immediately extended down the thigh

November 27 [Tue], 2012, 16:13

Han rain to the reason why such a timely, not a whim, but because the phone. His last not to the phone to send a rat monkey do instructors? Guy here from his original men picked to go five or six body flexible little to do with combat effectiveness to dawn. And then they trained a group of novice and then give they commanded homework is master Ma Wenquan information UGG Bailey I Do Boots. So, they will bump into someone to assassinate him something, and then reported to the phone phone is naturally in the shortest possible time, to convey to the Korean rain. Han Yugang good positive and mess things up late night, so in the near heard this rush toward this, finally caught up in this critical moment. Han Yu spit smoke ring, faint Road: white hairs mixed in the trail for so many years, never dare to talk to me. epigenetic, you do not feel too mad? the mix is ​​not to see who is a long time who has the right to speak, but to see who's fist hard. secretly turning idea if their lives Road and Zhetian of boss left, that the days of the East China Sea to help dominate the SD province far. Beach walk over, carrying a huge ax in his hand, just a Fu Ren, there Pushan size. . . With his pace, after step three shake suddenly before suddenly at his side, the looming, giving a dangerous atmosphere. Next to him UGG Classic Short Dylyn Boots, is a slightly Sentimental but excited faces. Opening the mouth, as if his mouth, something like strode walked behind Han Yu UGG Australia Cayha Shoes, this hand to mouth things out to snip a bite, muttered: the brow chug hop, the other three people came to his side only five or six, the advantage is no longer. Ma Wenquan just the face of serious injury, jittery look of his men are now coupled with the last day the boss ... If so dingy receded, there is no way to account with the boss did not say, he can also afford to lose this person. . . The thought of this man, his micro-a nod, next to a little brother came immediately strode toward Han Yu. Mess took a step forward slightly, facing thought out Zhuobu said: drink soon, blades turned into a life-threatening coldness toward his bald head smashed down. Cold wind blows, split the night Fanghua the mess Liezhedazui child chuckled: knife against his chest and fall down. . . Seeing his fat belly on when we should mess left hand lightning stuck, pinch the little brother right hand the blades stopped on his belly, of even clothes Pohu to two gently a squint eye, wrist Yang, that brother's wrist snapped immediately, in a manner contrary to the physiological limit folded up, the blades instead on the rack in the neck, and a mess of just drop that, I Canheng soon back again and again a few steps blades floor, issued a clatter Diming under m drag the Buddha untouched. Apparently is its capability to easily extremely, he recovered eyes, smiled and hope the Sun Ping, day one: , still did not think his skill is so crisp and neat, Henla he Lengheng soon, looking at the Han Yu said: say tonight shrouded insisted the head? was worried hands will accidentally injure a Ma Wenquan, more delay treatment to him, Sun Ping days so I do not know to advance and retreat, and then the slightest delay I'm afraid Ma Wenquan not homicide UGG Noella, just bloody hang. . . With this in mind, he would never not in the mood to give him wrangling, cold channel: Zhao when the boss sent people to back us clean house, right? suddenly marching towards him went: He walked past, but in the end he could feel no hands to the front of this shrouded the boss if we really want to leave their own, I'm afraid his fate than Ma Wenquan also suffer a deep breath, Sun Ping days tightly watched Han Rain a sentence scenes said nothing but a wave will fiercely: . . Han Yu Teng's about to change his face, busy hand caught him: a group dressed in black brother flapping in the wind from the car and jumped down the a change of Qi: . . Distant, Sun Ping Tian sigh of relief: that black is also a personal matter, I originally did not want to deal with such despicable means he will end ...... go as long as a fight between their lives Road and Zhetian of hatred down, if Tieshou is also dead in the arms of the black ... do? If this and Tieshou life is no longer how hard boss arms hanging in more trouble here Typical eat vain lamb, but got him a show black dagger in his hands in a circle, eager murderous rushed up. . . Just rob by Hu before he perpetrated against backward mess hearts of a tight, this bad boy, you that way Let this rescue so would not really into murderers do? Overjoyed to mess things up, although he did not want to be misunderstood, but stood beaten does not fight back, that's definitely not his mess things up the monk style , would like a shield like blocking the two the blades split over toward his, and then punch smashed up, his mouth returned to the people to explain the chagrin ax face a whirl, will be a younger brother shot dashing up months WENT one hand, almost did not cut the blades on the Ma Wenquan, Han Yu, lift one foot to kick him out to have a mess and Zhuobu either side guarding Han Yu only the feet, but it is not at the moment the ordinary little brother of the score of the Land of the Dead Road can be stopped. . . So between the two breathing effort, they crowd rushed out. Prohibited in the back behind the Land of the Dead Road brother, such as the the attached bone of maggots like sadness, there are several weapons in hand even thrown out. Mess fire, the steel knifed his ax to a flying to the ground, then the body is standing in a circle. The original fat Shuo body suddenly big circle, his feet a foot on the ground, the body vacated, the power of the body immediately extended down the thigh, rose through the back of the spine, arm holding an ax Sora UGG Boot, and then his body of tyranny and anger through the ax catharsis ... black ax, went so far as if even this night gave pierced like was as if a black lightning and landed next to a white Jinbei snip Jinbei and ax contact not loud, but seems like cut glass. Ax is falling from the edge of the roof along the windows down those little brother froze a moment, among a whole body intact, looks like a chieftain like young man sneered: really be able to cut ... he speaks, it the Jinbei suddenly screech: crunch ...... bang that Jinbei original body stick together, even the H-like next to a crooked. A good Changhe, turned his ax to from the side cut open in half, exposing the inside the dark body brother's mouth has not come yet closed, eyes wide, round, and the other, I can not help but shrink from the neck to mess things up eyes sank, murderous said: To not give the force? ? My vote in, I will make it more to the force ... I will be more blood, more and more exciting, brothers to strengthen fire support .... [..]

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