easily attracted impending massacre

January 16 [Wed], 2013, 10:40
Boss, good white cloth, right right, three gold coins inch that I get ten feet! "Lin Yang shouted. The the silk warehouse boss in the house to drink tea, listen to these words, hand flick,Canada Goose Men's Constable, almost blew the whistle on the tea, big business this door, one foot ten-inch, ten feet one hundred "That is three hundred gold coins! "Hurry up for this son Nahao!" The rich state boss hanging genial smile, hand over: Lin Yang "multi Xie Gongzi compliment to the place, I do not know so many fine white cloth, but take it back for clothes, shop finest tailor, I do not know son ... "Lin Yang smiled, shook his head, at the moment the guys brought the finest white cloth, Lin Yang touched the material is really good merchandise, closing up, gave money to the rich state boss slightly in the eyes of some disappointment left! This time, Mei could no longer bear curious, thought to himself, he wanted to take advantage of accounting for it, anyway, today he kissed three times, I have to figure out what he wants! "Lin Gongzi, can talk about what you want to do it?" Plum good curiosity asked. Lin Yang contented smile, pointed to his face, and said: "Hong told you!" Plum good dark anger, but she was so curious, have a bite, simply eyes closed, head and they would get past This about turn Lin Yang surprised. Plum good eyes closed, did not see the carriage another shake, suddenly Zairu Lin Yang arms, lips Unfortunately, touched his lips, Lin Yang, how can I let go of such a chance to, big hands like magic in general, Lanzhu plum good body, the mouth is also quick to absorb. Burst child, Lin Yang hand covering the bread on the constantly changing shape due to too much force, accidentally hurting the plum, this plum good from intoxicated awakened suddenly Qiaolian Hongxia clouds even want to find a hole to dig into. See Mei Lin Yang to resume the Qingming the underground passage Unfortunately, the big hands reluctantly pinch or two, this revenue back, but does not release the plum good body, still holding her half her half sitting in his thigh on! This time, plum good the Kusi heart have but she would not say anything, did not dare to accuse what all she asked for. "Uh ... sister Mei, hello weight, if you continue to sit on my lap, my beef may be necessary to emerge!" Lin Yang joking open embarrassment atmosphere. "Ah" plum good screamed, seems to have realized the existence of small beef Lin Yang, blush, is covered with a neck, the the crystal luster of the skin with a flaming, a time very beautiful. Lin Yang see togethers, Leng Leng said: "Mei sister, you really beautiful!" This sentence is absolutely sincere, but the more he says, plum feel good the more ashamed, own a big girl, pure and noble, and a man seen few surface spate of intimate contact, even daughter home are most concerned about one of the bread are almost to eat, mother alive once said, Men who eat their own bread, so that they can not marry , "I would not have the baby!" Although accompanied Ni Qiang off Fenger go to the brothel Zhuojian playing downtown, but thought its pure plum mind at the moment of a cool, underground passage, over, over, under the how to do! "Sister Mei, you want what?" Lin Yang thought she was still shy, could not resist teasing: "This will not think to do after my woman!" Do his woman?'s Mother talked about body touched by man, it would have to marry him, otherwise he is not pure, but marry Damn this guy, no, no! "Mei suddenly awakened, blurted out:" Unless I die ! "sweat": Lin Yang embarrassed, "joked Well, do not get so excited!" Lin Yang, honest, decent point, you already have a jade Linger beg you not to seduce me! "plum good almost in begging. Lin Yang Zaba mouth, said: "I seduce you do? Just now, but you take the initiative, I can not!" You ... "plum good suddenly want to die Lin Yang idea. Lin Yang smiled, is not teasing plum, and eyes closed up, so, plum good only biting the jade lip this yabakui pharynx to the stomach, where she vowed never to bad Qilin sun dried anything. Time has passed an hour getting to noon, appeared to be to the Daming Lake, Mei the good suddenly opening Lin Yang said: "You go first, we can not passengers, if seen, not immune from suspicious, you go on, you've got this dress does not work, too domineering, this is not very good, I request you the best nearby to find a silk warehouse, spend money on a relatively elegant, best and elegant in wrapped Chu Chen, Chu Chen in his elegant, with a noble and elegant, in order to discuss my family elders like, bearing in mind that this can be my tri audit. "Lin Yang, rolling his eyes and said:" You are very stupid until now remind me, want to see me make a fool, hum, I will not let you do so! "Well, rest assured, is not resolved to finish this thing before, I will not tell you fell out, I just suddenly thought, if it were not so, you can also hoodwinked them! "Mei said. Dismounted car, spacious inside, plum good after a long sigh of relief, there is a certain distance, enough in the compartment, she dressed up, just let Lin Yang confused good little messy clothes this damn guy, plum good cursing Lin Yang out of the car,air max sale, have been able to see the presence of the Daming Lake Daming Lake has a gazebo, on both sides of the mountain tamarisk green, clear lake in autumn, scratched in the noon extra cool, wait and see far, that gazebo around the little person, only pavilion standing dozens of clothing extraordinary momentum different Botchan, Daming Lake is not far from the shore, is a dense mass of a crowd these people obviously got the message, come and watch. "There's too many people, drugging this means is not working too obvious trick the eyes and ears, believe also easily attracted impending massacre Fortunately, I am well prepared! "Lin Yang remember Bai Baonang that cheap tea roadside stream that luxurious white cloth,Canada Goose Mens Borden Bomber." Madman, this case, you want to let these Botchan low self-esteem, and want them in awe, only to be a madman, Well, Dazed and Confused, the year when the rest of my life I grandson, this time also mad on the back, when back grandfather! "Lin Yang calculating heart, simply the own get from Jing virtual, the most precious treasure clothed, suddenly, him burst Polyray the shine, the Nine Clouds crown Jinxia shrouded, the Crimson Shayi Tsurumai Yunfei, yin and yang Ribbon end, towards the shoe should be the mystery, headband nine cloud crown wearing purple Shayi, yin and yang ribbon tied at the waist, wearing the shoe mystery surround Xianqi a moral whole truth. Chu Chen has in the elegant Chu Chen reveal elegant, with a noble and elegant! "Huong Missy really good fortune could have attracted so many young Jiajun to this blind date! "" Wah-wah, just that son, not Wang Shilang home son Wang Bin, too valiant, so handsome! "" Cut, I think, or the prime minister mansion cold son unwittingly coolest, most handsome, "" do not know this to whoever had the good fortune Huong Shenglongkuaixu ... "Suddenly, a figure way through the crowd toward Minghu pavilion walked when all attention to this figure, is to kick off held her breath, eyes could move can not be separated from the words to the readers: fourth more
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