the flame hand slap in the different

March 17 [Sun], 2013, 12:21
The 209th chapter revenge [two] the 209th chapter revenge more night, air temperature drops sharply, to achieve zero point.On the streets the cold wind howling, no pedestrians to walk, even those who steal, on the flower, is also a lot of convergence."Wind," however, at this time, the two black is running over here, fast disappear at the end of the street......Pig Xin special and gorgeous lines "."Inn room, dressed in black, pale complexion of the ancient Yan sit cross-legged, lightly vomit tone after the man enters into a trance-like state.About half an hour in the past, he came from a trance-like state Huixing, fundus has turned into a clear and bright.Then, the ancient Yan palm out, a milky white, exudes a faint light of Dan medicine in his hands.That night the day, it is medicine refining Dan [soul]."It's strange Dan medicine."Looking at the suspension in the hands of the [ancient] soul Dan, with a sigh, recalled the day night that a drug, really superb peerless, isn't you can match.Didn't think, ancient inflammation closed my eyes again, the release of the soul force from between the eyebrows.Light white light emission, forming a white, translucent, the palm of the hand, and then slowly put [] to seize the soul dan."Ooh ooh" in that spirit and soul Dan] [palm is touching moments, ancient inflammation only feel a pure majestic soul energy coming in, to nourish his soul, with that little bit of broken crack repair."Well......"The comfortable feeling, let a groan of not much, if any of the voice of ancient inflammation in the nasal cavity.Gradually, as the soul of the [Dan] effect, ancient inflammation soul surface scratches were repaired,MBT Tembea, and consume a soul forces have been recovered.At the same time, the soul strength has gradually become strong, moving on to the next level rapid march.One point one point in time past, [soul] has constantly to Dan, let the burning soul strength rising, until the last moment of small cracks disappear completely, the soul is raised to a new level."Chi Chi" "accept" suddenly, ancient inflammation low hum a, between the eyebrows that becomes extremely staring white palm with a catch, directly will have turned into the soybean size [soul] to hold Dan, and then quickly into his between the eyebrows, disappear.And it is this moment, a shock of ancient inflammatory body steep, the soul felt forces such as reflex spread to see.Suddenly, everything around us that several miles are he 'view', even a mosquito arc are clearly visible.The ancient Yan know, the soul to ascend, and let you have the new ability."Whoosh" suddenly, at this time, the two black masked man steep appeared in ancient inflammatory perception, and then rapidly came to the inn, stepped into the.Agility, soon came to the top of the ancient inflammation where the houses."How appeared two flies?"Aware of this two people, ancient inflammation the eyebrows is tiny tiny a wrinkly, slowly open your eyes, face an uncomfortable expression.Then, the soul force back, stand is God to bed to see.The eyes of the flames jumped, another ancient inflammation appeared out of nowhere in the bed, and he himself is disappearing in situ.Soon, the two into the shadows had appeared in the housing.Allowing no explanation, the hands of the two cold flickering, directly towards the wooden bed sweep."Ga Ba".The wooden bed, under the two coldness suddenly fall into numerous fragments, and go toward the surrounding projections.Similarly, the bed on the 'ancient inflammatory' also be apart.See this scene, two eyes are also brightened up."I said two, this in the middle of the night out of the attack, not afraid of being caught?"However, in two people think they have succeeded, a cold voice rang out suddenly from behind them.Sorry.Not from, two people the complexion is tiny to change, eye dew apprehensives ground to turn around.However, they are two exudes light green flame palm terrorist temperature.Two people only had time to raise hand to resist, and the flame hand slap in the different device.
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