblem .
The stands is a lot of Liverpool m í commonpulled out a large banner ,writing above :Gerrard Caesar is Liverpool Football Club for sale !, a time to show their strongly defend Yang Cheng to leave ,Gerrard .
Let you Chelsea is rich ,you can buy any of them, but you can our banner ,our team h ú n!... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Strictly speaking ,the real thing in this game ,both sides can be adjusted and changed ,more it is to be aimed at the scene to deal with the situation .
But obviously ,now United can do not .Therefore at half-time ,even if United are to the 0:2 score is backward, but Ferguson did not make any changes ,and the scene in the advantage of the Yang Chengli naturally did not change .
Both sides are to the lineup to get back into the game .But there is an obvious change ,United started more stability ,Scholes back in midfield ,Kean more protective of his penalty area ,so from the beginning of the second half ,both sides entered into a long time stalemate .
Liverpool will still take Yang Cheng arrangement ,active in front of expansion work ,especially for United defence .In sixty-third minutes ,after Carrick long ,Sylvester headed out ,but the ball didn out too far ,was intercepted by Gerrard ,but Gerrard is ready to straight behind to find Robben ,but Weiss ?Brown is ahead of the ball interception down .
Drogba immediately made up, Weiss ?Brown game life in Cote d Warcraft y ī nunder Drogba ,he was tortured almost no fight ,see the Ivorian rushed ,the first reaction is to pass the ball .
But he did not notice ,he passed to John ball was Robben from intercepting ,Dutch and even direct the wind has the own speed ,from the right lane ,skilled dribbling swung open Sylvester ,left foot volley ball on grass ,rolled into the bottom left-hand corner ,Howard as the direction ,but it is too late North Face Sale.
Gllllllllllllll !! Andy ?Gray said ,he did not think of ,this field England national derby would evolve into such a scene .To say the strength ,two teams are well-matched, but he never thought ,Manchester United this game was beaten so embarrassed, especially the Reds this line of defence ,simply with bean curd residue ,each position in the wrong .
The stadium ,Liverpool players celebrate ,catharsis to win ,especially for United revenge .The first round 0:1 home defeat against Manchester United ,Liverpool on his side ,Yang Cheng is called for in the second round of retaliation for Manchester United ,they now at Old Trafford stadium ,Manchester United is in trough ,though a bit of a mismatch ,but Yang Cheng don said to Ferguson on a sentence ,while you Ill Kill you ! Ferguson of the season flaw lies in the winter transfer ! Andy ?Gray during the playback of Robben goal ,but also could not help but shake one again and again .
The winter prior to Manchester United in the Premier League ,the scoreboard first ,but as Ferdinand was suspended ,Ferguson was not in defence to introduce suitable replacement players ,led directly to the second half of the crash of United League ,from first to now have to compete with Chelsea third in the league ,and in the Manchester Derby when a lost city 1:4 ,now there is more likely to defeat to Liverpool in a defeat .
All of these in the final analysis ,is the winter transfer does not reach the designated position .In Liverpool ,the winter before poor performance ,although managed to maintain a club style ,but none have won L ù outsigns ,but the winter brought in Carrick ,England has shown impressive strength and midfielder dispatching ability ,resulting in the Liverpool firm footing, become the team absolute main force .
Two different transfer train of thought ,the direct cause of Liverpool and Manchester United two teams to decay and collapse ,Ferguson excessive clinging to the line stability ,but ignores the difference on actual strength ,the direct cause of today debacle ! Andy ?Gray was saddened .
In the final analysis ,the comprehensive strength of whole United is still at the top of the league ,and the last Ferguson ,the Red Devils are the s èteammain force ,Arsenal s è,but the bench is the bottleneck, Chelsea players ,but not with a set of mature tactics .
As for Liverpool, too young ,still have very large development latent capacity ,this season if it could win the championship, more still relies heavily on the Yang Cheng in the tactical adjustment and players for kneading ,so that each player can be in position to play my best level .
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