Carmen gradually by the bizarre

November 29 [Thu], 2012, 15:42
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 651st chapter honor (under) a bunch of skeletal fracture sound, the other being covered in gold above Carmen flew out ,to a kite to distant grass .
On hand ... ... Still holding the opponent ,Carmen was stiff ,slowly stand upright, frowning ,fingers gently stroking the face ,Carmen gradually by the bizarre ,in anger .Hands golden explosion shot ,a sound of thunder ,the sword is Carmen direct folding in half ,the moment UGG Clovis,the body has undergone tremendous changes ,the handle the dark sword ,turned into a white bulk ,engraved with the golden Rune sword ,but this appearance lasted only a brief moment ,sword and turn back the dark appearance .
Close your eyes ,Carmen took a deep breath ,to hold the understanding the stylet and dropped it on the ground ,slowly towards their opponent to beat .The sword of their understanding ,it is the owner of one of his disciples ,when the disciples after his successful promotion ,gave his personally blessed sword ,the sword, but also keep the light power fluctuation .
.. ... To beat yourself before opponent ,Carmen looked down on the grass ,half body has distorted opponent ,squat down to ,silently to close his eyes , my disciples ... ... Rest in peace.
Robben ,how are you ? Fanny suddenly aware of the spirit of Robben wave seems strange . No ,don ,we continue to hand slightly down ,Carmen look solemn ,but focus is not in his disciples that has fixed face ,slowly rose ,Carmen looked up ,look to the sky .
Robben ,Carmen the strange ignore him ,to maintain the operation of magic ,we almost finished stand in situ, Carmen such as sculpture ,almost without blinking eyes looking at the sky ,looking at the moon gradually dim down ,until the sun comes from the sky .
Carmen turned his head ,looked at the wheel the rising sun, a smile on his face . Well ,how ?Things have changed by Robben a little magic matrix in came to the company some shortness of breath sounds , then solves a ,I was having a rest ,how to master ? No time for rest of the change of plans ,let the witch who stopped attacking evacuate ,evacuate all people all Robben how to return a responsibility ? On the other side of the small magic ,Su wonder came on the line .
I ,but ... ... That guy may have found us ,magic also express to the limit ,all after retreating ,the elves to immediately stop the magic support UGG Shoes Neumel,latent features ,latent features Robben , the end .
.. ... No time to explain ,do as I say. Robben shouted loudly .Carmen looked at the sky on a red sun ,smile gradually in the face of the open , my disciples North Face Panther Print Ski... ... I will avenge you hands once again gather up bright golden light, Carmen eyes icy chill , you .
.. ... For you pay the price ... ... Bright meteoric Guanghua soar up into the sky above rises at the same time ,as a two sun ,Carmen crusade of light directly hit the sky ,towards the direction of the sun .
.. ... Robben Fanny by a scream .Robben brows pressure down ,hey hey smiled , this guy ,really not stupid took Fanny, Robben took a step backwards ,showed Carmen the icy mirror sends out a dazzling glare ,resounding explosion ,in Luo itself before have been charged with a magic also burst up a Mars ,color quickly faded away .
Luo Benwang the color fading of magic ,to want to forward Fanny , there is no need to insist on ,we have won. at around a few small magic ,Luo Benfei fast loudly said: a circle is destroyed ,now no longer need constant operation ,elf they are all concealed ,others kill injured Protoss ,cannot be immediately retreat to retreat immediately Fanny and I now give up here ,to complete their own things quickly to will and place brings together ,Robben hand ejected several stars ,shot in the surrounding ice lens and magic ,all things have crumbled into powder .
Fanny, we leave it took Fanny, Robben sharp left the hiding small cave ,leaving, never forget originally cave owners -- a grizzly bear ,magic released from bondage ... ... And everything began to become hazy ,the soft colors became strange, the true taste began to disappear ,Carmen looked at the sky, the sun position the last huge black hole ,his face with a smile of triumph, ,the winner I Yiduo feet ,Carmen managed to play ,the sky seems out of reach in the fly, a huge backlash to the ground on a pit ,the pit rapidly expanding, the ground begins to crack, subsidence .
.. ... The mountain collapsed ,the river upstream ,the world starts to crumble ... ... Suddenly a black eyes ,a bright flash ,a blast of cold air surrounded herself ,Carmen found himself back in the ice and snow covered mountain forests ,which are arranged into a huge magical Rune of dozens of big tree in the foot, blue light is gradually subsided .
In this more than 10 tree aside ,a half are some distortions of the protoss ,down in a pool of blood ... ... Looking at the ground killed by their own disciples ,Carmen did not make more bother ,powerful mental power in the surrounding forest sweep ,heart suddenly sank ,woods, quietly ,and without his own people .
.. ... He commanded to be circumspect act ,even if is dispersed away break those magic ,also should not distract the special far ,their spiritual perception ,should not even a nation breath does not exist ,unless .
.. ... Don die ... ... Carmen tried to suppress their anger ,footsteps in the treetops occasionally force, fast to the mountains and go . of the search ,Carmen suddenly paused figure ,looked to his left front, in the distance, the woods built a fire ,a huge explosion came .
Without hesitation, Carmen to the direction of the explosion of rapid flew past .Raced the explosive locations ,Carmen in the center of the explosion found a body ,and is one of his people .
.. ... Looking at the corpse was shining force attack caused by the wound ,Carmen heart probably knew what happened . Mean the man why not come against me and I Carmen roar of rage in the mountains and .
Like what sound ? Fanny and Luo Benzheng fast wood shuttle ,suddenly some puzzled look in one direction . May be a monkey called ignore Robben pulled Fanny pace did not stop .Robben spirit is in fast scanning a nearby forest ,in the distance, also a few times and a strong spiritual wave collision ,Robben fortunately prepared, has been careful to avoid ,however ,Robben is now worried about something .
.. ... This led by dozens of people came to the mainland, it was a very long time in the largest ever comes ,however ,they became like this not only killed many people ,and most ,or even his own man, looking at the earth people body ,Carmen heart very angry .
I you ,kill you Robben furious roar cease abruptly ,Carmen narrowed ,the moment turned ,looked to the woods in one direction , bugs ,and finally his feet . Carmen force ,systemic exposure from a layer of golden chariot ,as straight flush out of woods ,before suddenly suffer, be a powerful force directly into the overturned .
.. ... So through the trees Robben suddenly stopped, pulled Fanny a hitch ,shake the body before a firm Fanny asked in astonishment : Robben ,how ? Robben - pale down , Fanny, you now to the will and place ahead ,there may be the enemy ,I do a love, come back soon .
Fanny where can such promise ,immediately to the hand of Robben, Robben ,where are you going ? Fanny, obedient now there was no time to explain. she hugged Robben ,said in a loud voice : Robben ,you are spirit already consume almost, you don get out ,where to go ?In case of the protoss ,you know how dangerous ? Fanny, let go too late Robben faces an anxious .
You take me Robben not Robben decisively rejected . You ... ... Fanny vertical ,musters a scowl .A few have earned from the hand of Fanny ,Robben not to just want to have strong ,but Fanny let go of the hand ,which made Robben a bit of a surprise .
.. ... One step back ,Fanny was biting my lips, and bright eyes with a little fog , Robben ,go but if you don come back to me I would die for you ,Fanny turned and ran away quickly ,Robben for a time some react ,when alarmed ,Fen Ni have moving shadow ,lost in a tree after .
Now also not much time, Robben turned around ,direct fly ,go straight towards one direction rapidly ... ... In the tree / disappeared behind a tree ,Fanny glassy-eyed squatting in the trunk to low ,trying not to cry aloud , Robben .
.. ... Wipe the tears ,Fanny carefully looked back at his death, there have been no Robben shadow .Stood up ,patted his face ,Fanny trot ran forward ,suddenly disappeared in the woods .
Call ... ... Call ... ... The cold air directly into the lungs ,as if his whole body were frozen ,a moan ,Riri Su fell to the ground ,feel a sharp pain in lung ,Riri Su bow up body and unable to fall in the snow .
No way. I can ... ... You ... ... You go. The cold snow ,let Riri Su talk some difficulties .Eyes aglow Su frowned ,reaches for Lilith hand ,on his shoulder ,but Lilith other hand has seized on a tree .
It you behind my back ,but also hidden tracks without the use of a grudge ,simply run away ,to survive ,you must find your own way Su no nonsense ,not hesitate to break ground that section of withered old tree roots, put Riri Su on his shoulder , I myself person to go back ,Robben is not happy pleural injury almost let Riri Su dyspnea ,looking at the fast backward trees ,Riri Su hard to catch the other branches ,but the hands are grasping the first festival branches after being Su firmly behind the hoop .
Coughed a few filaments ,blood from the mouth of Riri Su to Sue shoulder , we ... ... Has left behind ,someone is after us, you ... ... This will certainly die. I know Su simple answer ,the foot does not stop .
Put me down, you ... ... Can live Robben not think ... ... Are the words of Robben ,also won . Yes, I am. Really ... ... Not that the protoss ... ... Put my visceral ...
... Less talk, you will live a bit longer . Robben. Know me ... ... Kill you ... ... Shut up Su suddenly stopped, the eyes reveal a vigilant color, slowly ,Su retreated a step .
.. ... Bang the snow up a black ,Su carrying Lilith lightning backward inverted out ,several ups and downs ,quickly disappeared in the snow cover in the woods .Su rapidly left the scene, a tree ,a cold smile face Carmen came out , is really a smell sensitive genie ,look ,seem to be good strength.
from now on you must not speak Su slightly asthma rapid among the trees on a mobile ,layer of black mist like creature like you ,like a wisp of smoke like a hurricane in the woods .
Su ... ... Put me down ... ... Shut up Su Yi-sheng calendar drink . Die ... ... I also want to die with some dignity ,are the words of Robben ... ... Promise me . Close .
.. ... Second words by Sue swallowed back, a rapid stop body ,the body almost touched the ground ,Su Meng stooped down, behind a golden light sweep , Chi Chi sound, and Lilith hair was cut off .
Su Momo returned to the body, in the Soviet Union behind, being light sweep of the trees ,neat incision slowly slipping ,sends a rumbling noise UGG Boots I Do... ... The sky smile in his face ,Carmen slowly down .
surprised me ,I thought ,this is solved to you, go to look for other prey ,did not think of ,how can you avoid me attack ,it seems ,that is called Robben human ,you made a lot of training, is it right? UGG Women's Triplet?The dark elves ,Su release hands ,Sue Lilith down , your name is Carmen ? Yes ,my name is Carmen ,but if you have no meaning ,but I have to admit ,you this very successful beat us, I have not found any living people breath ,it seems .
.. ... The last one ,was killed Su cold cut off Carmen .Carmen smile slowly disappeared ,replace sb. Is a formal cold ,people can see my sin family is your greatest honor, your behaviour today ,I will let you pay a high price.
Su staggered step ,the Lilith tightly behind me ,body dark you flaming throughput indefinite . you were protecting the white spirit ,this is my quite unexpectedly ,your two family ,should be hostile to ,this is now ,you should have a knife she had left her body results ,as a decoy to decamp ,this .
.. ... But why ? Sue brow jumped, our two group ... ... What will a mutual vendetta ? There is no reason ,because this is the will of God God ... ... Su was stained with blood red color .
Suddenly ,Carmen laughed , I suddenly thought of an idea, if you turn around to kill the white spirit ,I a chance to escape ,how? Sue from the sneer , God will also just so so ,now we are two people united ,you that God ,but is out of my mind and imagination ,now .
.. ... And ill ? You killed my people ,and make impertinent remarks ,I would not be so easy to kill you, you want to protect you behind the white spirit ,oh ,so good ,here we can look at .
.. ... See how she died slowly, this scene, really be good to hear or see . Sue from the teeth ,shot a quick glance at the Lilith Lilith behind ,sitting in the snow ,clutching his chest clothes ,with anguish ,seems to have to say .
Oh spirit in the face of the enemy ,you when ,should not be distracted by . started ,hands cold appears, rapid in front of a, I do not know when approaching Carmen has once again gone .
,perhaps we should change a place. Carmen the joking voice this time is coming from behind .When Sue back ,but one that ,in their own behind Lilith already disappear without a trace .
Look ,you seem to have failed to protect your partner ... ... Body quivering Su once again turned back ,found that Carmen still stand in original place fell down ,never seem to move ,but one of his hand ,holding his face has been no bloody lilith .
What do you want .Su A gnash the teeth in anger .Carmen laugh ,m not ready to do . Bang hand recapped with Lilith neck until she lifted a heavy blow ,Carmen lay in Lilith back ,skeletal split ring ,Lilith wide eyes ,blood suddenly jetted out from mouth .
The beast Su Meng step forward ,but had to stop the body ,the hand of Carmen has once again raised . wizard ,you do not have to worry ,eventually ,you will die in your partner before, my family ,never be shed ,you .
.. ... Will pay for it. touch is a heavy fist down ,Riri Su moved ,there has been blurred eyes a look , luo ... ... Robben. Carmen is taken aback ,their front suddenly strange raised a fist ,directly on his fist ,impact ,their hand even slightly numb .
A space crack suddenly torn, Robben is furious face from the inside out . What kind of dog pop a ,Robben a vicious head straight into Carmen ,Carmen face appears a little magic shield ,but the results of Robben head crashed, a crash ,Carmen dragged his blood stumbled back ,hand off, Lilith suddenly lost control .
From the spatial crack drilled out Luo Benyi hugged the Lilith fell to the ground ,with the head of a sharp pain ,rapid retreat . Luo ... ... The ... ... The fuzzy line of sight ,Riri Su knew he was clinging to Robben ,appears to have a familiar smell ,but he had not said anything to .
t talk ,I won ,I swear. too late to rummage, ring with a loud under split open a gap ,Robben directly to the ring along with Lilith leaving behind sue, ring in treatment of shaft ,spirit has been lifted, took her leave.
Su stunned took Lilith and Robben ring ,Robben has just wanted to talk ,drink up, go Su holds the Robben ring hand suddenly tightened, flew back up to Lilith, I will contact with you ,don ,Sue expansion body ,a black smoke like disappear in the woods .
Ah. Ha-ha. Ha ha ha ha by Luo Benzhuang stumbled back Carmen this time slowly stand straight body ,before looking at Robben in a flurry of excitement ,binocular light, I caught a small fish ,they catch you this famous wanted, Robben did not know it ,or my lucky palm gently in the face of the wind blowing, soft white light ,Carmen the face of injury rapid hemostasis ,wound healing , although this mission has failed ,but apparently than we expected prior to serious ,if you can take your head back, maybe .
.. ... Can I be excused . if you have the right stuff ,can take Robben shine up the seven-color light ,numerous magic shield layers appears in Robben . You seem to be a lot of magic ,even have a lot of dark magic .
.. ... Carmen looked at Robben with flashing magic shield seems very interested , however ,you a person only, the power of god ... ... You can not understand ... ... Carmen in his pale golden rays Start rapid contraction ,disappear .
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